My name is Jordan.
I’m an author and an artist that lives in Portland OR, with my partner and two Labradors. I rarely leave my house nowadays, due to my illnesses. But I do keep trying when I’m sane enough to have a normal, happy life.
I’ve written two books and a novella so far, and have painted for Royalty and photographed for NASA, as well as rotoscoped on Captain America back in the day.

The point of this website is to keep track and help keep me focused on getting these works published and writing my first million words, be they script, book, comic, or something else. One of my goals is to write novels and then animate them into series’s of shows until I can get off disability and earn a proper living again. It’s better than moping about my schizoaffective disorder, or muscular dystrophy, right? Right.

In the mean time, while I save to have the animation software I want in my hands, I’ll be writing at least one comic–about my life growing up with cerebral palsy, muscular dystophy, adhd-1 primary inattentive, high functioning autism, schizoaffective (schizophrenia and bipolar disorder combo, acronymed to S.A.D.B.S. [HAH!]), depression, syneasthesia, and whatever else comes in the future. If that gets to the point of being a proper book length comic, I’ll publish it, and either keep writing that comic, or write a book or novella and turn that into a comic for fun. I already want to turn my first novella into a series, because I think the writing is some of my best. It’s at the very least the most concise piece of writing I’ve done so far. I believe most writers do their best writing with shorter pieces, because they can’t add in extraneous nothings to their pieces.

I’ll be sharing my artwork, my stories, and my works with you as we go along, as well as what I have to do to get things made and completed while working alone or with people I may get to work with.

I hope you’ll join me for a minute or two per day to catch up and we can see how things are going in my perspective. I would love for you to be a part of my life, if you’ve got the energy,

This comic, Million Words, is for everyone who’s ever had to deal with shit in their lives, and it just seems to get worse over and over again–but you keep going, because why would you give up? Why let the evils in your life win when you can still be kind and happy despite what gets handed to you, dumped on you, and what you’ve fallen into.  A hard life is still a good life, and I’m very lucky.  It’s about bringing awareness of the various conditions, and what it was like for me to live with them–how they molded my perspective and experiences and hopefully once we get to the part about my first psychotic break, what it’s like to survive and still be a functioning person, even when it knocked me to my lowest.

I plan to work until I get too ill to keep going. The muscular dystrophy has a high chance of killing me at some point, and has started to take my hands from me–losing use of digits on my right hand already (my creation hand) and I know that I likely won’t have a long life because of family histories and the combination of illnesses I’ve been diagnosed with. They frequently shorten the life span of those afflicted, and I deal with psychotic suicidal ideation every few months. I just get sick of being ill all the time, and don’t want to spend the rest of my life like this–then I get back to work, and it’s okay again for a while. Either I’ll win and live out naturally, or I wont, and my projects wont get finished. So I’ll keep myself busy as long, and as often, as I can and just enjoy being lucky enough to tell my stories as best I can.

May we share you works on other sites?

Sure you can, as long as you leave my millionwords.net mark, and any others I add in, there so people know where to go to get back to the story or support me. I love when people share my work. I really appreciate it honestly. Your share could be the thing that brings me a living wage one day, so who am to say no. I would thank you kindly for the help.

But I don’t know where you would share it that I don’t already.
I post to Instagram, Snapchat, Facebook, Imgur, Reddit, Patreon, 9Gag, Tumblr, Twitter, Webtoons, Tapas.io, and this website daily and if not weekly for the comic aggregators.

What’s your goal Jordan?

Tell my stories until I get off disability and make a living on my own again. Eventually have my own studio so I can produce whatever it is I want with the help of talented people. It doesn’t have to be much, but if I could make enough for health insurance so I could stay medicated, and afford to go to conventions or meet ups, and maybe make more than four figures a year again, then I would truly be happy with what I’m making. That’s not to say that I’m extremely lucky to have the resources disability and food stamps provide. I am, but I’m only young yet, and the mind is able, when it’s able, and yearns to be a part of the workforce again. I would like to thrive despite my limitations. To do that I have to work on this every day until I produce something worth sharing. Your time reading it makes it all worth it. Thank you again. You rock out loud.

Jordan d0—0b