1 PicoMeter Lasers

So I think I’ve figured out a way to focus a laser to the one picometer level through some materials I’ve been told to keep to myself so that I can patent them and keep the lithography in line with the sub nanometer semiconductors, but I have started writing my paper’s outline about it—which I also have to keep under wraps so I can patent that once I have some liquid funds to get going again and then I may end up having a couple of patents to my name a chance to make a living. Now the question is do I make the call to On Semiconductor like I said I would—it wouldn’t hurt right, to get some contacts in the field while I work on stuff, since they’re just up the road from me. I’ve heard mixed reviews about their employee happiness though, even though at this point I would take a job over being on disability still. I miss being able to work and being around people. It just depends on how ill I get being around people. There’s always the possibility that I get to work at home other than coming in to do lab work. Who knows.

The issue is that I’m self taught. I’m competent but there’s so much that I don’t know that it’s staggering in a meaningful way—the problem I’ve found is that when you go looking for information learning a new material you have to either know what to look for or have a guide on what to look for. Perhaps I should hit up Khan Academy, though it’s my least favourite way to learn have rote memorization forced on you when it can just be learned naturally incrementally. Not that they’re being without some honestly great services. It’s just not how I learn.

I’ve had some good advice from a Nuclear Particle Physicist named Carl that told me to keep every thing close to the my chest until it’s all patented, which he got from a leading Biomedical developer. So that’s what I’ll have to do. It means years of inaction as I save for patent work, then getting to work in an organized manner which isn’t my best suite when life gets in the way as mum getting ill for two months did for my first patent—though I must say I got the drawings back for the first one and I must say that I’m happy with them. I hope they go through as the mechanism will literally save millions of lives once implemented. Not to mention take care of my family financially as I hope to do so.

I’m also trying to learn how to write my first scientific paper so I’ve got the outline done—which I suppose is good for a start, but since there’s little information that wasn’t cranked out by a google calculator or Wikipedia there’s not much to cite or reference and since I’m also the only author it’s not much I can do to get things sorted by myself, though Carl and an equally smart person in my life Rebecca feel that it’s a good start. So much to do and so little skill in knowing what to do without a school or a university mentor to get me to the right place. It’s just going to be a little slower I suppose.

My second book in the Memoir Series called Alternative Energy. The successor to Divergent Mind. Is almost complete as it runs through the year from one December to the next as gifts for my younger brother to look after. Got to trust someone or they die with me if the computers get stolen or broken. Six weeks left and it’s completed, though I hope to have roughly 14,000 words completed in the next two weeks so that I can complete this years Nanowrimo for fun. This is definitely my lowest word count book, with the most diagrams. But that’s just the case as it is, creating drawings and schematics instead of essays on the subject is just how I think—in pictures. I wish I could read it out loud fully with some software on the iPad but it changes to different languages throughout which is strange and unfortunate. Something to be improved upon I suppose.
Anyway have a wonderful night/day.

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