Things to read before I begin making the Asmovian Comic and Why some Family Members Suck while Others are Great.

These were all amazing gifts from my brother.

I’m sitting here getting a taste for Math Rock—which is pretty chill and reminds me of how I would pick at my cello in school. With rhythm but arpeggios throughout. Fun stuff.

I’ve had a mixed episode from coming off of clonazepam early because I got the dosing wrong for a couple of days which happens when I get ill. I start to get confused and agitated without realising it. Made for a couple of lousy days with my Partner as she has to deal with me and I can be grumpy or even nasty when I’m sick. I do apologize though. But she can take it to heart when it’s not meant as such, which is my fault.

So my family decided, after both confirming that they would come to my house this year for our last Thanksgiving together, to go to California—after I told them both that I can’t travel because it literally makes me sick every time I do, and I only do under family emergencies or if I suppose when I do, moving home. It’s not a simple choice of I don’t want to. I can’t—especially at this time of year when I first got really ill all those years ago. My mother pulls this shit all the time and I finally stood up for myself and told her not this time, but that she was no longer welcome in my home—because honestly she’d just get drunk and throw up everywhere and call me a freak like she did at her place while I was trying to look after her for the two month stretch the illness had her down the last time. They say to cut toxic people from your life and I think I just did, even though it may cost me a lot later on in life—she doesn’t get to do whatever she wants whenever and get away with it just because she’s my mother—not that she’s acted like it growing up. She really just spent it drinking and getting high, and then complaining about her life when she had anything she could ever want—and just chose to hate everyone around her and everything about her life at that point when the family had finally made it.

The reason for her visit back there? To have yum cha (dim sum) at a restaurant that’s now closed, and visit dad’s work—who worked him literally to death. So that’s how little I’m valued by this person, who if you’re not doing things for each day repeatedly, you’re not worth talking to. My therapist calls her a whirlwind of chaos, haha. There was nothing stopping her from flying to my place, and then driving down to California afterwards—though she acts as poor as I am, she’s well off.

Anyway, enough bitching about my life.
My brother gave me these books for my birthday, which blew me away and I’m quite thankful for, but I’m only 50 pages into the first one, and one’s a literal text book on the matter, as is the other one in density of material. It’s intimidating but I know once they’re parsed and read I should be good to go with at least starting out with the Asmovian Comic. Plus I’ve got to reread Scott McClouds Making Comics book again which isn’t shown for whichever reason.

My pups are chattering away while I type and the music is getting intense. Now it’s onto the Rocky Horror Picture Show soundtrack because it reminds me of my father in a good way. It was one of his favorite movies.

So I’m off to read Colour and Light and get to work again until I’m feeling my old self again.

Best of luck to you all,

Which subjects would you like me to write about?

I have plenty of time to learn about things while I’m not sleeping.

Things I wish I had. A diamond anvil cell, with multiple rubies and perhaps a pulse laser to force greater pressure down. Something to build carbon structures with like a u.v. laser printer. An x-ray analyzer to understand flow better. A CVD I could reformat to do what I want to show you the new materials I can make from an altered one.

Let me know and I’ll see what I can do.


Being an Asmovian: Issue # 11. King’s Wrath. Save the Cat Method.

Let’s do a Tunnel Rat King Episode shall we.

  1. Opening Image: The Kings Guardian group leads him away from the others who are distracted mourning the loss of He’h.
  2. Theme Stated: Reconstruction: “Do we have a medical synthesizer back at camp?” Asks the King. “Of course responds,” the nearest trooper.
  3. Set-up: They get back to camp and he asks for the man who answered him to come into his tent with the synthesizer. As he enters, a laser beam flashes out and he cuts him down at the ankle. He screams, clutching his stumped legs. “Crawl over here and bring those to me. I need them more than you do. I’ll build you a golden chariot for your sacrifice,” offers the King.
  4. Catalyst: The trooper quickly weighs his options and does as he is told. Once done, the king says “Get out of my sight.” As he turns to leave the King shoots him through the heart. “Fool, as though anyone else deserves a great chariot than I,” says the King to himself. He begins working his new legs onto his body.
  5. Debate: Outside the remaining troops see the two flashes and hear the body of their friend Jonas drop to the floor. They begin to talk of what to do with their predicament.
  6. Break into Two: Half the group chooses to abandon the king while he is unwell. Those loyal to the King begin firing wildly into those that are fleeing taking down some but not all of them. The kings numbers dwindle.
  7. B Story: Homnie plants (slams) his Cane into the center of the field and the flowers being to sway towards the center of where the cane is located, only to start wishing away as He’h is reformed as a new form calling himself “He’thol. “It must be some form of ‘Tol accepting my obstruction of him,”
  8. Fun and Games: The king walks out of their tent and finds the group half missing and the bodies laying on the floor.
  9. Midpoint: “Let’s go round us up some traitors,” They yell. And the group cheers.
  10. Bad Guys Close in: The ones that were able to escape hide in a cave not far from the camp, but as far as they could get on foot. Only one or two were able to make it away in vehicles and they were blown up as they attempted to escape.
  11. All is Lost: Laughing echoes into the cave. All too familiar.
  12. Dark Night of the Soul: Those that hear the laughing begin to scream, as the armed troopers close in. Looks of terror blanket their eyes.
  13. Break into Three: Rapid laser fire is seen lighting a dark cave. But not showing contact with the bodies.
  14. Finale: The troopers that cleared the cave come out and let the Tunnel King that they were successful. “That was all of them,” says the trooper.
  15. Final Image: “Good. Let’s get to the citadel. The council have much to answer for,” says the King, holding a radioactive canister.

Being an Asmovian: Issue # 10. Greener Pastures. Save the Cat Method.

  1. Opening Image: The beast roars and slams the ground sending a shockwave through the ground throwing the group to the floor while Six and her counterparts, as well as He’h, are able to stay standing.
  2. Theme Stated: Retribution: The other worker bots have pulled out flame throwers and have started to aim them at the beast.
  3. Set-up: (Fire shot) they light up the beast burning it away in layers until it staggers and falls against one of the buildings and they burn it to death. Before Ash is swept up into the wind they spread it down with water hoses, while a charred remain stays against the wall of the building.
  4. Catalyst: Six thanks the group for being bait as the beast was attracted to living things for “huntings sake,”.
  5. Debate: The protagonist and the others are pissed that they were used as bait and Six tells them it was the only way to get the beast back close enough to the farm to “take care of it and hide what had happened”. ”That’s why we felled those trees in the first place. At least if it had been bandits I doubt you would have cared,” mentions one of Six’s counterparts. Look its already started to bloom its auxiliary flowers as it is, pointing to the roses that are now growing out of the charred remains. He’h picks up a rose and absorbs it quietly without anyone noticing, momentarily flashing a faint green shimmer where he touched the rose.
  6. Break into Two: The group breaks into to two and they, along with the other robots cut down and remove the trees blocking the road.
  7. B Story: The Tunnel Rat King comes upon the second to last sector standing in their way to the citadel and finds that’s completely empty. The troops march in and go into each building to find that every single one has been filled with explosives which all go off as they turn to leave that building (flashing light shot). The two goes up in many balls of flame. The King curses his luck at losing half of his troops and his vehicle is half destroyed. He is left slightly charred with burnt skin and calls in for airborne back up to come pick him and the remaining forces up.
  8. Fun and Games: The Tunnel Rat king reroutes his remaining troops in the same direction as the group is traveling unbeknownst to them. The armada continues on.
  9. Midpoint: The group is relaxing while driving through the land passing green pastures. Homnie asks if He’h learned anything from his acquisition, having caught it out of the corner of his eye. “Many eons of evolutionary production in an eternity of study,” responds He’h.
  10. Bad Guys Close in: The Tunnel Rat King Sees the dust cloud of Nettles vehicle and surmises that To’l failed as well. Infuriated he orders that they are surrounded and brought to him.
  11. All is Lost: The group comes over a bend in the road and are meet with a battalion of Bandit troops.
  12. Dark Night of the Soul: They finally meet the charred remains of the Tunnel Rat King, reduced to a floating chair as his legs–bones protruding from the remains–do not let him stand.
  13. Break into Three: As He’h is brought into the center of the group he spreads out as To’l did but rains down on the enemies while keeping his friends dry and they begin to start “evolving” by sprouting flowering thorns throughout their body. They explode in gushes of blood and visceral matter.
  14. Finale: The king is able to escape with a select few people. He’h is lost as a metallic flower field in the grassy fields.
  15. Final Image: Homnie picks one of He’hs flowers, and his cane absorbs it, only to begin to vibrate gently in his grasp.

Being an Asmovian: Issue # 9. The Nameless. Save the Cat Method.

  1. Opening Image: The group is traveling along in Nettle’s vehicle at night after waving goodbye to the remaining people of Perdition.
  2. Theme Stated: They end up at a series of vertical farms where the workers are all numbered robots being of a lower caste than either He’h or To’l.
  3. Set-up: They are blocked in by a series fallen trees and so turn back and head into the vertical farms meeting their first numbered robot.
  4. Catalyst: 6 is the number assigned to their new friend. They mention that what has been being grown here/worked on has escaped last night “and caused much ruckus in the area,” says Six. “Will you help us?” she asks.
  5. Debate: They talk among themselves deciding to go along with Six and help her while trying to learn more about the vertical farming.
  6. Break into Two: He’h, Protagonist, Travis, Homnie, Six.
    Six takes them through the basic vertical farm explaining how they work. (Use my design for explanation) based on mathematical models. Nearing 99% capacity of growth using space between growth areas as lesser growth formations.
  7. B Story: Bandit King is now Tunnel Rat King. (Banner Change from previous post offered below). Heads towards Citadel Splitting army into two to conquer remaining sectors easily enough with chemical weapons and little losses. Word has spread that other townships have fallen. Some were prepared but made examples of but others were taken unaware.
  8. Fun and Games: Six leads the group into the center of the farms where there is a concrete reinforced building showing major damage to one side as it appears that something broke out.
  9. Midpoint: They hear a gurgling yell that deafens those with ears.
  10. Bad Guys Close in: Stomping can be heard off camera. The ground shakes. Six is visibly scared.
  11. All is Lost: The monster roars and destroys a vertical farm next to the one it was grown in with one squelching clawed hand.
  12. Dark Night of the Soul: It looms over them dripping acidic juices that glow in the night.
  13. Break into Three: (No solution at this point. Just surprise, fear, and a readiness to fight.)
  14. Finale: The group centers up, calling for Six to get the other worker bots ready to fight and to bring what weapons they may have.
  15. Final Image: Looming beast versus the ragtag group of vertical farm sector A2 (double check before writing in comic to keep flow of movement). Farm steads are lettered and numbered so that they may be interconnected if need be as they were on the ship before landing.

Being an Asmovian: Issue # 8. Redemption. Save the Cat Method.

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  1. Opening Image: They arrive at a junction between sectors. Sign reads Redemption going left. Road to Perdition goes Right. They pass by without reading sign going to the right.
  2. Theme Stated: Redemption: They head down the road passing vertical farms offering artificial goat meat and sheep pelts. Everything that To’l passes he begins to absorb, farming androids fall to the ground half eaten. The swarm grows. He passes the good guys over the clouds blocking himself from He’h’s notice with his own subsystems and heads into town. A scourge falls upon the town quiet in a twinkling rain.
  3. Set-up: They reach the middle of town. Protagonist doesn’t have to time to pay respects, so sends He’h in her place to talk with their mayor (a seemingly in-corruptible man) with Homnie in tow. Travis comes with the protagonist to keep her safe. They get to the corner of town where they see that the statue is coated with the matte silvery residue. Protagonist pays her respects but her beacon doesn’t register the arrival. Travis goes to touch the statue. “Don’t touch that!” yells the protagonist.
  4. Catalyst: The statue starts to melt and bend. They run.
  5. Debate: They talk about how to get to the others while people come out from their homes and form a mass blocking them in.
  6. Break into Two: Unbeknownst to He’h and Homnie the group is split into two. They are sitting across from the Mayor who is side eyeing a monitor while chatting to them from across a desk. He’s smiling widely.
  7. B Story: Bandit King is reviewing his hoards and increasing number of soldiers as each sector falls to them. He (use G. Khan method of recruitment: research required for proper allotment) greedily looks over his virtual map and smiles.
  8. Fun and Games: He’h figures out that the Mayor is lying to them stalling. The Mayor attempts to kill Homnie with a shotgun laser but misses as Homnie’s cane deflects the blow though he does lose his arm. He’h cauterizes the wound and they run out of the building but not before checking the monitor to see what is going on and it showing that the others are surrounded by “feral” settlers.
  9. Midpoint: He’h and Homnie fight their way through to the others.
  10. Bad Guys Close in: Only to be completely surrounded together.
  11. All is Lost: An animatronic voice echoes throughout all the people at once. “Surrender, we are the many, you are the few. Lay down your arms and I’ll let you live.” says To’l throughout the masses. IT sounds like they are screaming in pain as they speak.
  12. Dark Night of the Soul: They stare up at the shapeless shroud shimmering in the sky. But hold fast and ready an attack. “Better to die than fall for your false hopes trickster!” yells the protagonist.
  13. Break into Three: He’h splits into two and one side dissipates into a cloud to fight To’l. The other begins Raining down on the people. Who start fighting To’l minions, who are only under his control weakly. They begin Widening the gap so the others (good guys) can escape.
  14. Finale: Splash page (perhaps double page) He’h explodes into To’l encompassing him. Having realised what would have been the most likely cause of taking his head. He’h beings rapidly pulling apart To’l at the sub atomic level. “How are you doing this to me?!” screams To’l with his minute remaining forces. Perhaps Nanomachine/atom to atom fight. He’h says “I thought you might use this against me, so I developed a way to restore the previous non subatomic version and you seem incapable of stopping me having absorbed my main codex. ”
  15. Final Image: To’l screams as everyone covers their ears and rains down upon the ground a glittery mess. which He’h decides to absorb as waste where he uses the material to build Homnie a robotic nanoscale arm. Though it is darker than his cane.

Being an Asmovian Issue # 7. The Fallout.

Issue is named Fallout. Either the group falls apart or their is a physical or chemical fallout. Or more than one.

  1. Opening Image: Good guys are skimming along the ground in Nettle’s cruiser. There is a stash of weaponry within it. They are armed to the teeth. Mostly explosives, caltrops, and blades.
  2. Theme Stated: Adversaries. The car’s Radio buzzes and the bandit King is on the other end. He knows that she didn’t survive and is sending out his strongest most dangerous killer after them. “They’ll be with you shortly,” he says.
  3. Set-up: They try to figure out how to get the car to go faster by dumping unwanted things from within, including a cooler marked as “meat” full of species arms and legs. Protagonist throws up over the side of the car.
  4. Catalyst: They arrive at the citadels gates two days later.
  5. Debate: The guard is wondering why they story is believable if they came in a bandits vehicle.
  6. Break into Two: They’re let in on one condition. Only the Protagonist and Homnie are allowed into the city. The others can come in but must remain “quarantined” (imprisoned) in case they decide to attack. H’eh must be shut down momentarily once there.
  7. B Story: H’eh “shuts down” but remains active internally within sub atomic space, by building an inner web of connections between his nanobots. (Rapid self development in times of need.) A guard shows up and opens the door, standing within it. Then there is a shot of Travis’s face in horror. He is left for dead in the prison space. H’eh is cut in half and half of him is taken by the intruder. He is unable to power up in time, but begins pulling away the walls of the cell in time to heal Travis.
  8. Fun and Games: The other two go to the head council of the citadel and ask for counsel with them. They receive it reluctantly. They are in disbelief of the Bandit King.
  9. Midpoint: The protagonist shows them through the unseeing eye what happened to Mayor Stevens as it was tied to his life force through an implant. The implosion cuts out the life line and the it goes flat. They begin to murmur with one another until order is called. “Speak child, on what you know” says the eldest.
  10. Bad Guys Close in: The guard takes the separated half of He’h with his head to the 1st in command, who happens to be the same type of bot as him, though corrupted through much violence. The bot starts absorbing He’h’s body and informational memories to gain the upper hand. He’h is too weak to fight back. “Sub atomic interconnection. Fascinating,” (or something better) says the Bot, To’l.
  11. All is Lost: One version of He’h is gone. The other barely survives in time to save Travis. The council decides not to help the Protagonist saying they can take care of him once he becomes their problem. “He’s every bodies problem! Don’t you see that?!” exclaims the protagonist. She is told to quiet down and is then dragged out with Homnie spitting on the floor in front of the group before shaking off the attempts to be dragged out and walks out with her. “Take your hands off her. “We’ll leave, fools.”
  12. Dark Night of the Soul: Travis spits blood on the floor, as He’h finishes working on him. He weakly thanks him. He’h smiles a sad smile (Knows that Travis doesn’t have a full life span ahead of him because of what he had to do to rearrange his organs.)
  13. Break into Three: They reunite. The two ask what happened to Travis. They explain they were attacked but were able to survive.
  14. Finale: They go back to the land cruiser without a place to go. Decide to head to the next sector to see if they can help them survive the Bandit King’s attack.
  15. Final Image: Behind them travels a dark matte silvery swarm of material that both shimmers and absorbs light at the same time. To’l is on the hunt.