Ep 86 is up! Animal Quest – The Travelers – Ch 8 – Pages 1769 – 1821.

It’s basic, but as you can see the tremor in my hand is causing me issues, so I think I’ll switch to procreate and slow the lines down to make them smoother. Then I can go in depth with detail. This was just a practice run of Rose sleeping front the last episode of Animal Quest – The Travelers.

Please go to http://Anchor.fm/DivergentMind to see the latest episode if the embedded file still isn’t working. In the mean time I’m going to play catch up today and try and get some art made after a few episodes are done. I’m developing a better style suited for a children’s book but it’s still no where near the level that I want. I know I want thin lines. And dashes of colour, but this is what I came up with last night up above.

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Much Pleasure.


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