Practice Sketches trying to learning the loomis technique.

Learning Portrait 1 8.2.19Learning Portrait 2 8.2.19Learning Portrait 3 8.2.19Learning Portrait 4 8.2.19These are obviously garbage but I figured if I spend the next few hours practicing this I can take the next couple of days and work on the patent and finally get that sorted. What’s weird is that with heavy ink sharpies I’m fine making portraits but when I go digital I lose everything I’ve learned from it. But I did set up the airbrush thankfully to a helpful amazon review. So I’ll get back to work and see what I can do. Maybe do one smaller piece with more technique instead of these quick sketches. I don’t know. I just know I want to get better as soon as I can so I can bring the comic to life in such a way that matters.

Until next time.

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