C-DIFF: Creating an Artificial Biome. Oral Syringe/multi pill blister packs.

Creating artificial Biome to help curtail virulent Cdiff expansion:

This could be made from large vat fermentation (if fermentation is even needed—it just makes it easier to absorb) of materials and made into pill/ oral syringe form.

Other than diarrhea dehydration combating waters with electrolytes.

will need probiotics from live yoghurt. Powdered calcium which can be made from almonds/flax/hemp or soy depending on nation/human type.

Some form of metamucile or powder ground oats, lentils, flaxseed(again glad is great) or some citrus’s.

Powdered egg/chicken or turkey.

The liquid base of the pill gel would be juiced vegetables cooked well. Beets, cucumbers, celery.

Dried powdered potatoes or bananas, white rice as a starch base.

Combining all of these in a powdered form and combining them with liquified vegetables in an oral syringe or multiple pill delivery system should slow or stop c-diff spread as outbreaks occur during upcoming heatwaves. Making the outer shells heat resistant will also be a factor. Not a doctor. Just trying to help.

Best of luck.


Gathering food information to determine diets of patients of polio so that a range of stool implants can be made that counteract Oral Polio Virus.

Trying to ask Bill Gates about it because of his interest in the matter.

We know the foods grown in most areas of the planet at this point and where they go. So we know what they’re eating. So we can use what foods lacking materials cause the greatest number of cases of oral polio virus.

From there we can build real or artificial stool sample ranges that cover all bases or regional bases of foods within an area and prepare proper recovery samples for after taking OPV to shorten or eradicate the contagious time between if taken concurrently with the vaccine. It may be helpful at first to synthesize the vaccine within the samples to make it absorbable by the body so that waste doesn’t come out but is instead destroyed by the gut biome.