Affiliate Links: I use these!

Here’s a video of the setup working and how to get it working. Feel free to ask me and if I’m able to help I will do my best to help you get your set up if it’s the same working as well.

The Behringer UMC404HD Kit with extra goodies.
Behringer 1800XM Dynamic Microphones.
IPad Pro 11 in 64 Gig Space Gray WiFi.
Baseus USB C IPad Pro Dongle

A pop filter like this one here

Mine is the Dragonpad but they’re all similar.

Blue Snowball Ice. A great starter piece under $60.
An Apple Pencil for making Podcast Art and Merch designs.
I got tired of all my other keyboards breaking and it’s the only case that fits with the Baseus Dongle.
Behringer HPM-1000 Monitor Headphones. About $12 for an all Behringer setup. Nice!

As I grow as a podcaster I’ll let you know what I’ve learned about these goods—the good, the bad, and the awesome, and we can start off small together.

I wanted something that would be a little bit future proofed. So that’s why I grabbed that sweet 404 bundle. I still need two XLR cables, but that’s it.

Almost forgot! 30 pack for about $13 dollars. I want to tell my mics apart cheaply. I’ll be using the dark green one hopefully. Great for splitting foUr units from a single source. You will need stereo TRS cable for this to work unless you want it playing out of just one ear. (Lesson learned haha.)

I use GarageBand on the iPad since it’s free, and if you’re on PC then there is Audacity which I’ve heard is fantastic. If anyone wants to know my workflow I would be happy to figure out how to produce so quickly by myself, editing and all. Have a wonderful day, and if you can think of other things you’d buy that would help me out, I would appreciate it so much. -J.