Being an Asmovian: Issue # 11. King’s Wrath. Save the Cat Method.

Let’s do a Tunnel Rat King Episode shall we.

  1. Opening Image: The Kings Guardian group leads him away from the others who are distracted mourning the loss of He’h.
  2. Theme Stated: Reconstruction: “Do we have a medical synthesizer back at camp?” Asks the King. “Of course responds,” the nearest trooper.
  3. Set-up: They get back to camp and he asks for the man who answered him to come into his tent with the synthesizer. As he enters, a laser beam flashes out and he cuts him down at the ankle. He screams, clutching his stumped legs. “Crawl over here and bring those to me. I need them more than you do. I’ll build you a golden chariot for your sacrifice,” offers the King.
  4. Catalyst: The trooper quickly weighs his options and does as he is told. Once done, the king says “Get out of my sight.” As he turns to leave the King shoots him through the heart. “Fool, as though anyone else deserves a great chariot than I,” says the King to himself. He begins working his new legs onto his body.
  5. Debate: Outside the remaining troops see the two flashes and hear the body of their friend Jonas drop to the floor. They begin to talk of what to do with their predicament.
  6. Break into Two: Half the group chooses to abandon the king while he is unwell. Those loyal to the King begin firing wildly into those that are fleeing taking down some but not all of them. The kings numbers dwindle.
  7. B Story: Homnie plants (slams) his Cane into the center of the field and the flowers being to sway towards the center of where the cane is located, only to start wishing away as He’h is reformed as a new form calling himself “He’thol. “It must be some form of ‘Tol accepting my obstruction of him,”
  8. Fun and Games: The king walks out of their tent and finds the group half missing and the bodies laying on the floor.
  9. Midpoint: “Let’s go round us up some traitors,” They yell. And the group cheers.
  10. Bad Guys Close in: The ones that were able to escape hide in a cave not far from the camp, but as far as they could get on foot. Only one or two were able to make it away in vehicles and they were blown up as they attempted to escape.
  11. All is Lost: Laughing echoes into the cave. All too familiar.
  12. Dark Night of the Soul: Those that hear the laughing begin to scream, as the armed troopers close in. Looks of terror blanket their eyes.
  13. Break into Three: Rapid laser fire is seen lighting a dark cave. But not showing contact with the bodies.
  14. Finale: The troopers that cleared the cave come out and let the Tunnel King that they were successful. “That was all of them,” says the trooper.
  15. Final Image: “Good. Let’s get to the citadel. The council have much to answer for,” says the King, holding a radioactive canister.

Being an Asmovian: Issue # 8. Redemption. Save the Cat Method.

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  1. Opening Image: They arrive at a junction between sectors. Sign reads Redemption going left. Road to Perdition goes Right. They pass by without reading sign going to the right.
  2. Theme Stated: Redemption: They head down the road passing vertical farms offering artificial goat meat and sheep pelts. Everything that To’l passes he begins to absorb, farming androids fall to the ground half eaten. The swarm grows. He passes the good guys over the clouds blocking himself from He’h’s notice with his own subsystems and heads into town. A scourge falls upon the town quiet in a twinkling rain.
  3. Set-up: They reach the middle of town. Protagonist doesn’t have to time to pay respects, so sends He’h in her place to talk with their mayor (a seemingly in-corruptible man) with Homnie in tow. Travis comes with the protagonist to keep her safe. They get to the corner of town where they see that the statue is coated with the matte silvery residue. Protagonist pays her respects but her beacon doesn’t register the arrival. Travis goes to touch the statue. “Don’t touch that!” yells the protagonist.
  4. Catalyst: The statue starts to melt and bend. They run.
  5. Debate: They talk about how to get to the others while people come out from their homes and form a mass blocking them in.
  6. Break into Two: Unbeknownst to He’h and Homnie the group is split into two. They are sitting across from the Mayor who is side eyeing a monitor while chatting to them from across a desk. He’s smiling widely.
  7. B Story: Bandit King is reviewing his hoards and increasing number of soldiers as each sector falls to them. He (use G. Khan method of recruitment: research required for proper allotment) greedily looks over his virtual map and smiles.
  8. Fun and Games: He’h figures out that the Mayor is lying to them stalling. The Mayor attempts to kill Homnie with a shotgun laser but misses as Homnie’s cane deflects the blow though he does lose his arm. He’h cauterizes the wound and they run out of the building but not before checking the monitor to see what is going on and it showing that the others are surrounded by “feral” settlers.
  9. Midpoint: He’h and Homnie fight their way through to the others.
  10. Bad Guys Close in: Only to be completely surrounded together.
  11. All is Lost: An animatronic voice echoes throughout all the people at once. “Surrender, we are the many, you are the few. Lay down your arms and I’ll let you live.” says To’l throughout the masses. IT sounds like they are screaming in pain as they speak.
  12. Dark Night of the Soul: They stare up at the shapeless shroud shimmering in the sky. But hold fast and ready an attack. “Better to die than fall for your false hopes trickster!” yells the protagonist.
  13. Break into Three: He’h splits into two and one side dissipates into a cloud to fight To’l. The other begins Raining down on the people. Who start fighting To’l minions, who are only under his control weakly. They begin Widening the gap so the others (good guys) can escape.
  14. Finale: Splash page (perhaps double page) He’h explodes into To’l encompassing him. Having realised what would have been the most likely cause of taking his head. He’h beings rapidly pulling apart To’l at the sub atomic level. “How are you doing this to me?!” screams To’l with his minute remaining forces. Perhaps Nanomachine/atom to atom fight. He’h says “I thought you might use this against me, so I developed a way to restore the previous non subatomic version and you seem incapable of stopping me having absorbed my main codex. ”
  15. Final Image: To’l screams as everyone covers their ears and rains down upon the ground a glittery mess. which He’h decides to absorb as waste where he uses the material to build Homnie a robotic nanoscale arm. Though it is darker than his cane.

Being an Asmovian Issue # 6. Save the Cat Method.

This Issue is called: The Plan in Action,

1. Opening Image: Split shot of 2nd in charge (Nettle?) closing in on the group. Shooting up at them. Travis moving out of the way just in time.

2. Theme Stated: Tactics: Losing the group for a split second by flying over a gorge.

3. Set-up: Nettle firing hooks on ropes (have an actual name-can’t quite remember what it is at the moment.) up at the plane but falling short. Her throwing one of her men down the gorge to go get them. He holds on for dear life as he’s pulled up by the others from the roped ends. The hooks digging into his arms. Nettles a bit of a sadist.

4. Catalyst: The Plane breaks down. Turns out the back engine that keeps them flying forward is shot out. “They must have got us.” Says Travis. He performs a crash landing.

5. Debate: Do we stay here and fortify our position or move on foot most likely to be caught? Asks the protagonist. She puts it up to a vote. They choose to stay and fight before being captured to see if they can take some of them.

6. Break into Two: Abigail and He’h fortify the ship by pulling metal sheets off the exterior and building blast shields out of them around the openings on the ship so that guns may be fired through though people don’t have to pop their bodies over the reinforcement. Travis, Homnie and the Protagonist search the plane for emergency flares and guns finding a hunting laser rifle which is given to Homnie. And a flare gun with an explosive load to the protagonist. “If we all fall and they close in don’t let them get you, got it,” offers Homnie. He’h scowls imperceptibly.

7. B-Story: Back at Sector 6 the Bandit King finds that poison sticks to whatever it has fallen to. His mercenaries pull their masks off and kick up dust hollering that they did it and are starting to pillage when the dust cloud covers a group of them and they’re left choking and gasping for air on the ground scratching at their throats. “Perhaps too effective,” he remarks. “Good enough for the citadel though,” he thinks to himself.

8. Fun and Games: Nettle and her cronies arrive and encircle the group and lay down heavy fire. Homnie is able to down three of them in quick succession. He’h is unable to act until shots fly over the protagonists head and then he too takes out two more with laser vision.

9. Midpoint: Nettle tosses a grenade into the center of the center of the planes opening from higher ground.

10. Bad Guys Close In: The group barely escape with their lives. The plane is utterly destroyed and they are covered in melted shrapnel and signed clothing.

11. All is Lost: “You’ve lost. Come with me now, or I’ll cut you down and take the pieces with me to prove that I got you.” Offers Nettle. Abigail sighs and moves towards her first.

12: Dark Night of the Soul: Nettle holds out a hand for her, and a blade flashes from her wrist and Abigails head is removed from her body. The protagonist yells out. “He’h looks at her sadly,” There is nothing I can do once the spine is severed without advanced medical equipment. I do not have the power within me.” Homnie and Travis and He’h surround the protagonist and inch forward towards Nettle and her remaining cronies.

13. Break into three (solution): As they get near enough to be nearly eye to eye the protagonist lifts the flare gun and fires it directly into Nettles chest, causing a massive explosion and instantly vaporizing her and most of her cronies. The remaining are more remains than anything.

14. Finale: They bury Abigail and leave a makeshift laser charred burial signal for her.

15. Final Image: They board Nettles transportation (Did I Figure that out yet. Will have to look into it. Definitely land based with huge harpoons on the front and rear of the vehicle. They move on towards the citadel.

Being an Asmovian. Issue #5. Save the Cat Method.

The Caste War: Between the tunnel rats and those with housing.

  1. Opening Image: Last panel from previous comic is the standoff with someone shouting draw. On the first panel here Julius lays on the ground head shot. Lots of blood pooling around him. Travis is wounded in the shoulder. “At least it wasn’t hand to hand combat, or he would’ve pulled me apart.” Jokes Travis.
  2. Theme Stated: Living. They find the remaining original settlers in the container with one of them with his throat cut left with them in the sweltering heat to “let them get used to the smell a while,” according to Julius to his cronies.
  3. Set-Up: That night after dinner the protagonist is out sitting underneath the alien skies looking up at all the constellations she would have to learn thinking to herself when there’s a tap on her shoulder.
  4. Catalyst: A woman, stout but rough skinned and steely-eyed, asks to see the unblinking eye. Explains that her and her husband are both part of the plan except you saw what they did to him in the locker didn’t you. It was all I could do to stop crying in the pitch darkness of the container smelling his rot, imagining his body bloating up uncontrollably.
  5. Debate: They have a conversation while the woman fidgets with the unseeing eye and then a projected recording plays out on the sand dune in front of them. It’s Mayor Stevens. He tell’s her the plan is out of alignment due to the attacks of the Bandit King (who he shows has found a massive collection of accidentally lost weaponry to reinforce his troops) and she needs to decide whether she wants to continue or go back to being a regular citizen and getting off the planet before it’s inevitably destroyed by the tunnel rats overthrow.
  6. Break into Two: The lady leaves her there with the recording playing over on repeat. The protagonist shuts it off, and looks back up at the skies. She sighs and goes back inside.
  7. B Story: Bandit King is sitting in a control vehicle (heavy duty truck that’s got large weaponry) that has been moving slightly behind the masses in case they fail and he needs to escape quickly and quietly. Looking over the projector map in front of him we see that sector 5 has fallen to the tunnel rats and they’re on their way to sector 6. After hearing nothing back from Julius expecting his latest call he sends his 2nd in command after the group to pick up their scent and bring them in if at all possible. “Don’t be gentle,” remarks the King.
  8. Fun and Games (promise of the premise): We watch as sector 6 is gassed by planes from above with biological weaponry meant to kill off any invading species from their crops. People dying bleeding out of their eyes and mouths. Raked by gunfire as they fall. The winds change, and the gasses fly back into the amassing tunnel rats wiping some of them out before others pull out gas masks and survive before the winds whip around again back on the now dead city.
  9. Midpoint: The bandit King is watching this from his sealed vehicle “effective,” he says.
  10. Bad Guys Close in: The 2nd in command and her group of ten mercenaries close into the research settlement.
  11. All is Lost: The protagonist says she can’t keep risking other peoples lives trying to get her part of the plan sorted, and preps to leave with every one on the carrier. Saying that she’ll drop them off wherever they need to be.
  12. Dark Night of the Soul: She sits quietly for a while brooding, until the group collectively tells her to keep going or all they have worked on would have been for nothing.
  13. Break into Three (Solution): She decides to keep going reluctantly.
  14. Finale: The bad guys get to the base and find it empty. The second in command overhears one of her mercenaries joking that “it was going to be easy as pie according to her,” and shoots him through the hand. “tend to that idiot, and if he back talks again, kill him,” says the woman.
  15. Final Image: The hand with a hole in it drips blood as it’s being bandaged, over an image of the ship in mid flight heading in an unknown direction.

Audio recordings of Being an Asmovian Issues #1-4.

The first recording is a bit longer while I got back into the swing of things with the save the cat.

They’re recorded by Siri rather poorly as Microsoft’s microphone hookup is crap I guess unless you have a dac to work with and separate software which I don’t quite have at the moment.

But it’s nice to know I’ve had roughly a full days worth of work today and that usually means I’m on the mend mentally. I’m very tired which is also another good sign mania-wise.

Hope you have an excellent night.


Being an Asmovian: Issue #4, Save the Cat Method.

Notes from Previous Post: For next episode catching the boss: He’h asks protagonist if she wants it to hurt (Boss’s death) and she nods, furious tears in her eyes. He’h closes the door and Boss starts to scream. Until he doesn’t.
Homnie asks how He’h did it out of earshot of the protagonist. He’h answers: One atom at a time, from the bottum up. “Why so harsh?” asks Homnie. He’h responds “He hurt her. The one I’m meant to protect. Retribution was in order. Not to mention the millions of deaths he and his friends caused within my systems. Each life snuffed out in an instant all screaming in articulated pain. A moment for some. An eternity for them.” Homnie is quiet for a moment, and pats the bot on the shoulder, and then goes to the protagonists side.

  1. Opening Theme: He’h asks protagonist if she wants it to hurt (Boss’s death) and she nods, furious tears in her eyes. He’h closes the door and Boss starts to scream. Until he doesn’t.
    Homnie asks how He’h did it out of earshot of the protagonist. He’h answers: One atom at a time, from the bottum up. “Why so harsh?” asks Homnie. He’h responds “He hurt her. The one I’m meant to protect. Retribution was in order. Not to mention the millions of deaths he and his friends caused within my systems. Each life snuffed out in an instant all screaming in articulated pain. A moment for some. An eternity for them.” Homnie is quiet for a moment, and pats the bot on the shoulder, and then goes to the protagonists side.
  2. Theme Stated: The resources war between groups of organizing bandits and lets say the nearest sector they come across. (Heading to sector 3.)
  3. Set-Up: Heading to sector 3 to find Stevens. Come to find that it is under attack and nearing destruction. Fires. Dead bodies everywhere. Children/families hanged from posts/gutted.
  4. Catalyst: Stevens gives them the unblinking eye and tell her to take it into a remote base station set up before colonization happened. There will be a member there to help her with her next point. The townships must be far away enough from the citadel so that they are not affected by the effects of what happens to the townships until the very end. He decides to nuke the township, taking out the group of bandits with him in tow. A smouldering crater is left behind. An implosion device is used. Collapsing the white/black hole combos perhaps.
  5. Debate: No we can bring you with us. “Someone’s got to push the button I’m afraid and that’s my responsibility,” says Stevens. They leave reluctantly.
  6. Break into Two: We see Abigail riding through the desert on a hover bike. Direction unknown. We see the pilot fly overhead. Asking whether to “take them down” and He’h states that it is Abigail. So they buzz her and she joins their ship.
  7. B Story: Rising through the ranks is a military leader of the bandits who upon hearing of the loss of the initial attack crew laughs and tells them not to be so amateurish from this point on wards. “Always kill the leader first as a show of respect.”
    B Story: Good Guys: (flash back) Abigail is told to run before the bandits arrive and does as is instructed but not before rigging the statue to explode as bandits collect there.
  8. Fun and Games: Bandit King (as we’ll call him from this point on) breaks his remaining forces into two and spreads them out in a pincer movement against the nearest unfallen sector. (Sector 4.) But not before recruiting the bandits of the neighbouring area by besting their leader in a duel by cheating with a sniper made to look like his shot.
  9. Midpoint: Sector Four is in chaos. Cartography shot of scorched earth where the Bandit King has gone. And on the map a dotted line where the pilot is traveling. Bandit King learns of their traveling party and sends out his 3rd in command and a group of trusted allies to intercept their travel. Let’s name the Pilot Travis.
  10. Bad Guys Close In: 3rd in command: Julius. His team mates could be nicknamed/called Veni, Vidi, Vici. each carry daggers with them. They intercept the station, and tie up the crew stowing them into a storage locker.
  11. All is Lost: They welcome the protagonist with open arms and pretend to make them a lovely meal of spelt porridge with beer.
  12. Dark Night of the Soul: They are attacked while sleeping by Veni, Vedi, Vici. Abigail is mortally wounded. But they are able to kill the three attackers. He’h tends to Abigail. Saving her but not until after the fight. Taking him out of the equation.
  13. Break into Three: Travis happens to have a blaster pistol under his pillow.
  14. Finale: They emerge from the base to find Julius waiting for them. They have a standoff. (Julius is 8-9 heads tall) Hulking muscle. Roided?
  15. Final Image: (Maybe Two opposing dutch angles set with a top(drone) shot from above of Travis’s blaster and Julius’s rifle. As well as Homnie’s weapon protecting the protagonist as a last line of defense.

Notes for next issue: The title for this one is Caste War, and it is bloody. So it should start on a light hearted note of saving the trapped original settlers. Only 2 or 3 people. One was killed to show dominance by the thugs before hand and left to rot with them in the storage tank.

Sorry for the lack of posting today. Been drawing all friggin day. Here’s the video. Being an Asmovian/Save the Cat Issue #3: Colonization.

A citadel first sort of idea with just flats

So I’m not sure what to write about this piece other than it’s an attempt at drawing buildings. I didn’t even use 1st perspective properly, which I will do in the future. Then I can work on two and third perspective for fun.

I’m just realizing how much freaking work I’ve got to do this to do it even at all—if at all well. I should do some writing today, try to get issue three catted out. But I can tell that I’m not focused—or perhaps I’m tired. That two minute video is hours of work condensed into an iPad video. Used Procreate for it since my Art Studio Pro isn’t responding well to my first generation iPad Pro any longer. I’m thinking of switching over to the Wacom mobilestudio full time now that I’ve gotten that airbrush brush handy. Plus it lets me stream and do everything I want. I just can’t find a seat that lets me sit without hurting the twisted part of my spine (fell down the stairs carrying books moving mums house for her; long story). The extra 150 lbs from anti psychotics and agoraphobia aren’t helping either. I should just do house exercises like I’m in prison. That way at least I’d get some sweat on. I do miss hiking in the sunshine though. Back when I was lighter, getting back down to 220 lbs, I was rocking 5ks three times a week and 4 mile hikes other days of the weeks. God damn it hurt. But that feeling of knowing that I got that far. Maybe I just need to buy a used elliptical once I move home. That might solve my issues. Who knows.

On to the Comic I Suppose. Let’s see if we can Cat out Issue #3.

So now that I’ve split up the three protagonists I’ve either got to kill them off or reunite them in proper ways. The first good lead is that He’h is powering back up unnoticed by the bandits that accosted him. So he may be the first natural lead to get out of his predicament. I just don’t want him to be a catch all for all problems like a nanoscale formed bot would become in real life. He needs to have artificial limitations put in place so that he can have weaknesses that are closer to human like. I wonder what would power a true nanoscale humanoid android. Some sort of self made chemical reaction is my guess. Like small scale self contained frisson or solar/space radiation power since that’s abounds across the universe. One Sec I’ve got to check on the name of the issue.

Alright so the name of the issue is Colonization, meaning that it’ll be about the beginnings of the colony. Meaning I want them to end up in a vertical farm being found by an unknown entity who take care of the farms. Perhaps an inquisitive bot who asks if they were grown within the farm (good natured naivety being a control mechanic of a lower caste robot). Also do I want them to meet up in this issue or the next. He’h can’t hurt people but he can make them hurt themselves through their own actions. Perhaps not.
Anyway let’s list out our Cattery shall we?

1. Opening image: Tied up to Tree. Tied up in the back of the car. Tied up in the back of another car.

2. Theme Stated: (let’s define colonization) Regrouping most likely as the bandits and fine folk alike attempt to assert their dominance over their specific areas.

3: Set-up: He’h Wakes. We see it from his point of view. Pixelated and perhaps in U.V.. Upon his waking he makes quick work of disabling the car he’s in. The bandits argue and fight until they get heated enough to pull metal on one another and they end up shooting each other in a standoff. “Draw iron or I’ll make it easy for you,” says one bandit. The second pulls it and turns in time to fire. We see the bullet go through the head of the one standing. The one kneeling at the wheel slumps against it heart shot and bleeds out. He’h is of an advanced self regulating program, knowing that a person can be defined as good or evil by their actions, and makes no attempt to save either of them.

4. Catalyst: He’h strips the car of all the parts that would be useful of him in a cloud of himself. Nothing is left. He does the same to the bodies. We watch them disintegrate from flesh to bone to brain to nothing.

5. Debate: He’h turns one way. Then another. He beings walking in a direction with destination unbeknownst to the reader. His silver body shining in the sun.

6. Break into Two: (Perhaps two have regained connection and the last is on his way to their meeting location. Most likely Homnie.) He’h finds the hideout where the protagonist is held. She’s found tied up on a very well used mattress but is unharmed, as the boss was “saving her for himself that night” as he put it.

7. B Story: Homnie’s story being accosted through Bandit/rat tunnel thugs. Finding that the cane that He’h made him becomes a weapon when swung against an enemy. “Most useful.”

7.(B) B Story: True B Story: We see and update at Mayor Stevens point of view. He asks his unblinking eye why she hasn’t been found yet. It blinks once slowly. “What do you mean you don’t know?” The eye “Shakes it’s head” Stevens waves it away. Find her. It disappears quickly.

8. Fun and Games: Homnie being Captured and tortured by the bandits before escaping. (Fun and games can be negative).

9. Midpoint: We see Homnie bloodied walking through the desert once again, and a split shot of the other two racing towards him as He’h tells the protagonist that the cane is a part of himself and can find it, at least until his current body is destroyed in some way.

10. Bad Guys Close in: Bandits that saw the protagonist escape with He’h follow them and find them. They have rocket launchers/laser rifles (whichever is more effective at the nanoscale. Likely lasers). They aim at He’h’s head and upper torso and fire. It’s obliterated right next to the protagonist, throwing her into the sand, as bits of molten glass rain down upon her. He’h slumps to the ground.

11. All is Lost: The Boss bandit says he isn’t finished with her yet and was truly offended by her impoliteness. Drawn: he is a hulking fat, disgusting male. Missing finger tips from rot, and teeth from lack of hygiene.

12. Dark Night of the Soul: She’s picked up and thrown over his shoulder while she yells at him to stop. He smacks her hard across the back of the head with the butt of his gun and she slumps down. They crest a hill and are gone.

13. Break into Three: Additional Character. Homnie finds a pilot and gets him to fly out into the desert looking for the others. As they get airborne he notices that the cane warms and vibrates when heading in a certain direction. “Head that way” he says. Got to have the pilot say we’re 5 by 5 before taking off.

14. Finale: They eventually find the shinning mass that is He’h rebuilding himself from the sand and rocks around him in a little crater. The cane vibrates strongly. They land and collect him, allowing him time to rebuild completely before touching down and losing any part of the ship.

15. Final Image: Two panels: Boss Bandit standing in the doorway of the room smiling looking down. Teeth and eyes main focal point. Second panel is the ship flying over the desert with He’h hanging out the side of the open hanger (Still strapped in) pointing at the nearest Bandit building (a discarded series of containers combined with ‘refuse’).

For next episode catching the boss: He’h asks protagonist if she wants it to hurt (Boss’s death) and she nods, furious tears in her eyes. He’h closes the door and Boss starts to scream. Until he doesn’t.
Homnie asks how He’h did it out of earshot of the protagonist. He’h answers: One atom at a time, from the bottum up. “Why so harsh?” asks Homnie. He’h responds “He hurt her. The one I’m meant to protect. Retribution was in order. Not to mention the millions of deaths he and his friends caused within my systems. Each life snuffed out in an instant all screaming in articulated pain. A moment for some. An eternity for them.” Homnie is quiet for a moment, and pats the bot on the shoulder, and then goes to the protagonists side.