Gravitational Lensing and Making Wormholes.

If a gravitational lens of a large cluster of entities creates the ability to show the material far behind it at a closer light speed range, so faster in space time–then it should be possible to build “worm holes” using the term loosely by aligning the lenses together to achieve a passable branch of space that allows a ship or item to be thrown through the lenses, and as they round the bend if released correctly, or orbiting correctly and fired out into space again, jump to the next lens, bounding from one to the other where they would speed up in space time by what the cube of the cube of material being flung through the lens, and then once they reach a known mid point once discovered, they are able to slow it down and release back into normal space through deceleration through space time condensing and stretching space time to suit their needs. All you would need is a drive to get you up to speed where it could manage the forces of being warped, likely with a layer of donor atoms taking the brunt of the energy as they entered the lens, and releasing into normal space in the proper propulsion signified as it left the lens, until it was able to gather or replace the same amount of the donor atoms (which may change over time as the lenses will have differing values of gravitational and light year compression) and repeat the process at the next lens, slinging it rapidly between state guided by computer as well as seeing what it does to the human body. At that point it may be better to send out drone ships that do not depend on living tissue to explore and can report back any findings. It would also be able to mention if skipping through a lens ages you rapidly or speeds up any internal clocks they may have as they condense within the lenses.

I have this unnerving feeling that negatively charged Bosons may be the ones moving backward in space time and there is also a semi-negatively charged M(inus) Boson that exists but is currently not strong enough to affect space time but shows up in real time regardless.

I’ll have to get into tomorrow as my meds are kicking in but if muons make star level heat, and bosons make gravity all warping in forward time currently if they’re Higgs (I think they’re the ones being used) then the negatively charged boson may— Boson M(inus), they would affect gravity’s effects as well as time’s effects meaning they’re logically moving backwards in space time but I do not know if they are constantly accelerating or slowing. But it would make sense they were constantly racing towards the site of the Big Bang to their inverse of their cousins spreading outward from that point towards universe death.

So does that mean there’s even another form of Boson that stays at a half negative charge that centers space time—-that is currently the best I can put it to words in that they exist but are not strong enough to force the Minus or Higgs reactions and could that be what dark matter within space time is made of.

I’ll have to think about this a bit more when I can’t sleep.

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I’ve been having trouble with my hosting service as of yesterday. It took roughly 4-5 hours to get the video uploaded and slapped together and by the end of it I ended up sleeping all day.

I did have the ability to watch an interesting take on the flow state of which I am a firmly agreeable to once you get into the right frame of mind.

Please forgive me for not having anything of use to you today. It was not intentional.

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Mole City Honest Game Dev Day 5: Canceling Plans to Attack a Biscuit.

Canceling Plans to Defeat an Evil Biscuit.

Please forgive the late upload time. It took literally hours to get it up today. Wasn’t expecting the slowdown as the system I used was really fast for a video half that size. May have to switch to something else. Not sure yet. Oh well. It’s up now.

So I was able to get a couple of hours of work done today. Feel free to grab your favourite snacks and watch along as we learn how to do things together. Tomorrow I hopefully get into attack animations–the fun looking parts where Don Quixote attacks the evil biscuit. Maybe carbs are his windmills. I wonder if I could find a free windmill and attach it to the enemy because I would find that endlessly entertaining within my training. I’ll see what I can do. Please visit for updates of the project, comics, art, free books, and other things I’ve made that you might enjoy. If you want something on a shirt or the like I can do that too. I think I’ll try my hand at a 3-d style of drawing for a character I have in mind and see what gets made tonight just before I call it a night, and see if anything comes of it. If you want to keep learning with me from the very beginning then please smash that like button and twinkle that bell and we’ll be well on our way to journeying together. If you have suggestions please feel free to leave them below. I’m trying to figure out if I want to go the twitch route and do long format broadcasting, or the shorter edited route of YouTube. They would be easier to get through, but you wouldn’t learn anything. So it’s sort of up to you. Do you want content where (which I will honestly do my best to improve upon) I take my time learning, or just the good bits sped up to get things in a moving fashion? Daily Update if You’re Bored: Today was an odd day, as I woke up manic after having 1.5 hours of sleep and spent an hour coding and tried to exercise off the energy on an indoor bike. Had some food and decided to take my morning meds, and promptly slept until my therapy appointment. Literally two minutes before an emergency back up alarm woke me up. I’ve been groggy all day, and will hopefully sleep well tonight with the work done, and no coffee in my system for the day. I’m excited to try this 3-d style out as if it works it’s one step closer to a potential look for the game I want to make for mum. She’s alright, if a bit snappish at the moment–like her usual self so she must be feeling a bit better from our conversation the other day.

Self Assembling nanites part one.

Top down: grind down a material into its wanted shape but creates waste. 

Bottom up: build slowly the intricate parts. 

A solid method is to create the nanites in a combined fashion. 

You’re building cubli’s. 

Use: pyrolysis carbon casing to be safe incase of failure inside the body and allow available attachments to drugs or operating tools. Cancerous bone is weak. (I believe so you may not need carbide tips to get through if going slowly enough). Sewing systems can join molecularly within the body at attachment points similar to spider web sacks joining together in series and rotated out with a twist to the nearest neighbor to continue the feed until the suture is done. 

Top down to manufacture housing and empty inside shell. A series of holes is drilled at each cross corner so as to not be totally flat, where you’ll later bond conductive material to electro magnetize those sides and corners using dip pen lithography.  

Waste is removed continuously and recycled into pure material once atomic slag is removed if any. 

Bottom-up using recycled innards plus additional materials to build control mechanics. 

Molecular beam epitaxy to lay films of atoms inside the inner workings in specific orders or “shells” until all moving and inert parts are manufactured and in place as warranted. Will have to ask the creators or a computer optimization algorithm to find the best method. Battery cells will have to be dropped into place and connected with dip pen lithography again. 

Build the system on a roll to roll “conveyer system” and you end up with the finished product at the end. 

Test outside body on cancerous white blood cells with users artificial cytokines and antibodies. Or coronaviruses.  Force them to encircle the viruses as artificial kill cells and use the batteries to heat the systems conductive materials with partial RBCs cellular make up on the drug attachment points that the corona wants to bond to and then heat to the viruses destruction point and the virus is eradicated from within with simple nanites. Remove dirty nanites from system. Clean. Repeat. 

Using cubli’s To deliver drugs against or with blood flow at any size including to fight bone marrow and lymphoma cancers. The first en mass medical nanites.

Here’s the basic design of them. I don’t know why this wasn’t done straight away.

Here’s the basic design. Three rotating sides against an inner torque mechanism to get it to jump. Or balance on one side. Or move in a controlled fall. If you place those inside an exterior set of shells including a medication you can do a myriad of healing things with them, while also controlling a series of them in succession or at once to sew from the inside out, deliver medicines as far as into the bone inside an implant that may or may not need to be removed later to treat bone cancer. Treat lymphomas by surrounding the white blood cells at their choke points or found areas of travel. Much less painful than chemo as you could irradiate the bot, have them hit their points of impact and then head to a port and attach, magnetically, through cancerous tissue collection, like collecting in a net—while flushing the user with fresh healthy white blood cells from their own stem cells so they don’t become continuously cancerous. 

These could easily be the first series of nanites used to treat all sorts of sicknesses. 

Hope you have a wonderful day/night.

Blue and red are poles of magnets also need corner attachments so that they can be “twisted or twisting” as they move within the body. Green would be the drugs/ tools to work within the body.

It’s about that simple. I can draw this up in solid works if you like.

There seems to be a Boson (negatively charged) missing from the roster.



Use Helium-3 

Lithium Titanate -> (Lithium pebble breeders)

Tritium (Hydrogen3)-> Helium3 

This is a Boson (Hopefully not muon) build. 
Seems to be a negative Boson missing. 

Here’s an idea of what the build may be if that’s ever not found: 
You have your Z and W bosons, both with Mass and spin. You use the superfluidity of Helium3 to force the heavy bosons, like that of a bombarding Higgs Boson in succession through a series of Z alternating W bosons so that they collide and are forced into differing areas as the Higgs pushes against them “upwards” in the superfluid. 

As they collide they get excited and release energy towards the top of the system as heat which can be cycled off as electricity as well as radioactivity. Changing the near zero temp at the bottom to a higher range, forcing the cooler superfluid to compress below the heating superfluid before it sublimates into another form where it will take a change state and become some form of energy carrier. Hopefully by splitting (or combining the overall energy of) a Z and a W boson. 

Those that don’t release energy or bond to another atom, knowing that the boson is a force carrier and “holds” matter in place while a superfluid does the exact opposite—you should get an artificial friction between the two creating a new type of material be it magnetic flow type, Eddie currents, or attraction/repulsion between the two as the electrons are expanded and the pulling forces between the two become much greater. 

Once a negative spin Boson is found then it’s simplest to set up each of these parts as a battery as you would and bombard them with Higgs bosons as the electrolyte as they are the propulsion function within the superfluid, while the W boson would be your anode while you use the cathode boson to exit the energy out of the system in it’s multiple available forms.