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Ep. 40 is up! Divergent Mind – Insanity and Innovation. June 26-28th, 2016. 40 Podcast Episodes in 13 days. Shooting for that 50th by the end of Sunday. Here’s Hoping. -J.

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Richard Feynman Portrait Done and Drying.

Richard Feynman Portrait Acrylic Paint.

Used Gesso and Black 2.0 which is interesting, but a little delicate while it’s drying I think the problem was a that I was painting over a gessoed and already painted surface and some of the canvas teeth were not allowing paint in. But it’ll do for now, and I can finally say after years of this dang things reference sitting in my collection that I got a version of it done. It’s not the photorealistic 6×8’ version I had planned but it was a worthwhile nonetheless. Now I’ve got a huge canvas to tackle and then I think I’ve run out of canvas’s to work with and finally start to get rid of them for the move.

Hope you’re well.