My question on Qutrits.

Qutrits: if you shine a laser from below an atom and you get entanglement of photons. If the beam is wide enough/additional beam you wrap the light around the nucleus encompassing it creating a third point of refraction so data. But that comes with multiple forms of diffusion at that point making it weaker than the entangled parts and it’s also further away from the entanglement vectors than not because it “casts a shadow beyond the nucleus”. They may be having trouble because they’re not using using even nucleus. Silicon is my bet for an easy starting point at 14/14 neutrons and protons.

This means other than the two points of entanglement you can insert sub waves of light to build further pillars around the qutrit forming 4+ points of information to entangle/refract not only around the circumference of the atom but at other angles meaning many many points of entanglement of a single atom.

Something simply like this:

the colored lines being lasers. The black circles being the nucleus. The orange and blue x’s being the additional points of refraction.

Have a good night.


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