A Friend Overdosed on Heroin a few days ago.

So I made these for one of his memorials my brother is fielding.

Colour Version.
Black on White Version.
White on Black Version.
To make something like this to remember him by.

The reason for making all three is so that if you pick a different colour you’ll have the chance to have the design. Basically so you can put it on both dark or light material and see the image. I personally like the triple version of the piece as it sort of reminds me of him more for some reason. Perhaps it’s the multiplication of things sort of deal; seeing more of someone makes you think of them deeper.

I couldn’t afford to send one to my little brother, who was good friends with this man– but I was able to send him the files to create the shirts for him and his friends, or at least get them print outs somewhere as seat fillers so everyone can remember him fondly.

I have to say he suits that jacket.

Bye man,
Sorry for the short life.

Figuring out a side view without any prior knowledge.

First check out this persons helpful video on how to learn to do it quickly and efficiently.

The magic of Side Views.

4x 800 x 1280 px Single Panel


I mean look at the difference already. She’s supposed to be in her late 19’s-early 20’s and she looks like she’s about to go down for a nap at her hospice. Terrible job haha. Is that triangle supposed to be a thumbnail? Really? Then I found that video and these are the newly done improved versions of side views of a man and a woman. So I’ll be spending today tweaking a woman’s face until I get the right view down. Then I’ll redraw the top panel and get down to the next part for the day. Shouldn’t take all day I don’t think. I’m a little scared of the hairline but it’s hopefully not too bad when it’s done.

Have a wonderful morning.

Also if anyone knows how to be successfully start a patreon I would appreciate any and all help available, since I have no idea what I’m doing there but if I can make a little extra cash eventually it would be nice not to live of just food stamps. Did you know you can’t really afford vegetables at $.95 per meal? Radishes, the cheapest vegetable in the area, are $.40 and I’m not supposed to eat them since they think I have a tumor on my pituitary gland. It’s all carbs and it’s all bad for you. Life is weird and that last paragraph made little sense. Oh well.

Being an Asmovian. Page two WIP.

So I think my detail brushes are still too big to get the definition I want. I know that I’ll be shrinking them down to one fourth their size for webtoons and the website but I need to be working harder to get better faster.

I did do some basic sketches last night and today for fun. Also not great but they’ll get there.

Anyone once this page is done I’ll upload it to the main comic page. Still have to tie a url to it so Asimovcomic goes to the comic itself and not some rando front page dealie.

Have a wonderful afternoon.


100 days of art day 3. First day of comic creation.

I have no idea what I’m doing yet. Figuring out a style to work with is harder than you would think. I was going to go for a heavy ink sharpie style which I love doing but decided at the last moment to look up the very first tutorial I saw on deviantart and draw it that way. I’m used to line work and not having any–just playing color off color is an extremely weird experience. Though for the most part I’m happy with how it turned out. I’m unsure whether I’ll do that again or if thats something that will change with each days work–maybe it will just for the hell of it. But anyway here’s the first page of Being an Asmovian. Or at least the cover image and the first panel.

Since this is designed for Webtoons and my own website so you can scroll through the whole thing in one go if you like instead of those insipid next page delivery systems only meant to garner more clicks on ads and things. I prefer to have the art go out in one place and if I ever figure out advertising for the site then they’ll just play along the sides of the comics instead of next to every single page. Unless it randomly does that.

This took a surprisingly long time. A couple of hours at least. First I had to draw a few times in ways that I disliked. Then it was like let’s look something up and go from there. Since I was starting with the background for this shot I decided to go for that and see how well I could do following a tutorial. It’s not great. But it’s not truly terrible either which means I have a chance to improve as I go along. Even if I do end up changing the style once or more to suit my liking.

I’ve also got to figure out this airbrush from Wacom so that I can get the most out of it. I have no clue on what to do with it as it came with no instructions and that is often not a great thing. It is incredibly comfortable to hold though and I’m very happy with it so far.

It’s design is almost sparrow like as it sits in its nest. It doesn’t seem to have a place to hold the nibs which is okay as I’m gentle with them so that they last years. My Apple Pencil is five (I think) years old and they came with two in the original box and I’m still on the first nib. I think it’s just a matter of not being able to press very hard haha.

Anyway on a random note I wanted to show you my set up if anyone is interested in such a thing.

I bought the keyboard today and it has functionality to hook up with Bluetooth to three devices. So I’ve ordered a mouse and now I no longer have to carry around multiple keyboards for different devices which is fantastic. Not to mention that the button travel is sexy as hell and quite fun to work with.

Not shown is a snowball ice mic, and that tripod leg is attached to a Logitech c930 I believe so I could start twitch streaming the process of creating the comic if people had any interest. Plus it would let me chat with people while I worked which would be great for me as I literally only talk with Jeanette or store clerks most weeks.

Let me know what you think. How I could improve. All of that good stuff. What to do next.

Have a wonderful night.


Okay, so let’s write a comic book.

Being an Asmovian is clearly a visual story telling endeavor.
I figured it would be a novel but then I kept seeing her face as she bent down to wish her blessings on the statue. Now I can’t unsee it.

So I’ve come up with the information for the first 15 panels so far. Shots. Dialogue. Nothing too fancy. Perhaps a page or few at most. But I want to test it out and see how well I do with it.

I need to figure out a name for the heroine–or to leave her nameless as the folks of the second foundation do not use their real names in public, until I absolutely have to give her one.

I have an iPad sitting here with Clip Studio Paint and I could get it started as we speak but I want to use my Wacom, and it’s airbrush which I get tomorrow because while I’ve had it for a while I didn’t do much with it other than the first attempt at a comic.

I think I’ll try the Loomis method of head drawing since I’ve only done front on portraiture up until this point with sharpies and digital pieces.

I’m thinking she’s on a planetary level cruiser moving millions of beings to a new planet as the foundling foundation member for that outpost. She’s already posing as a well to do artist with the intent to put up the next marker for the travelers that come to pass as set up per the foundations wishes. But she’s just come back to her bunk after watching Trantor collide with its sun and go super nova (I need to check the physics of this to be true or not, instead of what I want it to be) and found a note that says “we know” on it before it spontaneously combusted.

So there’s an enemy there somewhere on the ship, and she had no idea who it is or what their motives are. Or if they’re even enemies at all.

Through out the story she’ll meet people who, as the multi disciplinary scientists, set up the terraforming–a word long lost to antiquity but used nonetheless. Robots do the heavy lifting, even if they are sentient they have come to have a statute of rights about their livelihoods that allows them to coexists with this current generation of humans. As she meets these people I’ll explain how they could be used in our current formation to fight climate change if at all possible. Some of it may be sci-fi, some of it hard science.

So far these are some of the designs/machinations I’ve come up to tinker with throughout the story in my past year of study:

I. Generators. Townsend Atom-level Generators T.A.G.s

II. Vertical Farms. The basic. The improved. The most abundant.

III. Coastal Erasure – attempts at informing the public/U.N. What can be done. Planning Accordingly.

IV. Light Based computers using crystal lattices as mathematical operators. LIGO Method.

V. Creating a white hole using T.A.G.s. and Electron density Fields.

VI. Bending Black holes using heavy atoms within the confines of White Holes.

VII. Clearing off negatively charged dirty Solar Panels using Electrons subsinks.

VIII. The Efficiency Play.

IX. Destroying Cancer Cells with a T.A.G. powered system.

X. Direct to brain chemical interface using Biomedical Stent.

XI. Healing Scar Tissue JRE 945

XII. Picometer Tunneling Scanning Microscope.

XIII. Spinal Nerve Damage Repair/Circumvention using dual synced Pulse rates.

XIV. Dimpling and Pimpling Silicon to get any shape needed for production methods using N/P Type Doping.

XV. Fighting Asthma with a carbon based mask.

XVI. Carbon Inverted Heat Condensor.

XVII. Artifical Synapses/Electrolytes First Gen Electron. Second Gen Light-based.

XVIII. Using Below Freezing Carbon (expansive) for near any element printing. To set up the Wave

XIX. Diffusing peripheral vision to shorten the distance and thickness of goggles or eye wear to be glasses level thin for ar uses. For those that don’t want to implant directly due to government overreach.

XX. Enriching Graphene to become closer to pure pco. (Denser.)

XXI. Traveling near light speed using compressed black and white hole combinations using expressed atoms to allow compression in spaces vacuum.

Perhaps her goal is to stay there for a decade or few and see that everything turns out to Seldon’s plan. Then she moves onto the next planet going at light speed.

I’m not too sure yet. More to think about while I work. But I’ve written pages on each of these subjects, done diagrams, stored diagrams mentally, and I think this may be an interesting way to disseminate information into the public, if I can make the comics well drawn enough and pretty enough to keep people interested with some action. Perhaps an attack/disaster befalls the fledgling colony.

So much to think about. Fun times.

Pleasurable day to you all.


Losing Weight with Mild Cerebral Palsy and Schizoaffective disorder, and $.95 per meal. Day 2. Plus 100 days of art: Day 1.

First, today’s art.

Now, I’ve picked up a new iPad app called Clip Studio Paint. I’m in love with it already, as I enjoy desktop software more than mobile whenever possible, but I use my iPad for literally ten hours a day. I’m a huge proponent of Art Studio Pro and often over the last almost year have done my design work within it.

My goal with this software is to learn a colour portrait technique. As you can see I have a long way to go. I know if I use a grid technique with an airbrush (physical) I can do this pretty easily:

But that was my first attempt at airbrushing years ago and my hands are weaker now than then–and they shake just an itsy bit more violently. And I’ve always wanted to teach myself some form of portraiture so I can sketch people, even with the mild face blindness I seem to have. It’s not major. I can’t see myself in photos easily, and ignore people I know without realizing it sometimes. I go by voice more often than not.

So here’s to 100 days of art, and getting started with day one.

Losing Weight with Mild Cerebral Palsy and Schizoaffective disorder, and $.95 per meal. Day two.

I’ve come to find that I hate scales. The one in Arizona clocked me in under 300 lbs when I left that morning. When I checked today back in Portland I’m sitting at 309.5 lbs. Damn. About as chunky yet funky as week old cottage cheese someone left opened in the back of your car.

My goal was to have the lawn mowed by Sunday, but the part–a new carburetor– didn’t arrive until late this afternoon. Other than slicing my finger open, and needing to buy a dual set of vice grips that the clerk luckily upsold me on–which I turned out to exactly need two of to hold the damned gas tank tube in place while removing it, without a safe place to pour the gasoline out, it was a fun learning experience.

But it runs! And with immense vigor too–or not at all, which I’m assuming is probably not amazing since it’ll run itself rich the whole time I use it, but at least tomorrow I get to mow my lawns again and can not be the shameful yard on the street once again. One thing down.

I’ve also invested in some body shaming glow in the dark wrist bands. They have holes to punch through as lettering that’ll spell out almost whatever you want. My first is a “No soda” one. The next will be “no junk food” since at the moment belts and watches that once fit me when I left no longer do, and I am happily upset at myself enough to read those until they sink deep into my fat head’s perspective, and I stop craving them. I was able to do it with sugar in coffee. The hard part is not going to a cafe for an iced mocha with almond milk because my prediabetic dumb ass doesn’t understand that’s one of the things causing my issues. I think I’m just lonely, and it used to be nice to sit there and write. I wrote my first novel at the local cafe for fun. I remember vividly traipsing through the snow one winters day trying to lose weight and the satisfying skritching the metal teeth of the snow shoes I wore gave to the tile as I took them off, as I found my favorite writing seat empty. It was, and is, a pleasant memory.

Right, where was I? Exercise for the day.

When Jeanette and I lived together we would go up to the local mountain and hike up the hill, around the bend, and down and up the mountainside again. It is a roughly 4.4 mile hike, and extremely painful for me even when I was 220 lbs. So I thought fuck it, let’s see how badly off I am.

It took me an hour to get up that first hill. Roughly a miles walk. I stopped twice, in enough pain to seriously go back down the hill again and call it good. My legs are so tight at the moment that I had to manually force them in circles until the ankles loosened just enough to keep going. That’s the best I can hope for.

But I got up there. Went around to the gravel path I’ve walked hundreds of times before, and made it roughly 100 steps before turning around. I’m just too heavy to do the full thing at the moment. I also made the mistake of bringing a backpack with me that just ended up digging into the bad part of my spine the whole time. I have a proper hiking bag Dad left me when he died, and I don’t know why I didn’t use it. Embarrassing, but at least I made it up that hateful hill.

I stopped under a tree in the shade, where the grass was matted down by other travelers–which I had always been too nervous to check out, and stretched my legs.

Took this photo to show that I’m not kidding.

I’m not sure where I’ll go to walk tomorrow, but now that I’ve started the only thing I’ve got to do is keep going. I’ll have to see how many miles I walk doing the lawn.

Have an excellent night.