Birthday Post.

So I turned 31 a few hours ago.
I’ve designed what I think could be a two atom type super capacitor/housing layered battery that charges 12 times faster than a regular battery and (I think) holds power for much longer due to the way you set up the tubes. Basically you take a very strong material and a very capacitive material that breaks itself when over charged and force them together and keep them under a certain voltage so that they don’t break each other’s bonds but expand so that power travels through the system. Then you layer them in alternating rings and you’ve condensed the system to its smallest amount feasible with the method I’ve developed.

I also developed a new material that could stop big bullets within a few scaled cells like chain mail while weighing 9lbs/30 yards so being super light weight.

I’ve emailed my patent lawyer for advice on what to do and Elon Musk’s office and Duracell for the hell of it.

Maybe one day it’ll make it to market. Who knows.

I’ve got my partner Jeanette coming over for dinner and a friend called Mike as well. Looking forward to it because we’ll be having sushi. So jazzed.

Have a lovely night/day.



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