A Year of Making Comics: The first Twenty One Days.

So other than posting first two pages in January I didn’t really start creating this comic until the first of this month. So that’s where I’m going to start my year.

I’ve posted every single day since starting then, creating on average three pages per day on the days I worked on the project. I’ve just posted page 27 today, to little fan fare–which is fine. Not every page is going to hook people, and the limited nature of the formatting, designed to pull people into one smooth read through on the main comic page, is limiting still. Two panels at a time does rarely a comic make. But is it the choice that I’ve made for readability’s sake.

So today I got some really very mean comments on the work, and I’m doing my best to brush them off. I can’t please everyone, and I’m not going to try. What I do know, is that I posted the comic so far in the schizophrenic subreddit, who I would say is my target audience at this point, until I get to the psychotic break portion of the story, or the attempted murder or NASA/Painting for Royalty stories, and then I can get into the mental side of my life a bit more, and really start hitting hard at what I want to say. What I mean to say is that they really enjoyed it, and that’s the goal of the piece. To help those going through mental illness and physical disabilities that you can still have a good life regardless of how much you’re limited by your own body and mind.

I’m getting off track again. Silly ADHD-1, as it is.
My goal is to create a years worth of content in a few months so that I can post every single day for a year without missing a day. I’m pretty sure I can do it no problem, I’ve just got to stay focused and not get too ill mentally or physically that I can’t perform my drawing duties.

I’m thinking of calling the project A Years Worth of Comics. or something perhaps a little more catchy. I’m not sure yet. I’m debating about making videos of it, but my production skills are non existent.
I’ve been watching a series on youtube about a fellow who did 100 days of making comics. He’s past the fortieth day mark and has 4 pages inked, but not scripted.  I’m on day 21 and I’ve made 43 pages of comics. I was going to post three per day since that’s how many I made, but my fiancee told me to post only once per day to make the work load easier. I probably would burn out producing 2,190 drawings in a year. Where as a reasonable 730 drawings is much more attainable.

My goal is to eventually release the comic book on kindle and go wide if I can. Once I’m done with the main story line and make it up to present day, where I started working on this comic. I’m sure it’ll take about 6-11 months to get all the content made.

I have 44 pages of the first 365 needed. That’s over 12 percent done so far, and that’s in the first three weeks. If I continue at the speed I’m going doing 44 pages every three weeks. It would take me 25 weeks to get the work to that point completed. Just over six months if I can stay focused.

I’ll be counting down every page until I get to the first hundred, then the first 150 and so on until I hit my goal.

I’m pretty sure that once I’m done with the years worth of pages I won’t be done with the story. which is fine. My biggest fear is that I’ll run out of things to say before I hit my goal, but I doubt it. 29 years in 365 pages seems doable.

Anyway, that’s the goal at the moment. I know it’s a lot, and I’m not likely to finish it with my current track record, but I can hope, can’t I. At least it’s been fun to create the comic so far. I hope it builds some sort of following eventually, so I can make a little money on it. If it doesn’t that’s fine too, but I can always hope things turn out alright. Might as well be positive about it.

I hope your day goes wonderfully with many pleasurable returns.
Jordan d0—0b

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