Being an Asmovian: Issue # 10. Greener Pastures. Save the Cat Method.

  1. Opening Image: The beast roars and slams the ground sending a shockwave through the ground throwing the group to the floor while Six and her counterparts, as well as He’h, are able to stay standing.
  2. Theme Stated: Retribution: The other worker bots have pulled out flame throwers and have started to aim them at the beast.
  3. Set-up: (Fire shot) they light up the beast burning it away in layers until it staggers and falls against one of the buildings and they burn it to death. Before Ash is swept up into the wind they spread it down with water hoses, while a charred remain stays against the wall of the building.
  4. Catalyst: Six thanks the group for being bait as the beast was attracted to living things for “huntings sake,”.
  5. Debate: The protagonist and the others are pissed that they were used as bait and Six tells them it was the only way to get the beast back close enough to the farm to “take care of it and hide what had happened”. ”That’s why we felled those trees in the first place. At least if it had been bandits I doubt you would have cared,” mentions one of Six’s counterparts. Look its already started to bloom its auxiliary flowers as it is, pointing to the roses that are now growing out of the charred remains. He’h picks up a rose and absorbs it quietly without anyone noticing, momentarily flashing a faint green shimmer where he touched the rose.
  6. Break into Two: The group breaks into to two and they, along with the other robots cut down and remove the trees blocking the road.
  7. B Story: The Tunnel Rat King comes upon the second to last sector standing in their way to the citadel and finds that’s completely empty. The troops march in and go into each building to find that every single one has been filled with explosives which all go off as they turn to leave that building (flashing light shot). The two goes up in many balls of flame. The King curses his luck at losing half of his troops and his vehicle is half destroyed. He is left slightly charred with burnt skin and calls in for airborne back up to come pick him and the remaining forces up.
  8. Fun and Games: The Tunnel Rat king reroutes his remaining troops in the same direction as the group is traveling unbeknownst to them. The armada continues on.
  9. Midpoint: The group is relaxing while driving through the land passing green pastures. Homnie asks if He’h learned anything from his acquisition, having caught it out of the corner of his eye. “Many eons of evolutionary production in an eternity of study,” responds He’h.
  10. Bad Guys Close in: The Tunnel Rat King Sees the dust cloud of Nettles vehicle and surmises that To’l failed as well. Infuriated he orders that they are surrounded and brought to him.
  11. All is Lost: The group comes over a bend in the road and are meet with a battalion of Bandit troops.
  12. Dark Night of the Soul: They finally meet the charred remains of the Tunnel Rat King, reduced to a floating chair as his legs–bones protruding from the remains–do not let him stand.
  13. Break into Three: As He’h is brought into the center of the group he spreads out as To’l did but rains down on the enemies while keeping his friends dry and they begin to start “evolving” by sprouting flowering thorns throughout their body. They explode in gushes of blood and visceral matter.
  14. Finale: The king is able to escape with a select few people. He’h is lost as a metallic flower field in the grassy fields.
  15. Final Image: Homnie picks one of He’hs flowers, and his cane absorbs it, only to begin to vibrate gently in his grasp.

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