Creating a bulletproof material that weighs roughly 9lbs per 30 yards.

So I may have figured out a new format of Carbyne that stops up to a small nuclear blast if woven into a cubic inch thickness, not that I know the body within would survive. Something like 30 megatons of blast within a reasonable range. A few Angstroms of the material will stop a bullet, and I think less than 1/2 an inch will stop larger caliber bullets by flexing when hit but spreading the absorption of the impact throughout the material in lattice patterning.

I’m hoping to take it to a police agency or military community and see if they can make it with me. All we need is a CVD altered within my own design mechanics to be more useful. Done simply enough.

I have no idea who to contact. So maybe if you’re a marine or someone who knows someone that is and would want to see if it’s viable then please let me know. I’m trying to find funding for other projects before I move back to my own country, though they themselves may be open to the idea for their forces. It may be stab proof too but that would require another form of testing if the layering is done non linearly as I hope. My worry is that the material would be too slick and may need “Roughing up” so that a blade doesn’t just slide over the material and into a vulnerable area of the body.

I’ve also developed a new design that is an AC material when stationary and a semiconductor when stretched roughly 4.4 picometers in one direction. Combining that with the other new material combination I designed I’m hoping to have an interesting form of super dense magnetic material that produces AC as is rolls around within a PCO environment (or at least can be fed electrons as a new sub material) so that it is constantly moving until there is no outside movement. “Like a shake to charge battery”. Not to mention I’ve come up with a super capacitor combination with my new material combination that should stop it breaking by being overcharged by forcing it to remain within a limit of size as long as its not over fed electrons. Another basic idea. I wish I could share pictures of these things but I’m hoping to patent them. I did email Duracell and I’m sitting waiting to hear back from their battery department but I doubt that it’s likely. I was told not to put confidential information into the email with the contact person so I had to ask what to include like a newbie.

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