Published my first book on Amazon last night!

Amazon The Travelers Cover

Buy it on Amazon here.

So I started writing this the year before last. It took 60 days over four months to get it done, and then I spent the better part of  a year rereading and editing it until I caught as many of the issues I could reasonably find within the writing. I wrote most of it in the growing throes of psychosis and schizoaffective illness as I tried a multitude of medications that ended up not working. Often I would be dealing with hallucinating paranoid delusions and trying to write at the local cafe trying to get my weekly allotment of human contact in while working through the plot. Especially in the winter. Honestly it’s the most fun I’ve had creating in ages, and something I’m proud to share with you.

It’s my first story, coming in at 172,000 or so words and it involves the first adventure of a set of talking animals akin to Brian Jacques or Beatrix Potter. My fiancee says the writing style reminds her of Potter especially, which is a fantastic compliment.

Here’s the blurb from Amazon:
Samuel the otter, Rose the mouse, and Barklyn the badger, are set to have their first adventure, leaving Mistlehop for the first time, as they head to Marlin’s Tomb to pay their respects. But they’ll find that things don’t always go as planned.
Join them as they make new friends and get in to all sorts of trouble as they head out on their first adventure!
There’s magic, adventure, and even a talking fire elemental.

It’s your basic adventure story suitable for putting your kids in a peaceful mood before going to sleep or to make you have a feel good story. I’m not sure of the age range of the story as I was an advanced reader as a child, and have poor judgement when it comes to what to expect of others reading habits. But I know a ten year old could read it comfortably and the themes wouldn’t be out of their wheelhouse, and hopefully older people like it too. I made sure the language wasn’t going to be discouraging, but I do like to make it worth reading, if you get my meaning.

My goal with this book is to make enough money from it to pay for an isbn for the second book so I can release it wide like a proper book, which I can’t do for this book because I already have a createspace isbn from ordering the proof copy of the book to catch the last of the errors. Something I had to learn about.
I still have to make this into a paperback and link it to this ebook. It’s the last step, other than remaking the cover into something more exciting, and then it should be good to go on the next book and the accompanying novella, which I’m really excited to share with people because while this first attempt at writing was reasonable, I think I started to come into my own with the novella. I think that a writer is at their top form with shorter stories because they can’t waste words to get the point across. At least they’re my usual favourite of most of my beloved writers. It’s all a learning experience, and it’ll just have to do for now. Right now family and friends are buying it and hopefully they’ll let me know how it comes off. I know it’s not perfect, but I’m happy enough with it. But after reading almost 1.5 million words to edit this book I’m glad to finally be able to put it down for a while, haha.

So if you’ve got a spare tenner, please feel free to try my book out and please let me know what you think. It’ll be a fun read as the characters grow with each other and you the reader.  I figured the price is worthwhile considering how many hours I’ve put into making it. Though, I do sell them for a buck for the first few months before the final edit to get some feedback.

It’s also part of kindle unlimited if you’re signed up for it, so it doesn’t cost you anything extra, and I get paid based on how many pages you read.

I hope you’re having a wonderful day, and please feel free to pick this book up here if you’re in the mood for something to remind you of your childhood readings.

Again, you can pick it up here on Amazon. Thanks. =D


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