I have this unnerving feeling that negatively charged Bosons may be the ones moving backward in space time and there is also a semi-negatively charged M(inus) Boson that exists but is currently not strong enough to affect space time but shows up in real time regardless.

I’ll have to get into tomorrow as my meds are kicking in but if muons make star level heat, and bosons make gravity all warping in forward time currently if they’re Higgs (I think they’re the ones being used) then the negatively charged boson may— Boson M(inus), they would affect gravity’s effects as well as time’s effects meaning they’re logically moving backwards in space time but I do not know if they are constantly accelerating or slowing. But it would make sense they were constantly racing towards the site of the Big Bang to their inverse of their cousins spreading outward from that point towards universe death.

So does that mean there’s even another form of Boson that stays at a half negative charge that centers space time—-that is currently the best I can put it to words in that they exist but are not strong enough to force the Minus or Higgs reactions and could that be what dark matter within space time is made of.

I’ll have to think about this a bit more when I can’t sleep.

Much pleasure,


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