Drawing with Jordan. S.A.M. from Cannon Busters. How to Make Light Based Computers. Black/White Hole Travel. My Sleeping Habits. The Whole Shebang.


So I wanted to try drawing someone else’s character for the first time and I chose S.A.M. from Cannon Busters because the show is pretty good even though I’m only a few episodes in. I used someone else’s piece as reference and did my best to draw as I saw how it looked to me to improve my eye as well as get something added to the channel that wasn’t just dull Loomis videos where I draw heads oddly, haha.

The goal was just to get a drawing done and see how well I’d done in regards to the original. But I made the mistake of looking for other references while I was working and lost the original that I had planned on comparing my work to. One sec let me see if I can find it again.

Here it is!

from Blerd.com.

You can see that I made a myriad of mistakes while I was working on it. The face is too v like, not enough cheek fat in the composition. The eyes are the wrong colour. I love that there are gears in her eyes. It’s just a solid nice touch that goes to show how much design work went into her character creation and the creation of the show on the whole.

In fact lets pull in my version and do a comparison so that I may learn from my mistakes.

Youtube Banner 2

This is the thumbnail from the youtube video as you can probably already tell.

So right off the bat we’ve got the fore mentioned jawline issues. We’ve got highlights where mine would reflect like they were more off of metallic surfaces rather than hair–if you see how they do theirs they use “z”‘s of light to so differing heights and shapes of hair.
I forgot the highlights on the gold. That wasn’t so obvious to me at the time. I remembered to do the shading of the ears and earrings under the hair.  The line work is also much nicer. Leaner I would think.

You’ll see that my hair extends farther back that I only got from showing myself other drawings of her and that includes how her crown lies in her hair. I find cheek fat absolutely the hardest thing to get right at the moment. I’m sure once I get it down my drawings will improve dramatically and they won’t look so anorexic or as though they were created from the eighties and nineties like Shin Chan and the like.

I also got the lighting on the jacket backwards. Why would the large amount of hair reflect light and then shade the jacket? Because in my head that made sense. What I wasn’t expecting was that her hair itself threw shadow behind it.

Then there’s the skin colour, and if I had the image with me I could have just pulled from that and thrown them on top of the job, but learning colour recognition is a huge deal in painting and a super useful skill when you need it when mixing the slight gradients needed for skin tone and what’s in the foreground and background–at least with my accounts with black and white airbrushing.

I would love to be able to do character turn-arounds but I’m honestly freaked out about them for some reason. Artists worry I suppose. At least it’s not artists block, which I don’t seem to suffer too badly from, I just change whatever it is I’m working on into a new subject and move on for the most part. I’m sure that’ll come back to bite me at some point.

For the video I also made the mistake of using my Loomis setup because I don’t know how to set up a second account using Streamlabs OBS which has been by far the easiest way to get going on starting with the software. The older OBS just throws me for a loop.

Oh man, if you watch the video, you’ll see how much trouble I had with the lips. I had to remember that there’s a V in the upper join of the sides of the upper lip and that took me forever to remember.

Am I happy with what I’ve done so far with it? No of course not. I can do so much better, I just have to have patience and unlock the ability within myself to get going at a real pace. If you’re never happy with your work it always pushes you to create new and thoughtful devices and that may as well be the case with most things because liking everything you do and not realising it needs improvements is, I think, vastly greater of an error than thinking the other way.

For a first attempt it is what it is–something to be done with and to look on with an eye to improve.

If you’ve read this far, please let me know what characters or real life people you would like to see and in what style. I haven’t done a sharpie piece in forever and wouldn’t mind trying my hand at it again now that my tremor is manageable once again.

*Had a dinner break and watched some more of the show.
Apparently I can’t type and think clearly when multiple people are chattering in my ear, I wonder why-haha.

Holy crap I got my first youtube comment and it was positive. That made my night. They recommended another youtuber so I subscribed and thanked them for their comment.

I’ve got to fill out another thousand or so words, so I figured I might as well tell you about my day.

As you may have known already I haven’t been sleeping–or that really, I’ve been sleeping oddly, waking up at 1 a.m. and then 3 a.m. each morning, and choosing whether to get up and do stuff then or not. It’s usually a sign on my mania being present so I’ve been given Klonopin and Hydroxizine to alleviate the mania and usually it helps but some days I’m sleeping until 1-6 p.m. and then getting on with my day. It’s not really letting me get a schedule going with this sort of thing, as you’re meant to do which I apologize for immensely.

As it is I’m trying to find new music to listen to, and Jon Bellion is doing it for me as the song JT fits my illness just a little too well. The problem with being a paranoid schizoaffective is that when you believe something silly it’s is absolutely real to you and it’ll last months or years before you’re able to break away from the feeling that the illness brings along with it. It’s so strong still that I had to put the song on.

It’s shit like that that makes life harder than it needs to be because even if you have a rational thought process or come up with something novel because you have this terrible illness you’re considered less than and it just feels like why do it then. Why try to help people when you can sit on a farm vertical farming waiting for the collapse that’s coming.

Not to mention that the Ill Mind of Hopsin V is great if you’re in a grumpy mood. He just flows his mind as a true lyricist would which I have massive respect for.

Just under 800 words left. What else shall we talk about?
Have you ever thought about how to manipulate black holes using white holes to create black hole parabolas which you can “stretch” around an area of space and or a ship if you like, and then do that again to the space outside, and keep repeating it until you get to the point that the ship travels towards the front of the empty space as its forcing movement inside the canister, and you release the outer shell forcing outside movement, all the way to the inner shell and you’ll get near light speed travel as the shells release. The only problem is that you need a clear path to travel so turning is done in stages rather than in one straight shot through the spacescape.  It’s just a matter of making enough shells so that you get an acceleration that’s bearable and a deacceleration that doesn’t destroy its landing area or the people inside the ship. You would reinforce the ships hull to take the pressures of the controlled black holes. How do you control a black hole you ask?

With a white hole. Which is just an electron density field as a white hole is something that lets electrons and light out but nothing may pass inside into it. If my tags take off and work, or if I’m ever given the chance to really make something worthwhile like that instead of just twiddling my mental thumbs I already have plans to design ships that may travel in such a manner and they’re gorgeous. The way the light arc lens curves at the front of the ship is utterly beautiful to think about. This is the sort of shit I think about when I can’t sleep. Not just how they might work but actually ways of getting them working the way I think they should so that if anyone in power ever asked me to get things made I would be able to get things sorted in some manner, but I doubt that will ever happen now. Apparently I pissed everyone off and that means you live a life of sickness.

Just over 400 words left. Lets get there.

I’ve had this idea for a light based computer where you bounce a L.I.G.O level laser off of the neutrons or protons off of a suitable atom–say silicon since they have the same number of each and they’re considered your yes or no functions based on their refraction-the only thing you have to worry about is increasing the speed of the spin of the atom while you get it up to “read” speed where the laser can’t increase it’s speed any faster and you’re getting reliable yes/no information based on the refraction rates. These refractional rays are bounced to a crystal array that offers itself as a mathematical operational method. The issue is do we define the crystals 1 array deep or more depending on whether you want it to count for more processes or processing time dependent on build. Then you would “read” the crystals output from above/(some open side) the crystal array and make the lasers hit each other and read the temperature of the crystal or change in lights frequency (if you used more than one light type) and that’s your bit of data as a full mathematical function. It means you can just bounce longer lasers through longer crystals refracting from atom to atom and make functions and read the answer at the end. It may be faster than quantum computing but I have no idea honestly, I’m still learning about that. I just know it would travel at the speed of light and involve very few atoms and that’s pretty damn quick. You would have to account for Feynmens issue of protons going multiple directions but that just means to be consistent you build the buffer system into the “computer” so that it hits where each proton is meant to hit, and if we have to multi slit it to get it to function that can be done inherently within the crystal structure because all we need is some readable data, not all of it. Unless that data somehow alters the outcome of the answer of course. We’re looking for read data, not read all the data at data read cap at the moment. That can come with initial improvements.

Thirty nine words to go.
I wonder what would happen to the man if he realised that reality was a joke played on him, sat down, and began to write his own punchlines to the subculture’s own development. Knowledge.


Learning Loomis Episode 4 parts 1 and 2. Plus a Twitch Channel and a new Youtube/Twitter Channels.

I also added a new twitter channel because I unfortunately deleted my main account when I was dealing with some mental illness.

So go here if you want updates through twitter or to find more information as I go about things.

One of the other things I did was to update the banners for my channels to be more in line to show off my work.

Youtube Banner 1

Some of the stars were nice enough to respond and I was even featured on the Jimmy Fallon Feed which was pretty sick. I’ll have to see if I can find that pic though.

If there are pieces you want to see let me know and I’ll see what I can do. It depends on whether I can afford the paper and sharpies or not really.

Much enjoyment.


The next video’s content.


Tomorrow will be on doing these heads in a video plus chancing another try at number 2 since it was so wrong on my previous attempts. Already you can see an improvement in my ability to shape heads, even if it is just a slight alteration in the right direction.

Plus I found that the portable monitor I bought can go portrait so it’s even easier to work with the pdf files for the broadcasts.

Now I’ve just got to get better with the art.




Andrew Loomis Lesson 1 Heads and Hands. Basic Head Shapes.

So I’ve decided to make a video series of learning how to do the Loomis method properly, and here’s the first episode.

Tomorrow we work on skull formation and other what it looks like underneath the skin. I hope to make it through the book so that I can work my way through the other books as well as I go learning what I can about all sorts of methods.

I think I’ll include the pictures I’ve done before using the method as taught to me by someone else as well just so there’s a small collection of positions that make sense other than just what’s shown in the video. It takes roughly 15-20 minutes per page to get through the drawing order, and at two pages per day if they’re all drawings it’ll take 71 days to get through the book minus the index and whatever else can be skipped over.

I was fortunate enough to get a google glass when they came out and I’m trying to decide whether to use that as an auxiliary camera or not and splice it in. My neck isn’t very strong so I’ve noticed that I tend to lean to one side (Probably the cerebral palsy) but it might up the quality of the videos. But please let me know what you think of this and how I can improve it as quickly as possible. The goal is to teach others through teaching myself starting with the very basics.

For other updates, I’ve been manic for the past few days–not really sleeping at all. Waking up just after the meds wear off and staying up all night not really doing anything. I should be working on whatevers on my plate but the feeling just isn’t there. Plus I’m supposed to be moving and I have no idea on how to get rid of my stuff to do that. It’s not that it’s all valuable of anything but it’s just that I have sentimental value over what little furniture I have–except the couches, they’re free to leave whenever they want to. I read somewhere that to increase your depth of exposure that you need to have 2,000 words in place for google to scrull you properly. I’m sitting at 344. That just won’t do.

I wonder if it’s a daily catch limit or if it’s an article by article limit?

I’ve already gone for a walk today, with a pvc drypack on my back filled with ym computer hardware. I’m trying to find a backpack that will let me walk in the rain without worrying about how my stuff is going to be affected by the effects of the weather.

Symptoms update:
Other than being manic I feel fantastic. No delusions to speak of. No real paranoia. I’ve even stopped having to wear my headphones everywhere, which is a huge plus since I need my hearing for most things, and they’re noise canceling and I feel rude ignoring the people with just so I can have some peace of mind.

Jeez I’m only on portrait 31 of what I’ve drawn so far, which I think is up to 43 at the moment. I did do some naughty stuff but it made me uncomfortable so I won’t be going down that road much I don’t think, even though it is the largest market to pursue.

Learning Portrait 35.b 8.12.19Learning Portrait 36 8.12.19Learning Portrait 37 8.12.19Learning Portrait 38 8.12.19Learning Portrait 39 8.12.19Learning Portrait 40 8.12.19Learning Portrait 42 8.18.19Learning Portrait 43 8.18.19


The blonde girl is a trace from a popular anime panel of a girl opening her mouth to a fan, which I thought was drawn so well I had to learn the strokes to her face. The only thing I changed was the hair to be more into my style. I know that’s a lousy to learn but I was having fun at the time.

Oop my dogs are asking to play. Best go take care of that while it’s still nice outside.

Have a wonderful day.

Breaking hydrocarbons/micro-plastics using a physical method/doped graphene.

The problem with hydrocarbon derived fuels is that at a point there won’t be enough fuel created to power the fleet as the global levels are lowered and the fleet increases. Totally useful in slowing the poisoning of the planet but tags power anything indefinitely with no non recyclable waste if production is designed correctly. Plus hydrogen powered cars suffer the same issues as refilling stations for current gen Tesla’s. Plus it still acts like a gas. Non poisoning but it runs out, and whatever trace amounts are left in the runoff from the exhaust cover the traveled areas. You’d move to tags at that point anyway. Plus you’d still need oil for moving parts outside the propulsion system. I bet you could build a full maglev car if you had the time and energy.

I’m assuming they’re just breaking the bond of the weakened particles needed to get residual water, similar to how the helium screen would do that if hydro carbons were cycled through that at the right speed/ angle/rotational velocity. You make a guide up a curved edge, forcing the hydro carbon to orient itself as needed for breakage as the helium spins by running water or whatever over it causing it to spin and clip the bond at it’s needed bond. The fragmented versions would travel and orient themselves at different locations but do the same thing. Leaving water on one side after the screen and the broken chemical bonds on the other. Then it’s a matter of taking the dirty remainder with partial bonds because even atomic tolerances aren’t perfect yet still in the water and screening them at a tighter tolerance, until you only end up with the remaining materials within an acceptable level. Even breaking those into their initial components if needed for near pure collection, which you could then rebond and store or release into the wild to clean out the area. Pure hydrogen, pure oxygen, carbon to be broken down for reuse.

I suppose there are other atoms like helium where they’re non bindable but larger. It just means the tolerance differences are wider so more would get through potentially though you could likely get a heavier more powerful breaking mechanism out of them though they would need a larger pushing force.

You could just use straight carbon and orient oxygen or hydrogen from the hydro carbon, whichever needs to be broken off first and create meshes that jut out like grater or tumblers and break off and catch the atoms. They would be moved down the line through vibrational or rotational means, whichever you wanted. You could ever create a radius of cylindrical hydrocarbons and break off the atoms as needed. It would be purely mechanical and leave nothing but carbons to be broken down in the center of the device. Or you could use a straight edge atomic grater and shave each side of their non carbon atoms.

You would have to allow full bonding of the grating atoms and passage so atoms wouldn’t jam up the system. Also you would have to be constantly moving the assembly so they didn’t float or sink into the passageway.

You would need to bring the grater down with enough force to hold part of the hydrocarbon in place and break off a chunk… by vibrating the atoms into place before swinging them up into the reduction system. Then you reorientate the partial hydro carbon and repeat the process until only carbon falls through to a gathering stage. You would also have to remove the water molecules with a vacuum as they break off or it would just recondense and form new hydrocarbons or a layer of dirty water in the system. It depends on how many times you need to break the bonds really.



Hydrogen 120 pm

Carbon 70 pm

Oxygen 60

Email to Troy with idea.

move slower.

Breaking atomic bonds. Since different atoms have different bond energy strengths graphene may not be big enough to sever the bond. But if you hit the weakest point of the point hard enough it may be able to overcome the overall strength (there is some loss between atoms but reinforcement at part of the bond where it is the most complete, around those areas are weaker areas where you’d want the separator to push under and break the bond. You’d also have to super cool the hydrocarbons to lengthen the bond length been the atoms without causing the water molecules to freeze, unless that’s helpful.

You could also use a tumbler method of grating the molecules and gathering the remainders on the other side and depending on which side you grated from you would likely form other larger hydro carbons before being able to break them down to their original stage again. Need to look up the types.

Couldn’t you dope the outer layers of collection atoms so that they attract the hydrogen atoms more than the static carbons in the hydrocarbons. If they’re electrically based you could cycle them on and off at key moments and vacuum the water into a collection plate. You could use doped graphene. You could then rotate them around the outer ring so that they dope concentrically and anti-concentrically at opposite levels pulling the atoms around. It’s slower, but once they “attach” to two or more open atoms they have a higher chance of breaking.

You could also, if needed, build meshes with exact holes for the hydrocarbons to lie flat into and then pull them apart from the inside by forcing them outward and bending them into some obtuse space.

This would also work with micro plastics.

Anyway it’s an idea.