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Here’s todays Koala. Nettios wanted it, so she got it. Fur is hard…

Leatherman MUT a soldier gave me after Dad died. Had it ever since.
Dragon at the Beach I guess. Based off a chameleon.
First attempt at learning the new style.

Now on to making today’s podcast. I’ve got to get back into the groove of things, as I’ve been out for a few days. So let’s get shaking. Much pleasure, -J.

Monopoles and their descriptions/combination at certain eV’s By Jordan Townsend, February 18th, 2020.

+/- electrons from valence shells. This may be what makes them hard to make. Though it takes 297. kJ/mol to force the electron off of the atom maximum of hydrogen, so it’s a matter of finding the right electrical output to force these conditions. It may be a constant feed to get it to work too.

First iteration:

Made up of 15 atoms:

4^+4 Silicon Prism

Connected to a ruthenium core.
On either side are 3 Na atoms, One side being +1 each, the other Side being -1 each.

4^+4 carbon Prism.

At molecular orbital -1.39 eV 2e- you get this Positive Monopole: at the +4 carbon prism with Na assistance.

At -.99 eV 2e- you get this:

At the +4 silicon prism without Na assistance.

But if electrostatic potential is taken you get this:

The opposing negative force along it’s entirety. This is what is worrying me. That the system is malfunctioning and showing the wrong information.

If the carbons are 4^-4 you get the same build. Photos can be added to show you but they’re the same.

So let’s move on to the Negative build:

Now if you change the materials to Si prisms you get a different build.

At -1.17 eV 2e- you get with one -1 Na assistance.

At -.99 eV 2e- you get a pure Si prism.

with a weaker electrostatic potential. Still of the opposite type.

If you change one of the prisms to 4^-4 charge then the build remains the same for the same eV

If a combination of 4^-4, and 4^+4 prisms using just carbons at -1.39 eV 2e- are used you get Negative:

over the 4^+4 prism and at -1.12 eV 2e- you get this:

And with it’s electrostatic potential you get:

So that would be a dipole magnet and not of use to our builds. So my thoughts are there are combinations with the inert atom Ruthenium that works as a blocking agent of the magnetic pole to only allow one spin per one side while denying the spin of the other side depending on flow of electrons.

Knowing that they’re negative. It’ll likely flow towards the silicon since it can do both monopole types.

#but how does it over come the inert nature of the ruthenium. I would think quantum tunneling of a single atom given enough force would allow the receptive atoms to attain their electrons needed for the monopole to work.

Down below is a 10 atom version of a monopole: F5Pd5 100% Stable.

From all points forward it will be the upper bound of the eV that is used as highlighted here.

If you exchange for chlorine you get a nearly fully circular monopole.

Electrostatic potential is also positive. An improvement there.

Using Br.

Using I.

F and I between Pd gives a negative monopole, but if we add a Pd atom to the right side Pd atom we get the same shape of molecular orbital but it’s a reversed monopole.

The problem I have is that I don’t know for sure whether the Electrostatic Potential over rides the Molecular Orbital or if the Orbital can be of use if pressed in deeply enough or counteracted in some way as with the Iodine’s shape. But this is what I’ve come up with so far.

Much pleasure,

F5Pd5 to F30Pd30 Battery Design Using 5th Dimensional Chemistry (altered by bond order) by Jordan Townsend. Monday, February 17th, 2020.

After messing about with Ru and finding that it wasn’t what I wanted I tried this instead and got some interesting results. Warning shaky cam.
Palladium and Fluoride make an interesting battery setup. Stable. Long lasting. Extremely efficient and considerably light weight. Let’s compare it to the current Tesla Roadster Battery of 200 kWh = 1000 km. (I think they’re considered the standard at the moment, so why not.)

Sorry about the shaky cam. (Cerebral Palsy will do that to you).

Go to Lenntech for the Molecular Weight.

The weight in kgs.

Roadster is 833kgs battery/3.76255kg= 221.39240 units.

221 x (670933kJ/unit = 186.370278kWh/unit = 41187.83143 kWh

200 kWh = 1000 km.

41187.83143 kWh / 200 KwH x 1000 km = 205939.15715 km per charge or 127,964.66 miles

This beats the other designs as it’s a two atom build, and will last for ages and drive cars for 100,000’s of miles over multiple charges with a very low DeltaEpsilon.

This is currently my favourite battery build to use with stuff. Though if it gets wet I believe it swells up, so a waterproofing layer may need to be surrounding it, but that may be it for now.

985 JHA White Tesla from last night. Don’t be a dope. I’m trying to do more with less not to mention help, you sod. At least you’ve got server racks to compute and analyze your builds. All I have is a single CPU/GPU and they’re not that powerful for my needs. But this has been fun though. Great thought experiments.

Much Pleasure,
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It’s a series I write for my family, mostly my niece and nephews and added family’s children—and my grandmother as well. It’s got a sequel done and a third on the way from a new characters perspective. So this is what I’ll be doing for a while—filling my days with making podcasts of my books and spending the nights writing them, I suppose.
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