Vector Analysis of a moving object to make it appear smaller than it is, even when stationary.

I’m using boats as a reference here because this is what I dreamt of about ten minutes ago–playing with my brother. Some type of military boat game.

Every country has radar of some type, and all you need to do it make your self slip through it is to move within the interference zones of each type at the vector intervals ranges between their minimum and maximum based on gravity and motion of travel to not be seen as well. They already design boats to have a lower footprint. I’m sure that goes for every unit type of the old war style.

So how do you disrupt your whole entire ship/planes/cars units footprint? By making it resonate continuously with a dedicated device at its appropriate place(s).

Let me show you a few badly drawn diagrams to show you what I mean:

The problem is now that we’ve got satellites pumping them down as well. So you’ve got to make 3-d adaptive versions of this. They don’t look dissimilar to:

So to solve that issue you have an inner ring and an outer ring of these creating these sin (I keep seeing sin but it could be another function. It’s just the simplest version to get the point across that I could think of) functions in 3d in all directions cycling against what is found by your own technology and it should vastly shrink your units footprint. The outer casing may look similar to a geometric golf ball. But it may be possible to utilize these functions without much of a casing at all.

Just an idea.
Have a good day/night.

Quantum Cooling beyond or at least closer to zero:

Take carbon tetrahedral diamonds who’s negative thermal coefficient means that it grows as it becomes colder means that you can add in heavier (or lighter) substances between the containing carbon and once it is locked into place will begin to cool as well until it forces a chain reaction and brings the carbon down to it’s least possible temperature.

Simple experiment: take an ice pop mold and fill it with one warmer material with a large negative coefficient. Fill the core with a second material with a larger negative coefficient, and both will swell until they are at their atomic limits but the center being stronger will force their still “warm” center to pull the cooling through the system cooling the carbon further, or at least the center atom(s), meaning you can get lower than near proper kelvin zero. 

Quantum Cooling beyond zero.jpeg

You don’t need the carbon to change form into a liquid when you can use a superfluid or a least atoms attempting to become a superfluid between the remaining spaces between the carbon atoms unable to escape that is weighed down by the carbon so that it either remains in a floating position or falls as wanted, or chained together or weighted with carbine which also expands due to the negative thermal coefficient and is attached to the bottom of the cooling canisters walls. They would need proper pressurization to insure that the canister didn’t pop along a seam. 

Noticed SARS-COvid-02 has 19 dual Codon start paired triplets as well as 19 dual End Codon Paired triplets in it’s genome.

I’ve only been at this a few hours last night so forgive me if this is known information or unhelpful.

Scroll to the bottom of the page for the .pdf download of this. I need a geneticist to look it over to see if I’m going in any sort of right direction.
Work done by Jordan Townsend, 04/27/20

adenine, guanine, and cytosine, UraciL



adenine, guanine, and cytosine, thymine 


AUGAUG and UAAUAA each have 19 iterations with 4 ends of UAGUAG and 25 UGAGUAG.

DNA bases that reflect these below at their ends:

GCAGCA = AlanineAlanine
CGGCGG = ArginineArginine

So could they be
atgatg ttcacatctg atttggctac taacaatcta gttgtaatgg

     2041 cctacattac aggtggtgtt gttcagttga cttcgcagtg gctaactaac atctttggca

     2101 ctgtttatga aaaactcaaa cccgtccttg attggcttga agagaagttt aaggaaggtg

     2161 tagagtttct tagagacggt tgggaaattg ttaaatttat ctcaacctgt gcttgtgaaa

     2221 ttgtcggtgg acaaattgtc acctgtgcaa aggaaattaa ggagagtgtt cagacattct

     2281 ttaagcttgt aaataaattt ttggctttgt gtgctgactc tatcattatt ggtggagcta

     2341 aacttaaagc cttgaattta ggtgaaacat ttgtcacgca ctcaaaggga ttgtacagaa

     2401 agtgtgttaa atccagagaa gaaactggcc tactcatgcc tctaaaagcc ccaaaagaaa

     2461 ttatcttctt agagggagaa acacttccca cagaagtgtt aacagaggaa gttgtcttga

     2521 aaactggtga tttacaacca ttagaacaac ctactagtga agctgttgaa gctccattgg

     2581 ttggtacacc agtttgtatt aacgggctta tgttgctcga aatcaaagac acagaaaagt

     2641 actgtgccct tgcacctaat atgatg

Screen Shot 2020-04-27 at 7.35.49 PM.png

VIRT-48375:5’3′ Frame 2, start_pos=37


DNA: Input sequence



Reverse Translated sequence



tgatgaccc gtgtcctatt cacttctatt ctaaatggta tattagagta

    28021 ggagctagaa aatcagcacc tttaattgaa ttgtgcgtgg atgaggctgg ttctaaatca

    28081 cccattcagt acatcgatat cggtaattat acagtttcct gttcaccttt tacaattaat

    28141 tgccaggaac ctaaattggg tagtcttgta gtgcgttgtt cgttctatga agacttttta

    28201 gagtatcatg acgttcgtgt tgttttagat ttcatctaaa cgaacaaact aaaatgtctg

    28261 ataatggacc ccaaaatcag cgaaatgcac cccgcattac gtttggtgga ccctcagatt

    28321 caactggcag taaccagaat ggagaacgca gtggggcgcg atcaaaacaa cgtcggcccc

    28381 aaggtttacc caataatact gcgtcttggt tcaccgctct cactcaacat ggcaaggaag

    28441 accttaaatt ccctcgagga caaggcgttc caattaacac caatagcagt ccagatgacc

    28501 aaattggcta ctaccgaaga gctaccagac gaattcgtgg tggtgacggt aaaatgaaag

    28561 atctcagtcc aagatggtat ttctactacc taggaactgg gccagaagct ggacttccct

    28621 atggtgctaa caaagacggc atcatatggg ttgcaactga gggagccttg aatacaccaa

    28681 aagatcacat tggcacccgc aatcctgcta acaatgctgc aatcgtgcta caacttcctc

    28741 aaggaacaac attgccaaaa ggcttctacg cagaagggag cagaggcggc agtcaagcct

    28801 cttctcgttc ctcatcacgt agtcgcaaca gttcaagaaa ttcaactcca ggcagcagta

    28861 ggggaacttc tcctgctaga atggctggca atggcggtga tgctgctctt gctttgctgc

    28921 tgcttgacag attgaaccag cttgagagca aaatgtctgg taaaggccaa caacaacaag

    28981 gccaaactgt cactaagaaa tctgctgctg aggcttctaa gaagcctcgg caaaaacgta

    29041 ctgccactaa agcatacaat gtaacacaag ctttcggcag acgtggtcca gaacaaaccc

    29101 aaggaaattt tggggaccag gaactaatca gacaaggaac tgattacaaa cattggccgc

    29161 aaattgcaca atttgccccc agcgcttcag cgttcttcgg aatgtcgcgc attggcatgg

    29221 aagtcacacc ttcgggaacg tggttgacct acacaggtgc catcaaattg gatgacaaag

    29281 atccaaattt caaagatcaa gtcattttgc tgaataagca tattgacgca tacaaaacat

    29341 tcccaccaac agagcctaaa aaggacaaaa agaagaaggc tgatga

Screen Shot 2020-04-27 at 7.37.28 PM.png

> VIRT-31882:5’3′ Frame 3, start_pos=29



Input sequence



Reverse Translated sequence



I have no real idea if I’ve done anything helpful but if you find use from it or can point me in the direction of further study I would appreciate it. Thanks.

Folding Covid-19, Corona Virus using flash Photolysis onto itself to become inert at the Guanine + Uracil joins with hydrolysis.

Corona Virus’s

What we need to have to fight it. Just an idea.

Identification of damaging units of RNA 
Protease reduction at site of entry. Something to absorb the hydrolysis., or at the very least move it away from the affected areas. 

The 5’ methylated CH3 chain can be blocked by using Flash Photolysis to destroy the hydrogen that cuts into the amino acid/peptide. Breaking the chain so that the methylated cap binds to itself leaving only C Remainder bond open for set up. 

Couldnt we intercept the Triple adenine base messenger RNA with Uracil or even Guanine if they can make it through and then flash them as well if its even needed as it could become inert at that point. At that point the Damaging RNA is connectionless. Just within the cell.

So what we could build is a chain of Uracil since they’re hydrogen, and excite them with an extra electron and add them to the end of the adenine seeing as you need 6 hydrogen. So it’s a matter of folding the carbon in on itself through propulsed flashing and then swinging it to bond to the other end of the virus making them inert.  


Flash CH3 at H then fold carbons: Guanine to opposing Uracil so that the virus becomes inert in a self folded way. Would be shaped inwardly.

So what happens if we insert these builds into the system through a breathing device after they’ve been flashed so that the farthest depth can be reached within the body making sure that the red blood cells carry the good stuff to the damaged area, so that they reach the cells that are affected, transfer into the systems of the cells, or at least bump into them, and cause the folding from interferons doing their duty once they realize that the virus is now inert and they can take it as waste to be disposed of while alerting other cells for the same infection. 

But how to do this within a syringe. Flashing seems simple enough to, rapidly done over the body. Painful and dangerous perhaps due to the weakened state of the patient. Perhaps an IV that keeps the body cool and creates a greater heat difference between the virus RNA and the cell its infecting so that they can be found and flashed without bringing the overall temperature of the human body into unsafe measures. 

Then it’s a matter of developing an interferon that can be made outside the body and with the inert virus folded so that it knows to attack it, which is should naturally know because its an unknown. Though it may present fever which may worsen people respiratory infections. 


Been on an Art kick these past three days. Had to upgrade wordpress to get this working hopefully. Here goes.

Here’s todays Koala. Nettios wanted it, so she got it. Fur is hard…

Leatherman MUT a soldier gave me after Dad died. Had it ever since.
Dragon at the Beach I guess. Based off a chameleon.
First attempt at learning the new style.

Now on to making today’s podcast. I’ve got to get back into the groove of things, as I’ve been out for a few days. So let’s get shaking. Much pleasure, -J.

FPd50 from FPd5 crystal to Larger build 5th dimensional geometric chemistry to produce stable balanced larger scale power with a relatively low delta epsilon.

This is the “crystal” I designed using fluoride and palladium. It’s stable other than palladium’s beta decay but if we’re using it in teeth people must not care too much. talking millions of years here for a half life.
This is a larger build that is significantly heavier but much more powerful.

I compare things to Tesla 2020 roadsters battery pacts because it’s the only thing I’ve got to compare to. But here are my numbers after three minimizations:

Rerun on 2/24/2020

Energy: 6575298 kJ/Mole

Delta Epsilon: 282.72

Run again after jolting coordinates: Energy 6573762

Delta Epsilon: 310.07

Run once more: Energy 6571750 kJ/Mole

Delta Epsilon: 178.80

So let’s just say it’s 6570000 kJ/mol with a delta epsilon under 180 ish.

6570000kJ= 1825kWh
1 unit = 37.54953 kg

833/ 37.54953= 22.18403 units per weight replacement.

(22.18403×1825 kWh) / 200 kWh x 1000 km = 202,429.274 kilometers or 125,783.719 miles.

So if it’s feasible to build these, which I think I have a way of doing, wouldn’t they be better than lithium ion? I think them getting wet is an issue in that they would expand but shielding can be put into place.

Sorry for the blurry photo. Watch the videos for more information.

Much pleasure,