So I heard Bill and Melinda Gates and A crew at MIT got some solid Malnourishment research done, and I thought I would help with routing information for a possible delivery route.


Start at Madagascar by boat and/or main refueling/shipping area at first until other safe places can be set up.

Yemen: come in through the Gulf of Aden.

Ethiopia: Come in through the Gulf of Aden and then traverse Djibouti as shortest distance crossed most likely by plane.

Zambia: fly.

Niger: come in from Nigeria. Lagos. Or neighboring Benin.

Sudan: directly from the gulf of Aden to the Red Sea or over Niger while hitting Chad.

Sierra Leone: take a boat and follow coast to Sulima or take road into area through Liberia from Robertsport.

Kenya: There’s a road at Mombasa that travels from their coast inward to a cross section of the area under South Sudan. Or you can go through Ethiopia up to Finchawa and travel through.

Namibia: come into Capetown in South Africa and charter through there.

Democratic Republic of the Congo: there is an ships entrance to the left coast called Boma.

Guatemala: Florida to Cuba to Guatemala.

Haiti: go from Florida or Cuba.

There’s much more to this of course: bribing your way through corrupted areas, keeping your delivery personal and cargo safe, getting the people to adopt the food stuff as governed by law as law as are set into place by their local governments to enforce taking them as some countries did by ionizing salt to give us the needed iodine that a lot of us were lacking. That wasn’t a law per se, but some of these countries greatest people feel that the altered food is something to be angry about or fearful of from what I’ve read (If I find the article I’ll cite it). So a government saying we’re bringing you cheap foods for the next 5 years or so saves millions of children’s and others lives. Then the next step is to bring these nutrient systems into the plant life which they will naturally do when used as fertilizer by the people, and the rains carry that around—hopefully without spreading anything terrible along the way. But I’m hopeful every time I hear something like this.
Have a wonderful day/night.

Getting in contact OnSemiconductor about the designs.

So I’ve had some good news where the nice folks at OnSemi have given me contact information to a Sales Engineer and Global Account person. So I’m psyched.

If this goes well I may be able to get things moving on these molecules patented and get them through to their next stages in their life span. I’m hoping they’ll help out and then let me lease them the work. That way I can make a living and hopefully get it out to other companies like Tesla, since 6 molecules will charge an 80kWH in less than 2 seconds at a roughly 104 f º.

Here’s hoping I don’t mess this up.


Sub .4nm Semiconductors putting out 45,000 kJ/mol. That’s roughly 12.5 kWh/mol. So I’ve started shopping around with these designs—no luck so far. But I’ll keep trying.

So it turns out that these semiconductors that I’ve designed put out some crazy Energy but I don’t know if that’s a good thing or not. I’m still learning about Molecular Energy. But here’s the proof:

Molecule One.

Molecule Two.

If anyone can help me decipher what the UFF is and if this high of a value is good or not, I would appreciate it greatly. Thanks.


~Sub .4-.9nm Semiconductors and/or inverters, ~1nm Transistors and the like. A new design on an old favourite and Moore’s law.

So I couldn’t sleep one night and got to tinkering with some molecular modeling software after researching Moore’s Law and the current size of nm’s of current tech and figured out a configuration that’s—as the title puts it—~sub .4-.9nm across—depending on the build type for semiconductors that with a simple bond arrangement change becomes an inverter.

If I can get anyone interested in it I can show them the models and the get the geometry tested as I don’t think a simple iPad app or a non functioning Avogadro system is doing it for me at the moment.

But the electrostatic orbitals are gorgeous. They’re quite neat. Avogadro can’t do a damned thing though, honestly. The iPad app gave me more information.

I had to come up with a new style of lithography based off current tech to get it down. It’s got a long way to go but I figured out the head system last night I think (or the beginnings of it anyway) and how to spread them out.

If you’re interested in Moore’s Law and can point me towards companies that would be willing to do business with a newbie who’s looking to perfect/patent/ and lease the materials to them let a fella know. I know not being able to release images from this project sucks but I will be able to do that with them once they sign the appropriate documentation.

I also know I have a lot to learn, but I’m so willing to get this done, just for the sheer thrill.

Some unfortunate news.

So my mother who has been struggling with her COPD has reached stage four and now the next time she goes to the hospital she’ll need a lung transplant or will most likely die.

We’re meeting at the beginning of the month to hang out for a few days before she makes her flight home, and we’re hoping she makes it through it because they cause her to get sick quite often—and this time she may not recover.

I’ve already suggested she get a battery pack with a us plug on it so she can keep her breathing machine batteries charged in case there is some malfunction with the plug at her seat. I’ve also ordered her antiviral surgical masks to limit the amount of recycle air she’s encountering throughout her flight.

I’ve talked about her drinking and she’s finally stopped she says, but not fully—there’s nothing I can do there, some people just won’t or can’t help themselves even when they’re this close to losing it all.

If anyone can think of anything please let me know. I would appreciate the help.

Phthalates are causing issues with vaping.

While I was in Arizona looking after my ailing mother I took to vaping for a few days—nothing serious, or even nicotine based, but what I did do was look up the ingredients that got to sub 4 pt font on the labels as used in the materials and what I came away with surprised me.

They use plastic flexing material chemicals in non nicotine liquids to make it go down smoothly. If I had the names of the brands with me I would post them all—but I don’t as I had to throw them out as I got on the flight and they don’t allow non removable batteries on the their any longer after the Samsung fiasco.

I mean for the real stuff, nicotine based or otherwise, use resins and other chemicals, and if you ever talk to someone who’s worked on surfboards back a few decades ago before safety regulations were as stringent as they are today—if they’re even here, they’ll tell you it was the resin dust that destroyed their lungs.

It’s not hard to find out what’s in the stuff you’re putting in your body, but I’ll admit vaping is relaxing—like hookah without the guilt, though hookah is like smoking a pack a day every 20-30 minutes or so, or so I’ve heard.

Just be careful folks, read your labels, and look after each other—and if you see one of your friends vaping and care about them, ask them to look into what’s in the materials list and if literally look it all up and you’ll probably never want to vape again.

Hope I helped a little.

Hoping for you all.

Gathering food information to determine diets of patients of polio so that a range of stool implants can be made that counteract Oral Polio Virus.

Trying to ask Bill Gates about it because of his interest in the matter.

We know the foods grown in most areas of the planet at this point and where they go. So we know what they’re eating. So we can use what foods lacking materials cause the greatest number of cases of oral polio virus.

From there we can build real or artificial stool sample ranges that cover all bases or regional bases of foods within an area and prepare proper recovery samples for after taking OPV to shorten or eradicate the contagious time between if taken concurrently with the vaccine. It may be helpful at first to synthesize the vaccine within the samples to make it absorbable by the body so that waste doesn’t come out but is instead destroyed by the gut biome.