The first part of my Fantasy Audiobook is up. Well at least the first 28 pages.

Listen to the most recent episode of my podcast: Ep. 8 Animal Quest: The Travelers. Chapter 1. Pages 1-28.–8-Animal-Quest-The-Travelers–Chapter-1–Pages-1-28-e9qqla

It took well over three hours to get this made for an 11 minute production, and it’s super basic. I hope you like it, and if you’ll share it with your friends I’ll love you forever. I’ve ordered some headphones so I can hear myself, since it changes completely the way you talk into the mic, and I’m sure will make for a much better experience. Gotta learn some how though. Off to make breakfast and think about whether I want to make a second podcast today.
Much Pleasure:


Turning my first YA Fantasy Novel into an Audiobook. Here’s a free teaser on my Podcast. Feel free to have a taste. ^_^.

It’s a series I write for my family, mostly my niece and nephews and added family’s children—and my grandmother as well. It’s got a sequel done and a third on the way from a new characters perspective. So this is what I’ll be doing for a while—filling my days with making podcasts of my books and spending the nights writing them, I suppose.
Have a wonderful holiday if you already haven’t.

~Sub .4-.9nm Semiconductors and/or inverters, ~1nm Transistors and the like. A new design on an old favourite and Moore’s law.

So I couldn’t sleep one night and got to tinkering with some molecular modeling software after researching Moore’s Law and the current size of nm’s of current tech and figured out a configuration that’s—as the title puts it—~sub .4-.9nm across—depending on the build type for semiconductors that with a simple bond arrangement change becomes an inverter.

If I can get anyone interested in it I can show them the models and the get the geometry tested as I don’t think a simple iPad app or a non functioning Avogadro system is doing it for me at the moment.

But the electrostatic orbitals are gorgeous. They’re quite neat. Avogadro can’t do a damned thing though, honestly. The iPad app gave me more information.

I had to come up with a new style of lithography based off current tech to get it down. It’s got a long way to go but I figured out the head system last night I think (or the beginnings of it anyway) and how to spread them out.

If you’re interested in Moore’s Law and can point me towards companies that would be willing to do business with a newbie who’s looking to perfect/patent/ and lease the materials to them let a fella know. I know not being able to release images from this project sucks but I will be able to do that with them once they sign the appropriate documentation.

I also know I have a lot to learn, but I’m so willing to get this done, just for the sheer thrill.

80-some bits of music made on an iOS device in the last year and a bit. Piano. Black Keys. All Improvised.

So I’ve been trying to think of ways to get my music on the net without paying for it. I doubt it’s any good, but I use it to relax every few days or so and just picked up a lavaliere mic to reduce the huffing that is my breath. Nothing is edited, but there aren’t that many mistakes outside of a few cuss words in between starting up again after a mistake.

There’s the google drive link to 80 or so songs. I had to manually port them off my iPad to the google drive one at a time because voice memos doesn’t do mass porting even to its own file system, which was a bummer.

I’ll add more music now and again. If you want to hear a bit of everything then I would pick randomly.

Warning: I do swear, huff, and squeak. The piano and myself are both old on the inside, haha.

Hope you enjoy them.
Have a wonderful night/day.

Being an Asmovian. Issue #5. Save the Cat Method.

The Caste War: Between the tunnel rats and those with housing.

  1. Opening Image: Last panel from previous comic is the standoff with someone shouting draw. On the first panel here Julius lays on the ground head shot. Lots of blood pooling around him. Travis is wounded in the shoulder. “At least it wasn’t hand to hand combat, or he would’ve pulled me apart.” Jokes Travis.
  2. Theme Stated: Living. They find the remaining original settlers in the container with one of them with his throat cut left with them in the sweltering heat to “let them get used to the smell a while,” according to Julius to his cronies.
  3. Set-Up: That night after dinner the protagonist is out sitting underneath the alien skies looking up at all the constellations she would have to learn thinking to herself when there’s a tap on her shoulder.
  4. Catalyst: A woman, stout but rough skinned and steely-eyed, asks to see the unblinking eye. Explains that her and her husband are both part of the plan except you saw what they did to him in the locker didn’t you. It was all I could do to stop crying in the pitch darkness of the container smelling his rot, imagining his body bloating up uncontrollably.
  5. Debate: They have a conversation while the woman fidgets with the unseeing eye and then a projected recording plays out on the sand dune in front of them. It’s Mayor Stevens. He tell’s her the plan is out of alignment due to the attacks of the Bandit King (who he shows has found a massive collection of accidentally lost weaponry to reinforce his troops) and she needs to decide whether she wants to continue or go back to being a regular citizen and getting off the planet before it’s inevitably destroyed by the tunnel rats overthrow.
  6. Break into Two: The lady leaves her there with the recording playing over on repeat. The protagonist shuts it off, and looks back up at the skies. She sighs and goes back inside.
  7. B Story: Bandit King is sitting in a control vehicle (heavy duty truck that’s got large weaponry) that has been moving slightly behind the masses in case they fail and he needs to escape quickly and quietly. Looking over the projector map in front of him we see that sector 5 has fallen to the tunnel rats and they’re on their way to sector 6. After hearing nothing back from Julius expecting his latest call he sends his 2nd in command after the group to pick up their scent and bring them in if at all possible. “Don’t be gentle,” remarks the King.
  8. Fun and Games (promise of the premise): We watch as sector 6 is gassed by planes from above with biological weaponry meant to kill off any invading species from their crops. People dying bleeding out of their eyes and mouths. Raked by gunfire as they fall. The winds change, and the gasses fly back into the amassing tunnel rats wiping some of them out before others pull out gas masks and survive before the winds whip around again back on the now dead city.
  9. Midpoint: The bandit King is watching this from his sealed vehicle “effective,” he says.
  10. Bad Guys Close in: The 2nd in command and her group of ten mercenaries close into the research settlement.
  11. All is Lost: The protagonist says she can’t keep risking other peoples lives trying to get her part of the plan sorted, and preps to leave with every one on the carrier. Saying that she’ll drop them off wherever they need to be.
  12. Dark Night of the Soul: She sits quietly for a while brooding, until the group collectively tells her to keep going or all they have worked on would have been for nothing.
  13. Break into Three (Solution): She decides to keep going reluctantly.
  14. Finale: The bad guys get to the base and find it empty. The second in command overhears one of her mercenaries joking that “it was going to be easy as pie according to her,” and shoots him through the hand. “tend to that idiot, and if he back talks again, kill him,” says the woman.
  15. Final Image: The hand with a hole in it drips blood as it’s being bandaged, over an image of the ship in mid flight heading in an unknown direction.

How to save the Amazon Rain Forest (an attempt).

Why don’t we use soda ash (baking soda/nahcolite and trona) to stop the forest fire in the Amazon? It would be a major act of good will between the U.S. and Brazil and safe for the plants and save the planet a little.

Leaves 23,000,000 metric tons of soda ash in reserve.

Leaving 2.3 m^2/kg of the stuff to try and put the fires out. On top of water after that.


I know this isn’t realistic but there are currently 9,535 cargo container ships that can each carry 21,413 20x8ft containers. (9,535 x 21,413 x20x 8 )/23000000= 1420.3336 boat trips/metric ton. Since well say each boat can carry 30 tons safely that’s 48 boat trips per boat. Even if you times it by a hundred to get the percentage of boats needed it took the time to travel, since an airliner can roughly carry 150 m3 each and would take 133,000,000 trips—wouldn’t it be 100% of the worlds cargo ship fleet moving 48 times to get the load there. Not to mention a continuous route into the affected areas where it could be loaded into fire fighting vehicles. Realistically it would be less so you would divide by available ships charted by the un under emergency protocol or whomever. Not to,emotion non cargo boats chartered to haul.

It may be better to daisy chain them together and refill the boats in order as they reach each other like a bucket line for an old time fire brigade. The hard part is getting enough fire fighting machinery in place to use the materials gathered.

But it would go something like this: World gathers soda. Transports it into place. Meanwhile dirt is dug and organized for dispersement As is water. Planning to corral fire is set into motion. Fire machinery is added from all possible friendly ports. They’re put into play. Fire is altered, or if luck put out completely.

If the un collectively foots the bill then there would be no need for in fighting. Just organization and procedure. Just an idea though.