How to combat coastal amplitude increasing. How to stop coastal flooding. The simple method. Power production included. Stopping coastal erosion simply.

You use the same sort of tank busters from world war 2. Except they’ve been modified to allow less water through and angled so that they repel water as much as possible straight back against the inflow.

You also arrange pebbles/rocks and stones held together at peak points with cement to filter water like coral would.

The major player would be the curved splash back that’s reinforced through cement, metal buttressing, and would force the water up and back into itself quelling the force of the water, and if it raised higher it would reach the next level only to have to do it again–and again and again depending on need as long as we prepare. We can either have pretty beaches or we can have survivable shorelines and coasts.

Below the surface of the water would be a series of turbines that generated electricity throughout from the natural movement of the ocean or waterway. The water would be spit back into the incoming ocean and if it reached high enough a shut off value would stop water from wrecking havoc in the system.

All the pleasure.


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