C-DIFF: Creating an Artificial Biome. Oral Syringe/multi pill blister packs.

Creating artificial Biome to help curtail virulent Cdiff expansion:

This could be made from large vat fermentation (if fermentation is even needed—it just makes it easier to absorb) of materials and made into pill/ oral syringe form.

Other than diarrhea dehydration combating waters with electrolytes.

will need probiotics from live yoghurt. Powdered calcium which can be made from almonds/flax/hemp or soy depending on nation/human type.

Some form of metamucile or powder ground oats, lentils, flaxseed(again glad is great) or some citrus’s.

Powdered egg/chicken or turkey.

The liquid base of the pill gel would be juiced vegetables cooked well. Beets, cucumbers, celery.

Dried powdered potatoes or bananas, white rice as a starch base.

Combining all of these in a powdered form and combining them with liquified vegetables in an oral syringe or multiple pill delivery system should slow or stop c-diff spread as outbreaks occur during upcoming heatwaves. Making the outer shells heat resistant will also be a factor. Not a doctor. Just trying to help.

Best of luck.


How to save the Amazon Rain Forest (an attempt).

Why don’t we use soda ash (baking soda/nahcolite and trona) to stop the forest fire in the Amazon? It would be a major act of good will between the U.S. and Brazil and safe for the plants and save the planet a little.


Leaves 23,000,000 metric tons of soda ash in reserve.

Leaving 2.3 m^2/kg of the stuff to try and put the fires out. On top of water after that.


I know this isn’t realistic but there are currently 9,535 cargo container ships that can each carry 21,413 20x8ft containers. (9,535 x 21,413 x20x 8 )/23000000= 1420.3336 boat trips/metric ton. Since well say each boat can carry 30 tons safely that’s 48 boat trips per boat. Even if you times it by a hundred to get the percentage of boats needed it took the time to travel, since an airliner can roughly carry 150 m3 each and would take 133,000,000 trips—wouldn’t it be 100% of the worlds cargo ship fleet moving 48 times to get the load there. Not to mention a continuous route into the affected areas where it could be loaded into fire fighting vehicles. Realistically it would be less so you would divide by available ships charted by the un under emergency protocol or whomever. Not to,emotion non cargo boats chartered to haul.

It may be better to daisy chain them together and refill the boats in order as they reach each other like a bucket line for an old time fire brigade. The hard part is getting enough fire fighting machinery in place to use the materials gathered.

But it would go something like this: World gathers soda. Transports it into place. Meanwhile dirt is dug and organized for dispersement As is water. Planning to corral fire is set into motion. Fire machinery is added from all possible friendly ports. They’re put into play. Fire is altered, or if luck put out completely.

If the un collectively foots the bill then there would be no need for in fighting. Just organization and procedure. Just an idea though.