Some unfortunate news.

So my mother who has been struggling with her COPD has reached stage four and now the next time she goes to the hospital she’ll need a lung transplant or will most likely die.

We’re meeting at the beginning of the month to hang out for a few days before she makes her flight home, and we’re hoping she makes it through it because they cause her to get sick quite often—and this time she may not recover.

I’ve already suggested she get a battery pack with a us plug on it so she can keep her breathing machine batteries charged in case there is some malfunction with the plug at her seat. I’ve also ordered her antiviral surgical masks to limit the amount of recycle air she’s encountering throughout her flight.

I’ve talked about her drinking and she’s finally stopped she says, but not fully—there’s nothing I can do there, some people just won’t or can’t help themselves even when they’re this close to losing it all.

If anyone can think of anything please let me know. I would appreciate the help.