Music I recorded on my iPhone.

Here’s a few songs I made over the past few months.

My house came with a piano, and while I don’t know how to play it properly, I do like to mess around around on the keys when I’m feeling up to it, like I did this morning. I generally play it when I’m in a good mood or to cheer myself up if I’m manic or depressed. The music is not the best stuff ever, but it is a nice release when I’m missing my cello.

If I had the money I would have someone teach me how to create melodies between to two sets of keys, both black and white, instead of just playing either or as  I do at the moment. There’s plenty to learn still, and I’ll upload more as I make them.

I do have a snowball mic, and a usb hook up for iphone, so it may be worth getting that situated so that the sound quality is better. There’s always ways to improve what you’re doing, even if it’s just for fun.

Thanks for listening. Have a wonderful day folks.

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