Just an Update on what’s going on.

Hey there,

Thanks for coming here and reading this. I’ve had to go to Arizona, as today’s comic suggests, to help take care of my mother who had an attack and wound up in the icu.

I’ll be posting every day, once per day, while I’m here, and I’m working on the comic every day that I get free time to do so. I have ten days banked already so I could take a week off and still have something to show you each day. My goal is to get a years worth of comics banked at some point. I just passed the 10% mark, so it’s coming along, pleasure that it is.

Other than that, I’m having some minor paranoia–mostly at restaurants and around the house since I’m in my mothers house by myself. I have my anxiety meds which I’m saving until it gets late at night so I can take the edge off and relax a little. My therapists suggest that my psychosis is tied to my anxiety, so I’ve been lucky enough to get something helpful prescribed for it.

I was also able to fill my antipsychotics at the local pharmacy with only little trouble, which is great since I ran out a couple days after landing.

I seem to be having blurred vision lately, and it’s worrisome enough that I need to get a new prescription while I’m here. My insurance doesn’t cover glasses so I’ll have to save and buy them on the web. As long as I get a solid pair that will last a few years/lense changes, I should be good.

I’m enjoying working on the comic immensely and it’s coming along at a reason able clip. I made five pages this morning, so that’s about a page a half of a reasonable sized comic, so I’m happy. It makes up for missing yesterday when I was too paranoid to work on anything.

I’m missing my Jeanette and pups immensely, but Mum’s keeping me busy with how she’s doing. It’s been a long tiring week, but totally worth it.

I hope you all have a wonderful day and I’ll see you tomorrow with the next page.

Jordan d0-0b

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