Cerebral Palsy

So at this point in the comic I mention that mum used to forcibly stretch my legs each day so I could walk at one point. She did do that. I never figured out how to run, as will be covered later in the series, but nowadays I can walk for milks with only minimal pain. I used to hurt every single day growing up, my legs and arms aching. Basically all the muscles in my body are too tight, so it hurts to move after a while, but now I just ache and can take a tylenol and get some rest.

Growing up my parents placebo was to give me a marmite sandwich and tell me it helps with aching muscles. I’ll be damned if it worked every time–even if I was up half the night on the warmth of my waterbed I still felt better because I had that sandwhich. I still do it now when I’m feeling really crummy, and even if it doesn’t help it does bring back fond memories of eating a wheat bread sandwich with marmite while gently rocking in my waterbed. I do miss those beds, but having dogs now means I don’t get to have one.

I have fine motor control issues. I can’t even write my own name legibly. It looks like some child wrote it. I’m losing the use of my right hand first, with an injury that will be explained later on and cost me a lot.

I never did physical education in school. Once I tried to join the gymnastics team but was deemed too stiff to do a summersault and given leave to go play with the other kids instead. I wish I had just pushed myself instead so I could know what it’s like to enjoy physicality on a personal level. Everything just hurts when I do stuff, but now I just take it as a job well done, even if it is only a five k on an elliptical.

I’m at the same time quite strong, and baby weak. I can move a couch, but if I do I have to lay down for an hour. If I go for a five k I’ll be up until 4 in the morning in pain. Forget about mowing the lawn. 45 minutes knocks me out for hours. It’s just my lot in life I suppose.

Anyway, I wanted to chat about having cp a bit. If you have any questions please feel free to ask and I’ll answer them.

I hope you have a wonderful day today.

Jordan d0-0b.

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