The Philosophy of an Asmovian. Chapter 2.2/Save the Cat Some More.

The interplanetary cruiser is about to make planetfall within a week or two having just come out of hyperspace (show method of curvature of light around hull using black and white holes.)

10. The Bad Guys Close in: The protagonist searches the piles of rags at the end of the tunnel. Hundreds of bugs crawl out from underneath them as she moves them around causing her to jump without a sound, so as not to alert the aggressors. Towards the bottom of the pile she sees a vent cover and feverishly digs through the pile flinging the dirty clothes hither and fro revealing a full sized vent that she and He’h could both fit down.
At first she tried to pry it open but it would not give, so she turns to her faithful robot companion.
His arm twists and weaves into a flat edged nanoscale pry bar and lifts the vent from its housing. Noxious gases escape from within the tunnel below in a jet stream of air and she is knocked on her backside.

She covers her mouth trying not to throw up in it and He’h points down into the tunnel. “There is a ladder down there, giving us a chance to escape.”
She nods and they make their way down the opening and the ladder which is slick with grime and almost slipping once or twice they make their way down into a sub tunnel. He’h accesses his database of the ships schematics and leads them to an opening that is passed by regularly by many species in district 7. They sit and wait until what could be considered nightfall when most of the people have gone to bed and make their entrance into the hallway, smelling to high heaven. (Stink lines?) They decide to go to the local gymnasium to bathe and He’h cleans himself by absorbing the material clogging up his systems and placing a solid chunk of debris within a waste basket.
[Creators note: I could make this a shot of her in the shower, tasteful if done right, or just after and let it be readable by more ages. I’ll have to think about it.]

On edge and unable to trust anyone the protagonist and her friend make their way through the sector to where the docking bays are. They happen upon Homnie hanging around the ships. Checking for loose change by the looks of it, and sporting his new cane with utmost care.
He motions for them to come with him into a ship, which he locks them in the pilots cabin.
She slams her fists on the door demanding that they be released. He says “Tell you what. I’ll flip this coin and if it’s heads I’ll let you go and you can keep playing with your little plan and if not I blast you into the depths of space.” And flips a coin in the air, and catches it deftly. He looks it over and shows it to her.
“Oh look, you won. I knew you would.” And he begins to whistle as he walks away, jamming the door from the outside with the coin. Sparks fly from the panel.
The ship is set to auto launch and can not be altered by either of the inhabitants. She continues to slam on the door breach as it revs up and finally launches them into the star and planet filled dark. You see her screaming but hear nothing from beyond the door.
11. All is lost: There are two ways to set up a scene here. A long time has passed and they’re very unhappy. Or it’s in real time and they’re frantic. Then unhappy. Which is the way I’m going to go about it. They first take control of the ship through He’h abilities to interface with any electrical device though it is quite difficult as there are many fail safes and viruses uploaded to the main subsystems. It takes him a few days. They wander aimlessly through space. Once He’h get’s control of the ship, she calms down, and slums against the door. She had already taken note of a food replicator inside the pilots hull, as well as a small functional bathroom.
“At least I won’t go hungry or be unclean while we’re in here,” she thought to herself days ago. It calmed her.
She took long hot showers and ate sparingly to conserve her rations but keep her mood up. They eventually decide once the navigation system is up and running 5 days in to head towards the planet, realising that they had just enough fuel to make it to the stratosphere and perform a crash landing (if they’re lucky) otherwise they would miss the planet entirely and float aimlessly until she died of lack of food or recycled water.

12. Dark night of the soul: This is where she searches for her meaning. She asks herself if she’s even meant to be part of the plan whatsoever or if it was all some joke played on her to get her to lose her life in some obscure dance. She is left wanting with no answer.

13: Break into three. It will literally be a shot of the ship. Her. and He’h. No other meaning behind it. Just to get it out of the way. Or perhaps the planet with the cruiser overhead and her ship interspliced with their crew would make a better three shot. Depends.

14: Finale: The cruiser begins sending down colony ships in their sections towards their township locations. We see that Mayor Stevens is sitting at his desk watching as others depart. On one of the ships we see Homnie looking out a viewport at the planet smiling reflected in the glass.

At the same time the protagonists ship careans down into the planets stratosphere and we see it shrink as it travels farther and closer inland.
15. Final Image: Her ship is wrecked and her and He’h are both standing in front of it staring at a vast desert of purple sand and oddly coloured rocks.

So that is issue one done. I have go through and revise the entire thing and make sure it flows properly and that there are loose ends to tie up at some point and twists to add. Perhaps additional characters to include to pad the story farther. It depends on how well this goes. Now I need to practice drawing people and especially women and humanoid citizens. Lizard people. What have you.

Next is adding all the information together and revamping it to be clearer and more succinct.

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