Artificial Lungs: Finished another Book and onto the next thing.

So my mother is dying from stage 4 COPD and my nephew has Cerebral Palsy such as I do, but much worse. He can’t swallow water or food without it going into his lungs where he is literally drowning to death. I can’t have that. He’s too young to have such a painful life.

So I figured out a way to make an artificial lung, diaphragm included. I don’t know if either family member will make it to the completion of this project, but I know once it’s done it’ll help others.

But the basics are down and now I’m in the drawing phase, where I write down the Fig # and their operation, and then once that’s done I make a tree graph and show them how the body processes the material using the new device.

I have a power source sorted—as well as a newly designed source that may last longer than the 5-7 years that pacemaker batteries last—in the terms of 10,000 years, and since they’re low energy I can use an amplifier chip that I also designed and amp it up under strain.

I need to draw the diaphragm next, design a few chip sets, and I’m set to put it all together and move on to the next step.

I wish I had people to talk to about this. Curse the life of a recluse.

On an interesting note both my mother and brother think I live in poverty since I live on $15 per week for food, and I’ve got a mental illness and physical disability. But I’m coherent enough to produce materials worth considering. It’s a frustrating experience of people assuming I’m less than because of the illnesses even though I got that perfect score on my I.Q. exam for mathematical ability. I know it’s not much, but when you’ve been called a moron growing up by people close to you it helps give you that glimmer of hope. And it would explain how I’m able to conceptualize designs, books, photographs, and the like with little effort.

I also had a bittersweet moment over the past few days. I helped set up the tree that I had shared with my wife for years at her new place. We’re separated due to the illness being too hard on the both of us, but we’re celebrating our ten year anniversary in a month or two and going to have our first weekend trip away with one another since I got ill, which I’m looking forward to. I don’t know. I feel alone most of the time, and it eats at you—but I’m too ill to handle being around people any longer. It’s a feedback loop against a grind stone.

Anyway sorry for the delayed response. I’ve been traveling, saying goodbye to family as they leave the country for the last time and all that.
Much love.

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