Being an Asmovian: Issue # 8. Redemption. Save the Cat Method.

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  1. Opening Image: They arrive at a junction between sectors. Sign reads Redemption going left. Road to Perdition goes Right. They pass by without reading sign going to the right.
  2. Theme Stated: Redemption: They head down the road passing vertical farms offering artificial goat meat and sheep pelts. Everything that To’l passes he begins to absorb, farming androids fall to the ground half eaten. The swarm grows. He passes the good guys over the clouds blocking himself from He’h’s notice with his own subsystems and heads into town. A scourge falls upon the town quiet in a twinkling rain.
  3. Set-up: They reach the middle of town. Protagonist doesn’t have to time to pay respects, so sends He’h in her place to talk with their mayor (a seemingly in-corruptible man) with Homnie in tow. Travis comes with the protagonist to keep her safe. They get to the corner of town where they see that the statue is coated with the matte silvery residue. Protagonist pays her respects but her beacon doesn’t register the arrival. Travis goes to touch the statue. “Don’t touch that!” yells the protagonist.
  4. Catalyst: The statue starts to melt and bend. They run.
  5. Debate: They talk about how to get to the others while people come out from their homes and form a mass blocking them in.
  6. Break into Two: Unbeknownst to He’h and Homnie the group is split into two. They are sitting across from the Mayor who is side eyeing a monitor while chatting to them from across a desk. He’s smiling widely.
  7. B Story: Bandit King is reviewing his hoards and increasing number of soldiers as each sector falls to them. He (use G. Khan method of recruitment: research required for proper allotment) greedily looks over his virtual map and smiles.
  8. Fun and Games: He’h figures out that the Mayor is lying to them stalling. The Mayor attempts to kill Homnie with a shotgun laser but misses as Homnie’s cane deflects the blow though he does lose his arm. He’h cauterizes the wound and they run out of the building but not before checking the monitor to see what is going on and it showing that the others are surrounded by “feral” settlers.
  9. Midpoint: He’h and Homnie fight their way through to the others.
  10. Bad Guys Close in: Only to be completely surrounded together.
  11. All is Lost: An animatronic voice echoes throughout all the people at once. “Surrender, we are the many, you are the few. Lay down your arms and I’ll let you live.” says To’l throughout the masses. IT sounds like they are screaming in pain as they speak.
  12. Dark Night of the Soul: They stare up at the shapeless shroud shimmering in the sky. But hold fast and ready an attack. “Better to die than fall for your false hopes trickster!” yells the protagonist.
  13. Break into Three: He’h splits into two and one side dissipates into a cloud to fight To’l. The other begins Raining down on the people. Who start fighting To’l minions, who are only under his control weakly. They begin Widening the gap so the others (good guys) can escape.
  14. Finale: Splash page (perhaps double page) He’h explodes into To’l encompassing him. Having realised what would have been the most likely cause of taking his head. He’h beings rapidly pulling apart To’l at the sub atomic level. “How are you doing this to me?!” screams To’l with his minute remaining forces. Perhaps Nanomachine/atom to atom fight. He’h says “I thought you might use this against me, so I developed a way to restore the previous non subatomic version and you seem incapable of stopping me having absorbed my main codex. ”
  15. Final Image: To’l screams as everyone covers their ears and rains down upon the ground a glittery mess. which He’h decides to absorb as waste where he uses the material to build Homnie a robotic nanoscale arm. Though it is darker than his cane.

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