We finished 500 (and 6) masks thanks to charitable donations!

It took one person working every single day for six weeks as well as her assistant (me) working every three days of the weekend to get them done, and they were claimed and delivered in less than a week.

Nettios deserves all the credit since this was her baby and I couldn’t be more proud of her, and to celebrate here’s the video of her working that she put together as well. She’s quite talented with an editing software as well.

What I helped with: Snipping hundreds of wires, thousands of pieces of elastic–though she was much faster. I also hot glued the reinforcements to the edges of the wire so they didn’t dig into the person’s face. I also cut hundreds of filters to put into the masks that should last months and multiple washings as well as be virus absorbent. Blisters, blisters everywhere. But it was worth doing. We didn’t make a profit off of it because that’s not the point of helping other people. The oldest group of people we helped were 85-110 which just blows my mind.

I’m so proud of what she was able to do even when it was hard, and the work was intensely repetitive. When the machine’s needle broke and flew into her eye. When it would chuck back a stitch and scare us both with a loud pang. She put that machine to work and got it going each time, and thankfully she didn’t get hurt. Check out the video if you want a time lapse of six weeks of work. It’s really well done.

Much Pleasure,

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