Being Asmovian Issue #2. Save the Cat. What’s needed in an Interstellar Terraformer Cruiser.

What’s needed in an interstellar cruiser:
Vertical Farms.
I refrain from livestock as they take up too much space and require too much maintenance to be functional plus they would wreck havoc on the air systems needing to be constantly scrubbed from their gasses.
Domiciles that can be moved into place laid out into rows and columns so that they form streets and city blocks in the appropriate areas. I expect that instead of unloading the cargo, the ship it self unfolds into a city and becomes a homestead for those that live within it.
There would be cafeterias for all castes. Food banks for those that couldn’t afford to pay, though they may get lesser food stuff as supplies fluctuate.

Entertainment of various kinds including nature from multiple planets based on the inhabitants of the ships. Natural, digital, physical, metaphysical, intelligence improving.
A governing system that includes town halls to have meetings in that allow public discourse.
Forums both physical and digital. Consumer goods. Allowing for people to spend their credits on new things that are developed within the tech sectors, the biomedical sector, the flavour of the month sector. Foodstuffs and clothing. Things most people would make themselves if they had replicators in their homes, which the upper castes would have.
There would be artificial water sources almost ocean sized within the ship so that they could be desalinated and or fresh water and filled with fish or wild life that takes little resources to keep running as an ecosystem. On top of that you would have sun absorbing algae that returned power when connected to a power grid having been genetically altered to do so. The ships power core is a contained black hole within a white hole sphere so that only an electron density field makes it way outward and if it runs out of power the black hole collapses the white hole canceling each other out. It is designed to run for thousands of years and is easily maintained by today’s standards.

There would be weaponry for defense of the homestead from outer planetary bandits. Of which there are many types and followings.
Plumbing and electrical ready to go within the implementation of the landing. Atmosphere bubble so that those may live, controlled by the vertical farms output, and correlated to the usage of the population. Sewage systems upon landing.
The cruiser is one big transforming robot at this rate. Perhaps with a center spire where the wealthy live and the poorer live around it in the separate sectors of the ship itself. Galactic blooming onion.

Robot task force to do manual repetitive labour, lesser versions than the more advanced models known for companionship, with less rights than those given to the companion bots but still programmed to enjoy their lives to the fullest. Happy to serve. Rated on their efficiency of how well they serve as a measure of personal enjoyment. Robots have a caste system too.

Save The Cat Issue Two:

  1. Opening image: The protagonist and He’h are walking through the desert and it’s night. They see lights off in the distance.
  2. Theme Stated: Survival: They go and gather as many supplies as they can and start walking. (The day before) Once it’s cooled down.
  3. Set-up: They come to the first town which is western themed. There’s a sheriff instead of a mayor. Grasslands instead of lush forests. Vertical farms with a western slant.
  4. Catalyst: They reach the bar and find Homnie sitting there drinking whisky with two mercenary looking types.
  5. Debate: The protagonist is incensed. Homnie calms her down telling her that was the safest way to get her to the planet and it wasn’t that far of a walk was it really, one nights journey though soft sand.
    Except I kept tripping over rocks…” says the protagonist. They decide to travel together. “At least a telepath is useful for hidden dangers,” she tells herself. “Got that right, toots.” says Homnie and slugs back a rather full tumbler of whisky.
  6. Break into Two: they split up again. He’h goes with Homnie to gather supplies. The protagonist checks her beacon and goes to the nearest town square where a familiar face under a cowboy hat and vest smiles down at her. She bends down and offers her vigil, and the the beacon glows approvingly.
  7. B Story: He’h and Homnie go shopping. Homnie has no money due to having spent it all on drink and asks to steal the material. But He’h materializes credit cards and they buy what they need.
  8. Fun and Games: They must travel to the citadel in the center of the station and meet with their contact who will tell them what to do next. They rent a car, though no one has driven one yet as they are “new” technology to the group. He’h downloads drivers and is able to functionally drive the car, though he does back it up into a tree first knocking it over.
  9. Midpoint: The fellas at the bar that they met at look each other with sly side eye and laugh. They get up and leave. But not before turning back to the bar patron who said that they hadn’t paid and shooting him in the head.
  10. Bad Guys Close In: The bad guys follow them in a red convertible, after killing the car salesmen. (Blood shot) Catching up to the group, shooting out their hovering mechanism and causing them to crash into a copse of trees.
  11. All is Lost: The three awaken tied together around a large tree far enough apart that they can not touch but securely fastened. He’h is unresponsive at this time.
  12. Dark Night of the Soul: More mercenaries show up and they decide to split the group up and take them separately to their bosses to claim their rewards.
  13. Break into Three: (Need to add new characters to break into three). Protagonist is dosed with a sleeping agent and untied from the tree and placed in the convertible. He’h is shocked repeated until his batteries drain and he can no longer function. They wrap him in a heavy cloth to stop his solar cells from regenerating. They leave Homnie, who is seemingly passed out drunk, tied to the tree to die.
  14. Finale: The groups part ways and makes great distance between the three of them. They stop for snacks and fuel. And Joke about who gets to tell the boss how they captured the group so easily with just a few hand blasters.
  15. Final Image: We see the protagonist tied up in the back of the convertible hidden under some blankets. A cross shot shows a metal arm sticking out of another car, gleaming in the light (activating He’h and his homing beacon). Another shot shows the eyes of Homnie blood shot, but wide eyed and angry.

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