Let’s Chat! Designing an Artificial Lung for my Nephew with Cerebral Palsy.

So I’m manic and have a lot of energy but very little to do with it. I was working on an artificial lung and other than drawing that up it’s pretty much done design-wise. I just need to nestle wiring beyond, around, and through, the phrenic nerve and I’ll get control of the system through a RBC chipset that anylyzes blood content levels.

I need to get this made asap for my nephew who has Cerebral Palsy (like I do but much worse) where he chokes on food and water while eating and drinking. I’m worried he’ll have an early death if I don’t get this made and I’m sitting here with no money but I can whip the rest of the design up over a day or two after recording my podcasts for the day, as long as I get up in time to record.

I’ve found that if I get up at 3 A.M. I can get quite a bit done before 9, which is great. But it means my posting times are off and I get screwed on hitting that East Coast sweet spot of 8-10 commuter valley.

I’ve realized if I don’t get this done or get it leased somewhere I may not get to see my nephew as it’s going to be a while before I can get home and see them all again. He wasn’t a person when I was done there last time which is just crazy. Now he’s a few years old and doing his best.

So maybe what I’ll do for the next few podcasts is focus on him and get his artificial lungs made and drawn and then give them away under public license so that he they can be made down there by him and he can get a chance of a longer, more plentiful life. The only issue I can foresee—other than the scariness and danger of open chest surgery is that the lungs will have to be replaced periodically as they’ll either fill up with fluid permanently (which I don’t think will happen honestly) or the person using them will outgrow the build and need the next size up.

What’s interesting is that the last time I spoke to my brother he was talking about hot swappable limbs, in a semi serious semi joking manner and I took him literally and got to work that night figuring it out for our nephew. I hope I get it done in time, or something with the skill set can use my design as I have neither the funds nor people skills to get it done myself quickly.

Much to do.


Sorry about this bit (It’s become a bit mandatory at this point which I dislike but it’s how I’ll be able to get things made in the future hopefully.)

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Phthalates are causing issues with vaping.

While I was in Arizona looking after my ailing mother I took to vaping for a few days—nothing serious, or even nicotine based, but what I did do was look up the ingredients that got to sub 4 pt font on the labels as used in the materials and what I came away with surprised me.

They use plastic flexing material chemicals in non nicotine liquids to make it go down smoothly. If I had the names of the brands with me I would post them all—but I don’t as I had to throw them out as I got on the flight and they don’t allow non removable batteries on the their any longer after the Samsung fiasco.

I mean for the real stuff, nicotine based or otherwise, use resins and other chemicals, and if you ever talk to someone who’s worked on surfboards back a few decades ago before safety regulations were as stringent as they are today—if they’re even here, they’ll tell you it was the resin dust that destroyed their lungs.

It’s not hard to find out what’s in the stuff you’re putting in your body, but I’ll admit vaping is relaxing—like hookah without the guilt, though hookah is like smoking a pack a day every 20-30 minutes or so, or so I’ve heard.

Just be careful folks, read your labels, and look after each other—and if you see one of your friends vaping and care about them, ask them to look into what’s in the materials list and if literally look it all up and you’ll probably never want to vape again.

Hope I helped a little.

Hoping for you all.