Million Words Update: April 13th, 2018, page 50.

Page 0050 032818

Today is the six year anniversary of my dad passing away. He died just about now from a blood clot to the heart from flying for too long and then going to the gym that morning after getting home. I still miss him at times. It would have been his 55th birthday this year, in two weeks.

On a happier note, I bought How to Draw Comics The Marvel Way, and I’m about  half way through it so far. It’s stuff I already knew, but it’s good to have it under my belt for reference. I’m hoping the remaining half is stuff I never thought to think about. Hopefully it’s got a bit about designing panel construction for the most dramatic read through. I’ve also gotten a copy of Stan Lee’s How to Write Comics, which is fascinating. I know this project is different than superhero stories, and I’m not that imaginative, but learning how to do it the proper way couldn’t hurt. I’ve also got Scott McCloud’s Making Comics which is freaking great and a straight pleasure to read since it’s basically a comic itself. There’s the How to Draw Comics the DC way as well, which is just as good, though a little more technical in their discourse.

It’s got me thinking about my next project, where I try to draw a full comic based on something I wrote last year. A small novella about a land of mice, and those that frequent a whore house, where one of the young girls has been murdered and her siblings come to find out what happened. It’s short, and should be easy enough to get through, since the story is already told.

But I’ve got to finish this project first, which I’ve not worked on for a couple weeks, burning through my back catalog of pages until the last one today. My mood swings depressive every two weeks or so where I find no enjoyment out of anything I’m working on, and that lasts about a fortnight before I get manic again, and start pumping out work, so it’s luckily worked out so far. 50 pages into the story, and other than this mother story, I’m still in the first arc of the first stories of being in England back when I was a wee thing. I have so much more to tell. I’m also going to try and draw more complete pieces, straying away from rotoscoping as much as I can, since it feels like cheating, and I don’t learn a whole bunch while doing it. Though it does make for very fast creation times. It’ll mean less pages per day, but I should be able to develop my own style in the coming months and produce something with more merit.

My goal is to reach present day life, and do this for a year and see how I’m doing. Kesh on youtube started his 100 days of comics challenge a few months ago, and while he’s chosen to stop for a while, I’ve hit the half way mark, where I do 100 pages of comics, and I don’t feel like stopping just yet. So back to it I go until I get bored again. Probably after two weeks of sustained work ethic.

I also want to try drawing single panel pages, splash pages I guess, of various fun things I want to work on. I want to teach myself the heavy ink style for comics, since I love doing sharpie pieces in a similar way and I think if I put the work in I could come up with some very pretty stuff, after I get through the rough phase of starting a new style.  I should be able to translate the sharpie style into a comics style, especially after a hundred or so portraits. If I can ever find a place to show them, that would be great, but until then, they’ll sit in a pile in my spare room, waiting for that day.

I haven’t got much more to say, other than I hope you have a wonderful day today.

Jordan, d0—0b

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