Million Words Comic March 6th, 2018

Page 0012 030618

Here’s to page twelve of the story so far.
I was happily surprised to find that webtoons formatting required only a file type change and I was good to go uploading what I’ve made so far. I’m not sure if it’ll do anything, but it’ll be worth while once it gets going I figure.
I’ve finally got the three file types I need down for posting. Instagram size, kindle size and type, and webtoons size and type. Kindle and WT pages differ by type alone, luckily.

Jeanette also informed me that I upload too much too soon. That I should space it out by limiting myself to one page per day so I can bank pages for when I’m ill or not productive. It makes sense, but I feel like two panels per day is a glacial pace–but I’ll go with what she says since she’s got more skill with creating content than I do.

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