Being an Asmovian: Issue # 9. The Nameless. Save the Cat Method.

  1. Opening Image: The group is traveling along in Nettle’s vehicle at night after waving goodbye to the remaining people of Perdition.
  2. Theme Stated: They end up at a series of vertical farms where the workers are all numbered robots being of a lower caste than either He’h or To’l.
  3. Set-up: They are blocked in by a series fallen trees and so turn back and head into the vertical farms meeting their first numbered robot.
  4. Catalyst: 6 is the number assigned to their new friend. They mention that what has been being grown here/worked on has escaped last night “and caused much ruckus in the area,” says Six. “Will you help us?” she asks.
  5. Debate: They talk among themselves deciding to go along with Six and help her while trying to learn more about the vertical farming.
  6. Break into Two: He’h, Protagonist, Travis, Homnie, Six.
    Six takes them through the basic vertical farm explaining how they work. (Use my design for explanation) based on mathematical models. Nearing 99% capacity of growth using space between growth areas as lesser growth formations.
  7. B Story: Bandit King is now Tunnel Rat King. (Banner Change from previous post offered below). Heads towards Citadel Splitting army into two to conquer remaining sectors easily enough with chemical weapons and little losses. Word has spread that other townships have fallen. Some were prepared but made examples of but others were taken unaware.
  8. Fun and Games: Six leads the group into the center of the farms where there is a concrete reinforced building showing major damage to one side as it appears that something broke out.
  9. Midpoint: They hear a gurgling yell that deafens those with ears.
  10. Bad Guys Close in: Stomping can be heard off camera. The ground shakes. Six is visibly scared.
  11. All is Lost: The monster roars and destroys a vertical farm next to the one it was grown in with one squelching clawed hand.
  12. Dark Night of the Soul: It looms over them dripping acidic juices that glow in the night.
  13. Break into Three: (No solution at this point. Just surprise, fear, and a readiness to fight.)
  14. Finale: The group centers up, calling for Six to get the other worker bots ready to fight and to bring what weapons they may have.
  15. Final Image: Looming beast versus the ragtag group of vertical farm sector A2 (double check before writing in comic to keep flow of movement). Farm steads are lettered and numbered so that they may be interconnected if need be as they were on the ship before landing.

Being an Asmovian. Issue #5. Save the Cat Method.

The Caste War: Between the tunnel rats and those with housing.

  1. Opening Image: Last panel from previous comic is the standoff with someone shouting draw. On the first panel here Julius lays on the ground head shot. Lots of blood pooling around him. Travis is wounded in the shoulder. “At least it wasn’t hand to hand combat, or he would’ve pulled me apart.” Jokes Travis.
  2. Theme Stated: Living. They find the remaining original settlers in the container with one of them with his throat cut left with them in the sweltering heat to “let them get used to the smell a while,” according to Julius to his cronies.
  3. Set-Up: That night after dinner the protagonist is out sitting underneath the alien skies looking up at all the constellations she would have to learn thinking to herself when there’s a tap on her shoulder.
  4. Catalyst: A woman, stout but rough skinned and steely-eyed, asks to see the unblinking eye. Explains that her and her husband are both part of the plan except you saw what they did to him in the locker didn’t you. It was all I could do to stop crying in the pitch darkness of the container smelling his rot, imagining his body bloating up uncontrollably.
  5. Debate: They have a conversation while the woman fidgets with the unseeing eye and then a projected recording plays out on the sand dune in front of them. It’s Mayor Stevens. He tell’s her the plan is out of alignment due to the attacks of the Bandit King (who he shows has found a massive collection of accidentally lost weaponry to reinforce his troops) and she needs to decide whether she wants to continue or go back to being a regular citizen and getting off the planet before it’s inevitably destroyed by the tunnel rats overthrow.
  6. Break into Two: The lady leaves her there with the recording playing over on repeat. The protagonist shuts it off, and looks back up at the skies. She sighs and goes back inside.
  7. B Story: Bandit King is sitting in a control vehicle (heavy duty truck that’s got large weaponry) that has been moving slightly behind the masses in case they fail and he needs to escape quickly and quietly. Looking over the projector map in front of him we see that sector 5 has fallen to the tunnel rats and they’re on their way to sector 6. After hearing nothing back from Julius expecting his latest call he sends his 2nd in command after the group to pick up their scent and bring them in if at all possible. “Don’t be gentle,” remarks the King.
  8. Fun and Games (promise of the premise): We watch as sector 6 is gassed by planes from above with biological weaponry meant to kill off any invading species from their crops. People dying bleeding out of their eyes and mouths. Raked by gunfire as they fall. The winds change, and the gasses fly back into the amassing tunnel rats wiping some of them out before others pull out gas masks and survive before the winds whip around again back on the now dead city.
  9. Midpoint: The bandit King is watching this from his sealed vehicle “effective,” he says.
  10. Bad Guys Close in: The 2nd in command and her group of ten mercenaries close into the research settlement.
  11. All is Lost: The protagonist says she can’t keep risking other peoples lives trying to get her part of the plan sorted, and preps to leave with every one on the carrier. Saying that she’ll drop them off wherever they need to be.
  12. Dark Night of the Soul: She sits quietly for a while brooding, until the group collectively tells her to keep going or all they have worked on would have been for nothing.
  13. Break into Three (Solution): She decides to keep going reluctantly.
  14. Finale: The bad guys get to the base and find it empty. The second in command overhears one of her mercenaries joking that “it was going to be easy as pie according to her,” and shoots him through the hand. “tend to that idiot, and if he back talks again, kill him,” says the woman.
  15. Final Image: The hand with a hole in it drips blood as it’s being bandaged, over an image of the ship in mid flight heading in an unknown direction.

Breaking hydrocarbons/micro-plastics using a physical method/doped graphene.

The problem with hydrocarbon derived fuels is that at a point there won’t be enough fuel created to power the fleet as the global levels are lowered and the fleet increases. Totally useful in slowing the poisoning of the planet but tags power anything indefinitely with no non recyclable waste if production is designed correctly. Plus hydrogen powered cars suffer the same issues as refilling stations for current gen Tesla’s. Plus it still acts like a gas. Non poisoning but it runs out, and whatever trace amounts are left in the runoff from the exhaust cover the traveled areas. You’d move to tags at that point anyway. Plus you’d still need oil for moving parts outside the propulsion system. I bet you could build a full maglev car if you had the time and energy.

I’m assuming they’re just breaking the bond of the weakened particles needed to get residual water, similar to how the helium screen would do that if hydro carbons were cycled through that at the right speed/ angle/rotational velocity. You make a guide up a curved edge, forcing the hydro carbon to orient itself as needed for breakage as the helium spins by running water or whatever over it causing it to spin and clip the bond at it’s needed bond. The fragmented versions would travel and orient themselves at different locations but do the same thing. Leaving water on one side after the screen and the broken chemical bonds on the other. Then it’s a matter of taking the dirty remainder with partial bonds because even atomic tolerances aren’t perfect yet still in the water and screening them at a tighter tolerance, until you only end up with the remaining materials within an acceptable level. Even breaking those into their initial components if needed for near pure collection, which you could then rebond and store or release into the wild to clean out the area. Pure hydrogen, pure oxygen, carbon to be broken down for reuse.

I suppose there are other atoms like helium where they’re non bindable but larger. It just means the tolerance differences are wider so more would get through potentially though you could likely get a heavier more powerful breaking mechanism out of them though they would need a larger pushing force.

You could just use straight carbon and orient oxygen or hydrogen from the hydro carbon, whichever needs to be broken off first and create meshes that jut out like grater or tumblers and break off and catch the atoms. They would be moved down the line through vibrational or rotational means, whichever you wanted. You could ever create a radius of cylindrical hydrocarbons and break off the atoms as needed. It would be purely mechanical and leave nothing but carbons to be broken down in the center of the device. Or you could use a straight edge atomic grater and shave each side of their non carbon atoms.

You would have to allow full bonding of the grating atoms and passage so atoms wouldn’t jam up the system. Also you would have to be constantly moving the assembly so they didn’t float or sink into the passageway.

You would need to bring the grater down with enough force to hold part of the hydrocarbon in place and break off a chunk… by vibrating the atoms into place before swinging them up into the reduction system. Then you reorientate the partial hydro carbon and repeat the process until only carbon falls through to a gathering stage. You would also have to remove the water molecules with a vacuum as they break off or it would just recondense and form new hydrocarbons or a layer of dirty water in the system. It depends on how many times you need to break the bonds really.



Hydrogen 120 pm

Carbon 70 pm

Oxygen 60

Email to Troy with idea.

move slower.

Breaking atomic bonds. Since different atoms have different bond energy strengths graphene may not be big enough to sever the bond. But if you hit the weakest point of the point hard enough it may be able to overcome the overall strength (there is some loss between atoms but reinforcement at part of the bond where it is the most complete, around those areas are weaker areas where you’d want the separator to push under and break the bond. You’d also have to super cool the hydrocarbons to lengthen the bond length been the atoms without causing the water molecules to freeze, unless that’s helpful.

You could also use a tumbler method of grating the molecules and gathering the remainders on the other side and depending on which side you grated from you would likely form other larger hydro carbons before being able to break them down to their original stage again. Need to look up the types.

Couldn’t you dope the outer layers of collection atoms so that they attract the hydrogen atoms more than the static carbons in the hydrocarbons. If they’re electrically based you could cycle them on and off at key moments and vacuum the water into a collection plate. You could use doped graphene. You could then rotate them around the outer ring so that they dope concentrically and anti-concentrically at opposite levels pulling the atoms around. It’s slower, but once they “attach” to two or more open atoms they have a higher chance of breaking.

You could also, if needed, build meshes with exact holes for the hydrocarbons to lie flat into and then pull them apart from the inside by forcing them outward and bending them into some obtuse space.

This would also work with micro plastics.

Anyway it’s an idea.