Gravitational Lensing and Making Wormholes.

If a gravitational lens of a large cluster of entities creates the ability to show the material far behind it at a closer light speed range, so faster in space time–then it should be possible to build “worm holes” using the term loosely by aligning the lenses together to achieve a passable branch of space that allows a ship or item to be thrown through the lenses, and as they round the bend if released correctly, or orbiting correctly and fired out into space again, jump to the next lens, bounding from one to the other where they would speed up in space time by what the cube of the cube of material being flung through the lens, and then once they reach a known mid point once discovered, they are able to slow it down and release back into normal space through deceleration through space time condensing and stretching space time to suit their needs. All you would need is a drive to get you up to speed where it could manage the forces of being warped, likely with a layer of donor atoms taking the brunt of the energy as they entered the lens, and releasing into normal space in the proper propulsion signified as it left the lens, until it was able to gather or replace the same amount of the donor atoms (which may change over time as the lenses will have differing values of gravitational and light year compression) and repeat the process at the next lens, slinging it rapidly between state guided by computer as well as seeing what it does to the human body. At that point it may be better to send out drone ships that do not depend on living tissue to explore and can report back any findings. It would also be able to mention if skipping through a lens ages you rapidly or speeds up any internal clocks they may have as they condense within the lenses.

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