Being an Asmovian Issue # 7. The Fallout.

Issue is named Fallout. Either the group falls apart or their is a physical or chemical fallout. Or more than one.

  1. Opening Image: Good guys are skimming along the ground in Nettle’s cruiser. There is a stash of weaponry within it. They are armed to the teeth. Mostly explosives, caltrops, and blades.
  2. Theme Stated: Adversaries. The car’s Radio buzzes and the bandit King is on the other end. He knows that she didn’t survive and is sending out his strongest most dangerous killer after them. “They’ll be with you shortly,” he says.
  3. Set-up: They try to figure out how to get the car to go faster by dumping unwanted things from within, including a cooler marked as “meat” full of species arms and legs. Protagonist throws up over the side of the car.
  4. Catalyst: They arrive at the citadels gates two days later.
  5. Debate: The guard is wondering why they story is believable if they came in a bandits vehicle.
  6. Break into Two: They’re let in on one condition. Only the Protagonist and Homnie are allowed into the city. The others can come in but must remain “quarantined” (imprisoned) in case they decide to attack. H’eh must be shut down momentarily once there.
  7. B Story: H’eh “shuts down” but remains active internally within sub atomic space, by building an inner web of connections between his nanobots. (Rapid self development in times of need.) A guard shows up and opens the door, standing within it. Then there is a shot of Travis’s face in horror. He is left for dead in the prison space. H’eh is cut in half and half of him is taken by the intruder. He is unable to power up in time, but begins pulling away the walls of the cell in time to heal Travis.
  8. Fun and Games: The other two go to the head council of the citadel and ask for counsel with them. They receive it reluctantly. They are in disbelief of the Bandit King.
  9. Midpoint: The protagonist shows them through the unseeing eye what happened to Mayor Stevens as it was tied to his life force through an implant. The implosion cuts out the life line and the it goes flat. They begin to murmur with one another until order is called. “Speak child, on what you know” says the eldest.
  10. Bad Guys Close in: The guard takes the separated half of He’h with his head to the 1st in command, who happens to be the same type of bot as him, though corrupted through much violence. The bot starts absorbing He’h’s body and informational memories to gain the upper hand. He’h is too weak to fight back. “Sub atomic interconnection. Fascinating,” (or something better) says the Bot, To’l.
  11. All is Lost: One version of He’h is gone. The other barely survives in time to save Travis. The council decides not to help the Protagonist saying they can take care of him once he becomes their problem. “He’s every bodies problem! Don’t you see that?!” exclaims the protagonist. She is told to quiet down and is then dragged out with Homnie spitting on the floor in front of the group before shaking off the attempts to be dragged out and walks out with her. “Take your hands off her. “We’ll leave, fools.”
  12. Dark Night of the Soul: Travis spits blood on the floor, as He’h finishes working on him. He weakly thanks him. He’h smiles a sad smile (Knows that Travis doesn’t have a full life span ahead of him because of what he had to do to rearrange his organs.)
  13. Break into Three: They reunite. The two ask what happened to Travis. They explain they were attacked but were able to survive.
  14. Finale: They go back to the land cruiser without a place to go. Decide to head to the next sector to see if they can help them survive the Bandit King’s attack.
  15. Final Image: Behind them travels a dark matte silvery swarm of material that both shimmers and absorbs light at the same time. To’l is on the hunt.

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