Marlin – Dev-Blog – Episode 00007 – 64800-20-32 – Complete an hour long chill drawing session.

Here’s an hour long process video of story boarding that’s pretty chill if you want to sit back and watch a person work through their story in real time. Also, I learned a new type of production method that doubled my speed and should only get better as I learn the nuances of the style. It was from a concept artist point of view, which is pretty neat. His tips were to: Keep it thumbnail size so that you’re actually drawing quickly. Use the lasso tool to create your shapes quickly and fill them with gradients, and if you want to add from there use lighting to add effect. I’m a little nervous but I think I’ll be chattering along with the next video with a camera using OBS StreamLabs to feel like everyone else. I’ll also get to show off a few hats I’ve designed over the course of various episodes. I hope this chills you out and you enjoy it. I know they’re basic drawings but they do tell a story and once the book is full I’ll do a full screening before moving onto the next one. I have been asked to do a portrait. So I’ll upload one tomorrow I think. I just have to think of a pertinent subject.

Marlin – Dev-Blog – Episode 00004 – 64800-5/12. Finishing the first page of storyboards on the new XP-PEN Artist 24 Pro.

Have to admit all that space is absolutely a killer, and once you get used to the buttons you’re off to the races in terms of efficiency. Loving it so far. If my internet connection didn’t take hours to upload videos I would condense longer pieces and put them up, but I think hour long chunklets sped up to roughly ten minutes is about the place to be for the foreseeable future.

I’m hoping she likes it as a surprise, as the book is only getting finished so she has this animation. I know she wanted a game, but it’s too far above my head, where my strengths lie in drawing, and if I have to do that thousands of times so be it.

Music by Jesse Gallager – Angel Guidance. Digging the Cello playing.

Oh here’s a couple of character sketches from the story and last nights post which I forgot to upload here:

Marlins Parents.
Joshua, a protagonist in the story and his trusty plank. Check out the channel for his drawing process.
The creation of Joshua. Or Tum, whichever you prefer.

Much pleasure,


Switching things up and turning the game into an animated series (movie?).

So I realized that it would take me years to develop the game that she wants so I’m just going to power through tens of thousands of drawings and make a small series of movies based off of a Book I wrote that is hidden partially within my blog, but the rest remains relatively secret within my notes. It’ll be similar, in that it’s animal fantasy–a genre that I enjoyed immensely growing up. Hopefully my work will be worth while once it’s done.

So there will be behind the scenes Dev-Blog videos, Storyboarding Videos, Cast and Crew Videos as we record and have our fun for the day making sure that things get made. I have no idea how long it’ll take to get made but I’m sure it’ll be faster than trying to do everything in a game single handily–and who knows, I may be able to find people that want to help out in the local area with my animators group. But for now I’m going to be spending the days storyboarding as much as I can while recording the process and saying that, I should probably get back to work. I’m unsure why I couldn’t put up a custom thumbnail though I did verify myself, but it’s no matter, it’ll work it’s self out or I can force them in the front of the videos if I really have to.

Here’s the first Dev-Blog Video of Marlin’s Journey:

What would it look like if we were to stand within the center of an event horizon of a black hole and look outward?

If, according to Bekenstein, that time “appears to or would” stop at the event horizon of a black hole, and Hawkings says that things entering the black hole interact with each other only when they are interacting and not falling into the horizon and came up with the 1:4 rule where there are disturbances around the event horizon noticeable with their gravitational waves (I think I have that properly phrased, feel free to correct me), would that mean that that if the body faced outward so that it not only survived but could use it’s senses—at least in this case their vision—what would they see?

The outer shell would be an intense burning rippling shell of “heat/light” that when viewed from inside would slow and speed up based upon the density of the objective atoms falling into the black hole. Would a blink take the life of the black hole at it’s densest point as the atom of approaching matter reached it’s utmost velocity slowing down the entire way if dead on viewed by the inhabitant and in kind would the infinitesimally fastest speed at the area of “clarity” where nothing but light, or even less—an opening into regular space—opened up in the shells rippling surface.

There’s also the chance that the event horizon is a sphere though dense enough to crush anything, so being dark enough to create nothing—it may also be possible that it forms new materials we’re unable to comprehend as of this time as a probe wouldn’t be able to move itself from it’s eternal crushing end. So would the inhabitant see these sparks radiating from around them, behind, and through them and then outwards as the radiation so predicted.

I also wonder on the thoughts of how strong of a radiation would have to be to be coming from within the black hole. It wouldn’t be a known level of radiation as the atoms would have been fundamentally changed until their pressures built up and they escaped the outer shell being affected by the reversal of time as they passed out of it’s hold, and returning to once again a known material if hitting something to make it into such a thing, or instead into a matter we currently may know of but can’t read because it found an spot of “clarity” to leap through, burning off only heat to a lower change state.

The other option I could see it doing is a yo-yo effect where it comes into the inhabitants views, reaches it’s apex of density and time, combines to become a new material type, and they then split as the event horizon moves in time, forcing them to take and shift an equivalent space yet different time frame of the outer cores movement. Meaning that the inner core spins differently than the inner core, and as the radiation leaks through the time dilation of this new physical motion, where it comes out a different place it went it forces it to change completely as at the same time it is being released through the black hole as Hawking Radiation it’s interacting with it’s new place in space and space time, changing what the material would have been had it just yo-yo-ed in a “straight Timeline” down and out again. But I’m unsure if this would be a standard model of things or if it’s just the case of a larger black hole pulling from a smaller black hole.

We finished 500 (and 6) masks thanks to charitable donations!

It took one person working every single day for six weeks as well as her assistant (me) working every three days of the weekend to get them done, and they were claimed and delivered in less than a week.

Nettios deserves all the credit since this was her baby and I couldn’t be more proud of her, and to celebrate here’s the video of her working that she put together as well. She’s quite talented with an editing software as well.

What I helped with: Snipping hundreds of wires, thousands of pieces of elastic–though she was much faster. I also hot glued the reinforcements to the edges of the wire so they didn’t dig into the person’s face. I also cut hundreds of filters to put into the masks that should last months and multiple washings as well as be virus absorbent. Blisters, blisters everywhere. But it was worth doing. We didn’t make a profit off of it because that’s not the point of helping other people. The oldest group of people we helped were 85-110 which just blows my mind.

I’m so proud of what she was able to do even when it was hard, and the work was intensely repetitive. When the machine’s needle broke and flew into her eye. When it would chuck back a stitch and scare us both with a loud pang. She put that machine to work and got it going each time, and thankfully she didn’t get hurt. Check out the video if you want a time lapse of six weeks of work. It’s really well done.

Much Pleasure,