Getting in contact OnSemiconductor about the designs.

So I’ve had some good news where the nice folks at OnSemi have given me contact information to a Sales Engineer and Global Account person. So I’m psyched.

If this goes well I may be able to get things moving on these molecules patented and get them through to their next stages in their life span. I’m hoping they’ll help out and then let me lease them the work. That way I can make a living and hopefully get it out to other companies like Tesla, since 6 molecules will charge an 80kWH in less than 2 seconds at a roughly 104 f º.

Here’s hoping I don’t mess this up.


Gathering food information to determine diets of patients of polio so that a range of stool implants can be made that counteract Oral Polio Virus.

Trying to ask Bill Gates about it because of his interest in the matter.

We know the foods grown in most areas of the planet at this point and where they go. So we know what they’re eating. So we can use what foods lacking materials cause the greatest number of cases of oral polio virus.

From there we can build real or artificial stool sample ranges that cover all bases or regional bases of foods within an area and prepare proper recovery samples for after taking OPV to shorten or eradicate the contagious time between if taken concurrently with the vaccine. It may be helpful at first to synthesize the vaccine within the samples to make it absorbable by the body so that waste doesn’t come out but is instead destroyed by the gut biome.

Broke 50k words on the Blog last night!

It’s not much, a simple nanowrimo worth’s of content, a novella—but I’m excited. Let’s do a small count of words so far written towards my 1,000,000 word goal.

Website: 50,400.
Current work: 32,542.
Divergent Mind: 164,601.
Animal Quest: The Travelers: 172,095.
Animal Quest: Chibri Disappears: 77,675.
Mouse Tavern: The Siblings: 23,744.
Marlin (partial): 15,004.


So I’ve hit the over the half way mark, not including the words in the comic and various drawings in the books.

That’s a start, but I have so much more to do.
Have an excellent day/night.

80-some bits of music made on an iOS device in the last year and a bit. Piano. Black Keys. All Improvised.

So I’ve been trying to think of ways to get my music on the net without paying for it. I doubt it’s any good, but I use it to relax every few days or so and just picked up a lavaliere mic to reduce the huffing that is my breath. Nothing is edited, but there aren’t that many mistakes outside of a few cuss words in between starting up again after a mistake.

There’s the google drive link to 80 or so songs. I had to manually port them off my iPad to the google drive one at a time because voice memos doesn’t do mass porting even to its own file system, which was a bummer.

I’ll add more music now and again. If you want to hear a bit of everything then I would pick randomly.

Warning: I do swear, huff, and squeak. The piano and myself are both old on the inside, haha.

Hope you enjoy them.
Have a wonderful night/day.

Richard Feynman Portrait Done and Drying.

Richard Feynman Portrait Acrylic Paint.

Used Gesso and Black 2.0 which is interesting, but a little delicate while it’s drying I think the problem was a that I was painting over a gessoed and already painted surface and some of the canvas teeth were not allowing paint in. But it’ll do for now, and I can finally say after years of this dang things reference sitting in my collection that I got a version of it done. It’s not the photorealistic 6×8’ version I had planned but it was a worthwhile nonetheless. Now I’ve got a huge canvas to tackle and then I think I’ve run out of canvas’s to work with and finally start to get rid of them for the move.

Hope you’re well.

Which subjects would you like me to write about?

I have plenty of time to learn about things while I’m not sleeping.

Things I wish I had. A diamond anvil cell, with multiple rubies and perhaps a pulse laser to force greater pressure down. Something to build carbon structures with like a u.v. laser printer. An x-ray analyzer to understand flow better. A CVD I could reformat to do what I want to show you the new materials I can make from an altered one.

Let me know and I’ll see what I can do.


A Friend Overdosed on Heroin a few days ago.

So I made these for one of his memorials my brother is fielding.

Colour Version.
Black on White Version.
White on Black Version.
To make something like this to remember him by.

The reason for making all three is so that if you pick a different colour you’ll have the chance to have the design. Basically so you can put it on both dark or light material and see the image. I personally like the triple version of the piece as it sort of reminds me of him more for some reason. Perhaps it’s the multiplication of things sort of deal; seeing more of someone makes you think of them deeper.

I couldn’t afford to send one to my little brother, who was good friends with this man– but I was able to send him the files to create the shirts for him and his friends, or at least get them print outs somewhere as seat fillers so everyone can remember him fondly.

I have to say he suits that jacket.

Bye man,
Sorry for the short life.