More from Mikeymegamega and keeping your creative juices flowing.


So I followed along with some more of his tutorials. My blue line work seems better than my finished line work at the moment and that’s okay. I actually got the idea of construction lines from RapidArtVids who is another great teacher. I tried a skin painting tutorial as well as a few poses and a wet tshirt position. Can’t say the guy draws pervy stuff but he’s an excellent teacher and I joined his Patreon so that I can learn as much as possible from him before moving onto the next artist.

Learning Portrait 18 8.5.19

I also tried drawing Wonder Woman from a reference and they turned out pretty well. It’s easier than anime hair since you just make them a single shape and then add in the detail after instead of drawing in shapes that can often look flat or unflattering along the way without realizing it.

I did set up my wacom to include an undo and a flip canvas button now so I can get to those easier. I think I need to add an alt button and I should be good for most things I’m doing.

I bought an Asus ZenAC usbc monitor this last week or so and its decided to only work from the lower two ports of the Mobilestudio Pro without a usb adapter which is a pain in the ass and hopefully not a sign of destruction I can’t get fixed in some way. Compared to the Lepow which cost half of that and included speakers it was a complete waste of money. But having two 15.6 inch monitors that power just by the device they’re plugged into is absolutely handy. Now if I just went anywhere that meant using them in public I could show them off, but that’s neither here nor there.

As it is I spent the weekend working on biomedical patent drawings, first in Solidworks which after an entire day I gave up on because it just looked like garbage and  it finally sunk in that I’m paying someone else to create drawings of the proper thing. All I have to do is get the scraps together, which I’ll do today after a morning drawing session (that started at 2 a.m. for some reason). Hopefully I’ll have enough to get it done before a manic phase eats into my limited funds. Not that it’s an excuse or anything, but it’s definitely a sign that I’m unwell and have little control at the time.

To the 19 people following me: Thank you so much. It means the world to me to have someone to if not chat with, at least know you’re there to have a read when you’re bored. If you’re in a chatty mood let a fella know.

Today I send out the package with my brother’s birthday gift in it, and I’m hoping he likes it. The stipend I get through my merch sales isn’t much but it was enough for the shirt, and I can just afford posting after getting petrol this morning so it shouldn’t be too bad.

If you have ideas for things to draw or want to see something made let me know and I’ll consider it. It may help get the juices flowing.

Have a wonderful day.

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