Character design is freaking hard.

So I made this black and white one from a photo reference last night. Learning Portrait 20  8.7.19.png


And then I spent this morning trying to come up with a compelling character and I think I’m closer but not just there yet. I keep watching youtube videos and they’re making everything look so easy it’s almost infuriating.

So then I make this:

Learning Portrait 21 8.8.19

Mediocre at best. But much better than what I had a few days ago. So now all I need to do is keep practicing until I get to the point where my character design is legitimately where it needs to be and then I can move onto the next stage and start getting the story sorted properly. It’s going to be a slog but totally worth it if I can do it right.

I’ll post again once I have a better piece.

Have a wonderful afternoon.


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