Which subjects would you like me to write about?

I have plenty of time to learn about things while I’m not sleeping.

Things I wish I had. A diamond anvil cell, with multiple rubies and perhaps a pulse laser to force greater pressure down. Something to build carbon structures with like a u.v. laser printer. An x-ray analyzer to understand flow better. A CVD I could reformat to do what I want to show you the new materials I can make from an altered one.

Let me know and I’ll see what I can do.


Hexaferrum/greater compressed carbon based on diamond derivative.

Blue are carbon atoms.

Hexaferrum ferrite is made by putting ferrite into great pressure, so I figured what if we did that with adapted carbon from diamond molecules with their encasing atoms removed so that only the inner atoms can be compressed. The picture drawn shows just one directional pressure but there’d of course multi directional possible. I’m just curious if it forms a new form of carbon as new atoms are introduced upon compression. Would it be super conductive. Super diamagnetic. Both. Would it be stable and stronger than diamond or just only under diamonds great enough pressure. Can it be made to be compressed further with other ways artificially. If it’s twisted so that it’s arranged in a new lattice structure will it produce new forms of pyrolytic carbon under the right heat and pressure that’s more effective.

In fact if it’s possible to remove other atoms from the w structures then you can get vastly different shapes available.

Just a thought experiment.