Had our 10 year anniversary, started writing a new book, and hit episode 90 on the podcast last night after getting home from our trip. Thought I might tell you about that for a bit.

Please go to Achor.fm/DivergentMind to check out episode 90. Below is a a synopsis of the episode and you can only hear the music there.

So Nettios was able to get me out of the house for a couple of days for our ten year anniversary. I brought my podcast travel kit and the plan was to have a nice meal, a bath, and then do our commemorative podcast as number 90 for Divergent Mind – Insanity and Innovation. But Nettios ended getting ill that night from something we think she ate, could have been too much of a good thing, but it could have also been a funky mussel, not that there’s anyone to blame. The next day was nothing but vomit and and getting her teas and crackery things to keep her stomach as full as she could manage, which honestly wasn’t a lot—she almost hit the double digits around the toilet and we may have had to go to the docs really quickly to get her an I.V. So she didn’t get too dehydrated. This has happened before when we’ve traveled. She felt like she ruined the day, and I reminded her that we could still see the ocean, and hear it from the Arch Cape Inn, as well as the fact that we were together on our tenth meant that it wasn’t so bad. Plus I was there to take care of her, which I’ve been trained to do since I was a child.

On our last day I popped my headphones in and was able to make it into the lovely well run breakfast area before it got busy and have a wonderful breakfast almost in seclusion. I did make the mistake of ringing the attendance bell when it was just a walk in place. That part confused me. There were no signs to just walk in so I figured ring the bell, but was completely wrong. It randomly hailed for 5 minutes straight while I was sitting there and we ended up driving through roads misting through the heat of the morning sun and we saw one accident of someone up on the embankment on its side with a police officer helping them out. We even passed an suv mail truck which was sort of neat.

Nettios wasn’t a hundred percent but had to drive because of my busted foot and we made quick time to the local beach. We tried to both get down there but I got stuck on the stairs so had to come back up and try not to get ill as people walked by signing and doing random things. All very annoying. Nettios took that picture up above and a few other great ones, as well as a panoramic video that was darling.

By the time we came home she was able to eat something so we got dinner, and then relaxed before making episode 90 which has a sort of intimate flowing feel to it. We talked about exchanging gifts. Mine was a life book from our last ten years which goes great with the one my grand mother gave me on my twenty first of my birth up until that point. So now I have two books that cover my whole life basically, which is lovely.

Roughly ten years ago I bought Nettios a 60’s record player that had been put into working order by this older fella called the Music Man and so I made a hand cut single cut record of my piano playing that if you go to the link above is the last half of the podcast in it’s entirety as far as I know.

But honestly the vacation was great, even if it wasn’t what Nettios had envisioned for our day out—sometimes a Day Inn is just as okay, especially if you’re sick.

Also I’m writing a new book called Abashing the Underwhelmed, which I know needs work as a title but shall have to do for the time being. My first time writing in the first person (at Nettios request) so I think I’ll do that today instead of create more podcasts and just see how far I can get, since it’s just a short story and can fill in the remainder a chunk while I finish reading the first two books since they’re not evenly spaced.

Have a lovely day everyone.
Much Pleasure,


Ep 86 is up! Animal Quest – The Travelers – Ch 8 – Pages 1769 – 1821.

It’s basic, but as you can see the tremor in my hand is causing me issues, so I think I’ll switch to procreate and slow the lines down to make them smoother. Then I can go in depth with detail. This was just a practice run of Rose sleeping front the last episode of Animal Quest – The Travelers.

Please go to http://Anchor.fm/DivergentMind to see the latest episode if the embedded file still isn’t working. In the mean time I’m going to play catch up today and try and get some art made after a few episodes are done. I’m developing a better style suited for a children’s book but it’s still no where near the level that I want. I know I want thin lines. And dashes of colour, but this is what I came up with last night up above.

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How to pack a three person Podcast into a single Thinktank 2.0 Travel Bag.

So this older version of a Thinktank Bag (Version 2.0) is something I inherited from my dad when he died, and he used it to carry camera gear, as I did while traveling before getting too ill to leave my house in a healthy manner. But something special is coming up. Nettio’s and my 10 year anniversary and I’m going to force myself to be out of the house at a hotel (room) —with room service— so we can have a nice time, and I don’t get sick around the other guests. She doesn’t know it but there’s a special podcast I want to do after she opens her gift, which I’ll show you all once it’s set up and going. (I hope you like it). Anyway back to my travel set up.

The bag itself comes with partitions that use hook and loop fasteners to stick to each other and the sides. I also use them to protect parts form jostling one another as you’ll see. What you can see is a kifaru pouch (also left to me in his bug out bag—which is a great hiking bag, but that’s another story.) And my Behringer Euphoria UMC 404 HD which if you want to buy can be found on my affiliates links page with a great deal for some extra cables all for a dollar more than the unit itself from other sellers. Seriously, go check it out. Be warned that the TRS cables (Those that go into the phones and instrument parts are mono and you’ll need to pick up a stereo cable for what I’ll show you later in the setup.) Then there’s what’s hidden underneath the silver partition at the top.

As you can see that’s two pairs of Stereo Behringer HPM-1000’s which are $11.99 each for a great pair of starter phones and they come with a screw off 1/4 in adapter for your interface or older generation phone or what have you. They sound great for the money. They’re incredibly light. They’re not the best of the best, but if you’re starting out the value is huge. Okay let’s see what’s below the Kifaru bag, shall we?

It’s some of that partitioning I was talking about. Extremely useful that. They logo is obscured but it’s a triple pack of Behringer 1800xm’s (I think I’m one of those sort of people that supports a brand now. Their quality has been stellar so far.) that I got for $48.00 on Amazon. That’s $16 or so dollars per mic, and they improve the quality of the cast by a large margin for a starter set. I use them for audiobook recordings and they capture emotion in a great way without any needing to add in fancy effects. I also did something special to them to make them each a bit different.

I’m green, Nettios is Pink, and our first Guest M asked for the Teal/blue one. And I have 27 others to pick from when I get bored or need to clean or replace them.

Okay the first thing you’ll need to see if you’re multi-person casting is a Phone splitter, and I had to go with Behringer again (really?! YES! It was $23 dollars and sounds excellent). So I went with their HA400 AMP. The xlr cables come with the kit in my affiliate link XPix is their brand. I spent an extra $9 for the blue slightly shortly 6 ft cable for my friend to match (Not sure of the brand). I’m sure the amazon basics XLRs are fine at under $7 each. If I get a chance to test one, I’ll let you know. Resting on top of those is the 12 volt power to the AMP—which just got me thinking of what I could add to my setup, a portable battery pack.
Which I have. It’s got a US plug on it that gives three hours of straight juice, and I can charge it while running things through it. Check out Lifepowr if you want something that will outlast you. I backed them when they were just a kickstartering glimmer in someone’s eye and love the thing for it’s usefulness. They price point is high though. Just a heads up.

Anyway back to the bag. Below the 404 is a stand from a Blue Snowball Ice because that was my starter mic and a gift from Nettios attached to the Behringer mic handle for a third seated person.

On the top middle is are the miiso 1/4th to 3.55mm connector so someone with regular phones can plug into the amp and still have control. When I can afford a third set of 1000’s that’s what I’ll be buying. There’s also a 1/4th to 1/4th inch phone to AMP connector that’s beautifully short so that they stay together and they match most the cables other than the xlr’s in colour and just look dashing. Lastly is the USB cable to power my 404 into my iPad Pro (2018) 11 in through a Baseus USBC hub. 3.0 usb power is the pips.

The reason to use a camera bag other than a regular bag is that you can strap on your neewer or other arms to the side of the sucker and get going as soon as you’re done for the day. There’s been a design change in the last few years since I got my first one and bought the second one a few weeks ago. The older ones seem to handle spinning the mic a bit better, but the newer (hah!) neewers grip surfaces better. You can choose to pack your ipad into their front pouch (Or inside of course) but I like having it packed nearer to me so that I don’t lose it incase I lose the case—or the plot.

So there we have it. Three people. One set up. One bag. Good to go. Hope that helps you out.

Also you don’t have to use this exact bag. A suitcase with cardboard or pick and pluck foam would do wonders as well. Whatever your budget, do it your way.

Much pleasure,