Andrew Loomis Lesson 1 Heads and Hands. Basic Head Shapes.

So I’ve decided to make a video series of learning how to do the Loomis method properly, and here’s the first episode.

Tomorrow we work on skull formation and other what it looks like underneath the skin. I hope to make it through the book so that I can work my way through the other books as well as I go learning what I can about all sorts of methods.

I think I’ll include the pictures I’ve done before using the method as taught to me by someone else as well just so there’s a small collection of positions that make sense other than just what’s shown in the video. It takes roughly 15-20 minutes per page to get through the drawing order, and at two pages per day if they’re all drawings it’ll take 71 days to get through the book minus the index and whatever else can be skipped over.

I was fortunate enough to get a google glass when they came out and I’m trying to decide whether to use that as an auxiliary camera or not and splice it in. My neck isn’t very strong so I’ve noticed that I tend to lean to one side (Probably the cerebral palsy) but it might up the quality of the videos. But please let me know what you think of this and how I can improve it as quickly as possible. The goal is to teach others through teaching myself starting with the very basics.

For other updates, I’ve been manic for the past few days–not really sleeping at all. Waking up just after the meds wear off and staying up all night not really doing anything. I should be working on whatevers on my plate but the feeling just isn’t there. Plus I’m supposed to be moving and I have no idea on how to get rid of my stuff to do that. It’s not that it’s all valuable of anything but it’s just that I have sentimental value over what little furniture I have–except the couches, they’re free to leave whenever they want to. I read somewhere that to increase your depth of exposure that you need to have 2,000 words in place for google to scrull you properly. I’m sitting at 344. That just won’t do.

I wonder if it’s a daily catch limit or if it’s an article by article limit?

I’ve already gone for a walk today, with a pvc drypack on my back filled with ym computer hardware. I’m trying to find a backpack that will let me walk in the rain without worrying about how my stuff is going to be affected by the effects of the weather.

Symptoms update:
Other than being manic I feel fantastic. No delusions to speak of. No real paranoia. I’ve even stopped having to wear my headphones everywhere, which is a huge plus since I need my hearing for most things, and they’re noise canceling and I feel rude ignoring the people with just so I can have some peace of mind.

Jeez I’m only on portrait 31 of what I’ve drawn so far, which I think is up to 43 at the moment. I did do some naughty stuff but it made me uncomfortable so I won’t be going down that road much I don’t think, even though it is the largest market to pursue.

Learning Portrait 35.b 8.12.19Learning Portrait 36 8.12.19Learning Portrait 37 8.12.19Learning Portrait 38 8.12.19Learning Portrait 39 8.12.19Learning Portrait 40 8.12.19Learning Portrait 42 8.18.19Learning Portrait 43 8.18.19


The blonde girl is a trace from a popular anime panel of a girl opening her mouth to a fan, which I thought was drawn so well I had to learn the strokes to her face. The only thing I changed was the hair to be more into my style. I know that’s a lousy to learn but I was having fun at the time.

Oop my dogs are asking to play. Best go take care of that while it’s still nice outside.

Have a wonderful day.

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