A second generation atom-level generator. Designed by me. (T.A.G.) Townsend Atomic-level Generator V.2.

So this is the second generation of the Townsend Atom-level Generator (T.A.G.).

It uses gamma and hexaferrum epsilon ferrite to rotate between a layer of pyrolytic carbon within graphene power collection lines. Because it’s a pressure based system it works like this:

I liked the design so much I put it on my hat. I think I’ve already mentioned it before.

Anyway the pressure forces gamma ferrite to change to hexaferrum a stable type of structure, that I fear is non magnetic. So what I’m hoping for is that there is a sub pressure that forces it be between states as most things can be like when water boils and freezes at the same time/gases or so forth.

Then we just have to ride that line and the nuclear reaction from the change state will force the rotation from the radioactive magnetization of the broken down molecules and when the pressure is released it reverts to gamma steel and no longer is radioactive.

If we make the housing entirely out of diamond we can get up to a much higher inner state and perhaps reach a new state of ferrite/steel beyond hexaferrum.

The great thing about this is that it’s incredibly small. Talking a few atoms across if needed depending on stopper and casing size. So I’m hoping if they’re not explosive at 13 Newton’s it might replace batteries as a source of fuel. Just an idea. Oh and it uses single domain micro magnetism as its power source so you use both sides of the dipole and don’t end up with a unipolar, though if you want, that’s how you would make one I think–by forcing one side to absorb heavier than the other by spinning faster/slower than its counter part releasing energy at differing rates.

Anyway, morning folks.

Have a wonderful day.




So a goal could be to ride the transitional period between states where the material is ferrite and then hexaferrum or its next transitional state, as it’ll cycle fast enough if enough pressure is applied and changed rapidly enough but we’re talking finite finite (even atoms shaking off one another within an enclosed space) changes, causing radioactive decay of the magnetic isotope as they become unstable between two stable formats. Or just use a radioactive isotope inherently and apply your pressure and it’ll spin up and power through the pyrolytic carbon. It’s dirty plasma though.

Since it’s a radioactive material under immense pressure that you change into a non radioactive material as it releases pressure (safety lock build) (you could use wholly diamond structures outside the pyrolytic carbon/graphene energy dispersion methods and jack it up to an excessive amount 542 GPa I think.) [what happens to sticky pco under immense pressure if it’s been twisted and folded upon itself like I designed in my notes? Doe it become a new form of heavenly super diamagnetic (Is that the right word, I’m very tired) conductor] but that should make a plasma for any isotope if you want to go dirty you want so you can use longer decaying isotopes/larger isotopes/more even isotopes/more abundant isotopes.

Chicago didn’t understand. Houston wants to offer no help. Maybe someone else wants their own plasma generator that’ll actually work. I have no idea who these people claiming to be places are because I’m dense and chronically ill but I’m so tired of this. Just take it and save the planet already.

Learning a bit of perspective.

Learning Portrait 27 8.9.19Learning Portrait 28 8.9.19Learning Portrait 29 8.9.19Learning Portrait 30 8.9.19


Today so far has been learning about foreshortening and above and below perspectives. These are my attempts as I followed along MikeyMegaMega here. Who, other than a fascination with large breasted women from the videos I watched, was extremely insightful about his technique and made it a breeze to get into it straight away and since I had been starring at a man make huge tits for an hour I decided to try a small nude, which I don’t normally do.

I’ve had a tough couple of days as I missed my chance to go to Vegas to see my younger brother perhaps for the last time before I move home back to New Zealand. It depends whether we’re up here for the holidays of not but if I am he said he would visit and that’s a great feeling. I just made him his birthday present but haven’t told him what it is yet.


lenin shirt

I hope he likes it. I make a little bit of money selling stickers and shirts per month that once in a while I get to treat myself to a new hat or shirt or shoes through paypal. So I made and bought him this with that money. It’s Lenin in Communist colours. He commissioned me to a painting of it but it won’t be done in time so I decided he might want to wear the art instead of just looking at it. I love wearing my own designs over corporate logos and fandom pieces because it makes me feel unique and just a minor designer at heart.

I’ve been upped on prazosin for ptsd nightmares. Childhood-adult abuse isn’t a joke. Now I take two or three mgs a day–I’m not sure. I forget honestly. I’ve got 19 bottles of meds to look at tonight and I can’t even remember if I took this mornings meds. I just know I’m sleeping until twelve most days after waking to feed the girls.

I had an interesting conversation with my psych though. Apparently only seeing one person once or twice per week isn’t a whole lot of human contact and isn’t healthy but I don’t know how to remedy that when I have so little money.

I have a mensa membership so I thought I might do the breakfast with them and see what they’re like. I wasn’t a huge fan of them when I joined the first time. I got a perfect score on my I.Q. battery and they were still condescending. I broke the damned test so it couldn’t give a proper reading by maxing it out and they’re like there’s only one score that qualifies you for the coveted membership. I do like the card though. Makes you feel like a triple A member.

Oh on some good news I’m down almost three pounds and if it keeps going I may be able to go on a mild stimulant to help me stop binge eating when I feel like punishing myself.

Okay this is completely random. But I designed a new type of (I think–information is hard to come by through wikipedia and theses) nuclear reactor using single domain micromagnetics using hexaferrum eplison ferrite steel. Basically you compress the ferrite until it change atomic structure and it gains addition atoms which is where the radioactivity comes from. Plus because its a magnetic material if you surround it by pyrolytic carbon (which repels both poles equally) you’ll get forced movement, so you get the spin needed to traverse graphene wiring to gather energy like a regular generator, but these are as small as physically possible so you could replace battery and be scaled up to any size to produce any amount. You just need vastly more pco than rotational material. You can also coat it in SiO4 (quartz) to keep it contained and warmer in space travel/durable.

But all you need is 13 GPa to compress the ferrite into hexaferrum, carbon has a GPa rating of 26 and you us diamond toppers and stoppers on the bottom and they have a rating of 542 GPa so that the whole thing is contained. And the greatest thing is if the thing opens it reverts back to ferrite and loses it radioactivity very quickly meaning no/less chance for damage to the environment and the user.

I got so annoyed at people ignoring me that I put the chemical break down on a hat and wear it around town. So far no ones guess what it is, but it’ll be in the Asimov comic since the whole point of the comic is to expand on my designs.



I even sent what I had to Marc Gibson at Nasa but he ignored me since I’m self taught and could be wrong. Or perhaps scrapping his email wasn’t the way to go, haha. Who knows. Who cares.

The inner binding agent between the ferrite atoms are carbon. You may not be able to tell by the white squares but they a 12 phase or two 6 phase generators since you use both sides of the domain at once or you end up with single domain micromagnets over time as one side invariably breaks down before the other. This way they break down closer together if the half lives of the atoms is relatively closed (based on atom diameter/circumference).

Ugh I’m so bored. I wish to create to my potential.

Have a wonderful night.