Marlin – Dev-Blog – Episode 00004 – 64800-5/12. Finishing the first page of storyboards on the new XP-PEN Artist 24 Pro.

Have to admit all that space is absolutely a killer, and once you get used to the buttons you’re off to the races in terms of efficiency. Loving it so far. If my internet connection didn’t take hours to upload videos I would condense longer pieces and put them up, but I think hour long chunklets sped up to roughly ten minutes is about the place to be for the foreseeable future.

I’m hoping she likes it as a surprise, as the book is only getting finished so she has this animation. I know she wanted a game, but it’s too far above my head, where my strengths lie in drawing, and if I have to do that thousands of times so be it.

Music by Jesse Gallager – Angel Guidance. Digging the Cello playing.

Oh here’s a couple of character sketches from the story and last nights post which I forgot to upload here:

Marlins Parents.
Joshua, a protagonist in the story and his trusty plank. Check out the channel for his drawing process.
The creation of Joshua. Or Tum, whichever you prefer.

Much pleasure,


Switching things up and turning the game into an animated series (movie?).

So I realized that it would take me years to develop the game that she wants so I’m just going to power through tens of thousands of drawings and make a small series of movies based off of a Book I wrote that is hidden partially within my blog, but the rest remains relatively secret within my notes. It’ll be similar, in that it’s animal fantasy–a genre that I enjoyed immensely growing up. Hopefully my work will be worth while once it’s done.

So there will be behind the scenes Dev-Blog videos, Storyboarding Videos, Cast and Crew Videos as we record and have our fun for the day making sure that things get made. I have no idea how long it’ll take to get made but I’m sure it’ll be faster than trying to do everything in a game single handily–and who knows, I may be able to find people that want to help out in the local area with my animators group. But for now I’m going to be spending the days storyboarding as much as I can while recording the process and saying that, I should probably get back to work. I’m unsure why I couldn’t put up a custom thumbnail though I did verify myself, but it’s no matter, it’ll work it’s self out or I can force them in the front of the videos if I really have to.

Here’s the first Dev-Blog Video of Marlin’s Journey:

Mole City Game Dev; Day 4, Update! The entire process of today to relax to while I newb it up.

Here’s the YouTube link, which should premiere any minute now!

Soon I’ll start twitch streaming and hopefully people will want to join along as I learn to build games for fun and family.

Much pleasure,

Mole City Day 4; Update. Game for my Stage 4 COPD Mother.

I spent today writing my first Game Development Documentation for Mole City. I also got to speak with my mother about what it is she wants in a game. What she wanted at first was a bit unrealistic for one person to do quickly, so I told her I would make her an RPG with puzzles in it the way she likes to play, to open doors or solve various things to get to secret places/bonus items and what have you.

She seemed alright with that. Hopefully it’s doable.

I already know there will be an elemental base to the game. Earth, Light, Dark, Fire, Water–stuff like that. I’ve even come up with a few characters that’ll be in the game. 5 so far that will be playable. I’m thinking three will be there 3 main party members and a 4th that can alternate depending on where you are in which area.

There may be a magical frog. A dancing Mole healer. An explosives expert youngling. And a faithful pickaxe throwing miner in the mix so far.

I wasn’t able to get much else done today other than paper work because every time I tried my drawing tablet crapped out on me. It’s not even registering every stroke I make at the moment and it’s killing me. Seriously.

What I did get done was a basic outline of some areas, some abilities, some characters, some pitfalls that might befall the characters, a tiny bit of a dialogue tree, stuff like that.

Here’s some throw away sketches just to brainstorm a bit.

Potentially fighting an enemy quick sketch.
Were these tall humanoids part of the underworld as well?

Oh and I’m a little over 10% done with my first Unity course. So much more to learn. But it’s exciting.

It’s okay for 4 days progress but I would like to be much further along already. Technical difficulties aside.

Have a great day/night.

Mole City Day 2; Update 2.5

After being completely baffled by the Unity Engine and what everything does I got down to work for the night. Not much got done: Here it is in it’s entirety:

Sorry for the tiny screen size I don’t know how to make it any larger just yet, I’ll look it up tomorrow once I’m done for the day.

Hope you have a wonderful day/night.

Mole City Day 2; Update 2.0

So I’m switching over to Unity for the foreseeable future after asking the pros and hobbyists on Reddit what would get my work down the fastest. So I’ve just bought a slightly outdated Unity teaching course from, I’ll let you know how it goes. They’re having a sale for the next six hours or so: again–some amazing work throughs to get done there so I would highly suggest going there if you want to save $190 on a class you want. Greatly appreciate their sales.

My computer has being acting up today so I decided that I would wait until tonight to get the software sorted, and will be following along setting up my work flow for the practice game.

So the next few days (hahahahah weeks/months) will be learning how to create an RPG from scratch using C++ which I’ve never used.

Starting at Zero, onward we go!

Back to work.

Oh, before I forget: Here’s the Mole City Youtube Channel with the welcome video I made last night with one of the sprites. It’s really basic, so I’m curious to see how things change as the game progresses art-wise as well as play through system.

Have a good night/day.


Mole City Day 1; Update 1.5

I’ll be making the first video message tomorrow for the YouTube channel, animating the sprites with a Voiceover I think but I did create the channel called Mole City, and try my first hand at sprite backgrounds. It’s basic but it’ll do, but it should also let me add in characters as they come to me.

Here’s what you’ll see:

Search for Mole City to find it. Link below.
As you can see the characters are below the sign when shown on a larger screen.

Hope you’re having a wonderful day/night.

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