Million Words Comic Update March 5th, 2018

Page 0008 030518Page 0009 030518Page 0010 030518


Here’s the beginning of chapter one. My birth, and the first thing that happened to me was being disfigured by one of the nurses. I was a severe premmie, and almost needed open heart surgery within two days of being born, but a valve in my heart that wasn’t working finally clicked into place. My heart still isn’t great, but at least it keeps beating.

The arm that hangs over me as a baby is that of my grandmother, on my father’s side. I call her nanny as a term of endearment. This tiny chapter in my life is almost  done, and I’ll work more on it tomorrow.

I’m still not sure what to keep as my posting schedule yet, so I’ll just update as I make stuff. Once I’m more practiced with this it’ll get better or at least will be more consistent. Since I’m currently manic, I’ll be using the energy to get things made until I swing back into the depressed side of the illness. Might as well use the energy while I’ve got it. I’m not sleeping any how.

On a different note, I think I’ll update with 3 pages at a go for now. It’s six panels, which is about the same as one page per update. As the series progresses and I learn about how to make better composition I’m sure it’ll change, but since this is still very new to me, it’ll have to do.

Hope you have a wonderful day.



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