Getting back to work after a small hiatus. Also Carbyne/Graphyne Prism Ropes.

Sorry again for the lack of updates. I’m sitting here listening to Andy, you’re a star by The Killers. It plays along with my illness and seems to keep me stable enough to get work done.

What I’m wondering is what to work on now. I’ve been futzing with super capacitors and talking with Professor Sadoway at MIT about a dry electrolyte batteries, just starting my self education on them. I got it wrong the first time thinking that Quantum Tunneling would take care of the voltage transfer of Lithium+ between Mg+2, so I followed his instruction and tried again using a material developed by another group within my Cathode and Anode. I’m unsure if they work as of yet since he’s not gotten back to me, but I’m assuming he’s a much busier man than I would ever be.

I never heard back from Ravenda at Duracell so they must not be interested in the super capacitor or stretchy AC->Semiconductor->full insulator if given enough material (though I likely did the maths wrong for that amount needed part–I hadn’t slept for a while on my new medication). They’ve given me Ritalin in small doses to help with weight loss and it’s hopefully working. Waking up at 3 a.m. is odd but I’m used to it now. But that’s not the point of this message.

I should be working on my comic but my first patent will be hopefully ready for submitting on October 23rd since it’s finally out of my slow ass hands. I keep waking up with new ideas.

A second form of Carbyne Prism came to me today. It should offer the same properties as the first version but only need one form of stretch to reach the same output, but be three times as effective as it’s not limited to one line of the material repeated, but joined between itself. And whats great is that you can fold the bonds in a triangle to get 6x the times of connections and still close of the ends and get some real interesting flow states. Think of it as prismatic rope. Each unit can minimally be 6 carbon atoms long, but unlimited by an additional 3-1 bond conditional arrangement. Minimum arrangement times 3 by 2 shown. You could even make a new form of lattice with the middle bond where you could join the ropes. Though those would be Graphyne. 2-2 bonds.

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