Here’s where I’ll post the books I’ve written that are for sale.

The first one is Animal Quest: The Travelers.

It’s like Redwall with magic, basically. The story of Rose the mouse, Barklyn the badger, and Samuel the otter, as they go on their first adventure outside their little town of Mistlehop. They meet friends and foes along the way, and delve into a world of magic and adventure as they travel.

Buy it here.

It’s free on Kindle Unlimited. Ten bucks for the ebook, or twenty bucks for the paperback. All of which I created and released myself.

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The sequel is written, and I’m currently editing a companion novella to release next, then it’ll be time to edit and release the sequel. I’ve also got more books in the series planned, which should have more adventure, and some more humor thrown in.

If you like Brian Jacques, or Beatrix Potter you’ll enjoy this story, and sales of the book pay for this site and making more projects reality. Plus I would love you to read it so I can learn to create better things as I go along.

It’s just my first attempt at writing a novel, and it’s not perfect, but it’s not the worst thing ever written. The next book will be fun to release, and I’m looking forward to it.

Just an update as of March 8th, 2019:

I’ve written 3.5 more books since then. Two and a half animal fantasy books and a diary of before, during diagnosis, and becoming a part of the populace again (or at least trying to) after the schizoaffective bipolar diagnosis. It’s a wild ride through psychosis to the other side where I put my brain to use and start building things again, like I used to do.

Plus except for my personal diary, which has patentable things, and was a christmas gift for my brother they’re all free! Just a fair warning. The formatting is terrible, and I spent little time editing the other books as I just didn’t have time or want to do so. They’re fun to read though.

Just scan the QR code to go to a download link and you should be able to get them to your computer for your kindle as a .mobi or your iOS device as an .epub easily enough. I suggest reading the Siblings first as it’s a novella, a little more adult in nature, and a lot of fun to read.


I created all the covers just for fun, including Divergent Mind being the first airbrushing I ever attempted which you can see in the acrylic section fully where I got bored with it.

Once my designs are patented I’ll release Divergent Mind so people can see what it’s like living through psychosis over a three year period as well as what I would have to call my recovery from the worst of it. It starts off as a total nuthouse, and progresses to where I’m trying to build the future as best I can. I hope it helps some people, and I plan to release a volume two of that once I have enough content.

I really want to make a free library stall for my yard as a summer project that’ll handle the winters properly so people can share books, and I can post qr codes of my books as well as classics that would be fun to get around to.

Hoping you’re having a wonderful day.